Rest and Rambling

What I Felt Like This Morning!

Happy December EVERYONE!

Well I woke up this morning to work out NO PROBLEM, but my body was one big ache so I said to myself that this was a sign I needed a DAY O’ REST! Yes I’m human. I’m not a robot or super hero with super hero strength and powers. But ya never know I may try to squeeze something in later this evening. Doubtful but there’s always that option.

If you know me, I tend to ramble. I can be quick and to the point sometimes but a lot of times I have to much to say even though it’s typically useless information. I am the best at storing that kind of info. So I’ll try to keep it short. Besides the foods and the workouts I’m not sure how I will utilize this blog. I don’t want to get to out of control but hey life gets out of control sometimes and maybe I will too!

No segue here cause I really don’t know what would best fit so there you have it. And I want to stay current and not waste my time trying to be proper when my brain is failing me.

Last night the kids had eaten at my dad’s house so Ernie and I decided to hit up the Outback where I enjoyed a 6 oz sirloin with a salad (no croutons or cheese) and sweet potato fries… SEE I’m human again. And you may think oh wow..she partook in the eating of SWEET POTATO fries … big whoop! Well, they were a little over cooked… which we still ate by the way but our waitress brought us more cause she felt bad and when I say MORE I mean 4 more orders of them! Are you kidding me?!? NO she wasn’t…. and we sure as hell did eat every last one of them. And it was all yummy! And there were no dishes for me to clean. Which means I don’t have leftovers for lunch but I had a plan! I cooked the ground beef I had out for dinner this morning and take some some fruit and veggies! Woohooo, I saved my lunch 🙂

Now you know I don’t run a PERFECT ship over here. I have my faults and I have my weaknesses. I just try to stay within good boundaries.

Since it’s a DAY O’ REST I have no WODs, workouts or anything fun to share. I do plan on making some sort of ground beef soup/stew this evening. I also found a recipe for a paleo muffin using coconut flour that I may try out …. so there is something to look forward to..hahaha, that is if you are actually looking that far ahead. I barely have a plan a few hours ahead much less a whole day or more.

Have a Fantabulous Thursday!

P.S. Yes Jonas fantabulous is a word in my dictionary!

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