Monday… and it’s almost December WTH?!?

The Monday after a long weekend ….. BLAH! Who really wants to go back to work? Not me! Traffic was horrendous and to top it off it was DAMN COLD! I mean I know in Texas you ask how cold can it really get… well in my world anything below 40° is miserable and it was 27° when I woke up this morning!

So let me just get to it. I went to bed knowing our WOD would consist of pull-ups and me not being the fan of pull ups seriously wanted to just sleep in. I did show up though and give it my all. The all fell short but I was there and I gave effort :/

Back Squat 5,3,1+
Work kipping

On the Minute +1

I managed to complete 6 minutes. WHY are these so hard for me? WHY? I think it’s all mental. The bar was cold, my hands hurt and well as you probably have figured out already I’m a big baby!!! I know this, I try not to be but sometimes it just happens.

And the day has only just begun!

Before I get on with the rest of my day, I’ll share our morning o’ fun Saturday WOD. A good group of us showed up. Some to watch and some to participate in the good times.

3 Rounds of:
Sumo dead lift high pulls
Double Unders
Sit Ups
Push Ups
Row for Calories
(For a minute Each)

11/26 Day O' Fun at the Boom Box

I failed to bring my jump rope for the double unders, shame shame on me! So my first round was just trying to find a rope I could use 😦 I know next time … don’t leave home without it! I got increasingly better which I suppose is great. I think I would have knocked out a few more double unders with my handy dandy rogue rope but shoulda coulda woulda’s don’t get me anywhere now do they? Overall score 293. I gotta get better at rowing!

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