Weekend Wrap Up

I’m still debating in my head if I’ll post daily or just every couple of days, so bear with me as I get my blogging planning figured out.

I’ll begin with Saturday. I started my day off with iChoosefit bootcamp because truly this bootcamp has helped me begin my journey of good health. I’ve kept with it even after I joined CrossFit. I know this can be taboo and frowned upon, but this is my fitness family. They have supported me and cheered me on for months.

Typical Saturdays would be a double workout if there is a WOD at my box CrossFit Boom. This Saturday however was unique because Ernie (boyfriend) and me participated in the Fort Worth Chevy Sonic Adventure Race for a car. It’s an event where we use the app SCVNGR that gives us clues and locations. If we answer the questions correctly then we earn points. The team with the most points gets a chance at winning a new car. We participated in a similar event last year but were truly out of shape. In addition to our lack of stamina and endurance we had a meltdown mid-race that caused us to lose a lot of time. This year after running around downtown Ft. Worth for 2 hours, we felt great and were feeling quite confident in our points earned. We drove out to Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie to meet with the Dallas teams where we would find out if we were the leader in points. Unfortunately we were not and I had asked the winning team how many points they had they said “123”… we had 119! So close but not good enough for the win.

We ended our day with my son’s football Championship Super Bowl football game. Sadly the boys didn’t bring their A game and lost 14-0. It was a sad ending to an exciting season. 😦

Sundays are reserved for shopping and miscellaneous errands. This shopping excursion included my rounding up ingredients for the Paleo dishes I will be contributing to our families traditional Thanksgiving dinner. CrossFit introduced us into the Paleo lifestyle and we’re doing pretty good sticking with it. We found some recipes, bought the ingredients, and hopefully we will be enjoying some yumminess come Turkey Day. I’ll hopefully have pictures to post.

Overall a good weekend! I’ll have a WOD post later. I ramble on too much. I need to get that under control!

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