More KoolAid please!

Hello Hello… I know the CrossFit kool-aid has been around for years now but I’m a late bloomer and I just recently took my first CHUGS! I know for sure I’m ready for more. I’ve heard of this world over the past few years but I never really took a good look into it all. That was until recently when my boyfriend who detested working out at any gym decided he would check out a local box. He actually wanted to go back and eventually I creeped my way in. After only a few months CrossFit is a way of life for us now and we’ve seen only good things come from it in regards to our health and overall physical and mental states.

I’m a mom of 3 young boys and I’ve always wanted to be fit and in good health. Although I’ve had some hiccups in my 34 years of life I feel that in general I had not let myself get too out of control … just slightly. But now I’m in it – for the long haul! I want to be an example to my family and absolute strangers that I’m capable of anything and everything. So here I am. Working towards that goal.

I started this blog because I encouraged my oldest son who is embracing the Paleo lifestyle and the CrossFit way of life to start his own blog. I figured that I should follow my own advice and start one that belongs to me.

I hope to share not only my CrossFit journey but my personal crazy life and what we endure daily to achieve some sort of functional chaos. With that said… Welcome! I hope I stick around long enough to keep you entertained. And if not… live life, enjoy it and know that it does take work to meet your goals. 🙂

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