Black Friday

No black Friday this year!!!! Last year we decided to go for it and I’m pretty sure I won’t ever participate in the madness again.

As far as a Thanksgiving wrap up I believe the paleo dishes went over well. Everything but my extra tart cranberry sauce :/ maybe I can work on adding something to it to make it more enjoyable. The sweet potato casserole was perfect and very well received. I wasn’t sure if the “stuffing” was going to do well. It smelled fantastic but people expect a bread dressing and definitely questioned what it was all about. I think it was about 60/40 on who enjoyed it.

I did cheat and have some pecan pie and one of the cheesecake minis I made. They were very rich compared to years ago when I could eat several at a time. I should have just stuck with my pumpkin pie! It was pretty darn yummy for anyone who has given up sugar 🙂 My dad enjoyed it but still threw some cool whip on it…. Ah well.

Overall I rate it as a success! There’s definitely tweaking to be done and I will surely find more recipes.

No WOD today but I’m sure the BOOM box will have a superiffic beating for us tomorrow morning!

Happy Friday!

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