Today’s WOD – Tougher than Expected

Happy Tuesday! Traffic was light which makes me in a little bit better of a mood but eh, I still have to come to work so it’s a wash.

Let me start off by recapping my workout from yesterday 11/21. I had a nice dream that we did box jumps, to some it’s a nightmare but I don’t mind a few every now and then. My dream did turn into a nightmare though! I’m not a fan of the running which ended being the majority of our WOD!

After our handy dandy warm up we proceeded to do:

Skill/Strength: Front Squat 3rm

METCON: 4x400m sprints 1:30 rest
Sadly my fastest 400 was 1:52 (UPHILL for half of it). Me and running… we are not friends 😦

Since our box will not be open Thurs/Fri, we added a Tues morning workout. And boy I thought I was ready and I was lying to myself!

Skill/Strength: Press 5,3,1+ (I got to 4 total on my 1+) Not bad. Def improvement I think. Press is probably my weakest lift. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to say otherwise 🙂

Squat Cleans (95,65)
Ring Dips

I only did 55lb squat cleans instead of the prescribed 65lbs. I’m pretty sure I could have handled the 65lbs. It was the RING DIPS that killed me! BAD! I never thought I would have struggled so badly. I failed to take a picture of the board, but I finished around 10:30 (something). I really expected sub 10 minute but today I was just full of lying to myself.

Tomorrow will be better! Tonight’s dinner: Spaghetti Squash with Grass Fed Beef Pasta Sauce. Should be yummo. Not sure what else I’ll do. Maybe some asparagus and some cauliflower.

Also I hope to get a paleo pumpkin pie started. Thanksgiving is so close! And I have so much to do!!!! Pictures to come hopefully tonight.

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