My BIG FAIL for yesterday was not taking out food to cook 😦 How sad was I? I hate when I do that. So I have no poorly photographed dinner shots or dessert shots.

Our evening consisted of watching my oldest do Death By HR Pushups and the other two making up their own WODs which primarily consisted of box (footstool) jumps, pullups, pushups and situps. It was rather hilarious and it never dawned on me to take pictures. So just the memory of my monkeys jumping around is all I have to go on. After weeble wobbling on what to eat where to we go… Can you guess? They have great sweet potato fries…drum roll….. OUTBACK steakhouse. I know I know… it’s not the best BEEF out there and I’m sure they fry up those non organic fries in some horrid oil I shouldn’t be consuming, but it was Ernie’s fault! I blame him 😉 Hahaha, I blame me too… what can I say? I have no excuses.

I know my title says before/after results. I’ll get to those in a minute… Let me recap this mornings WOD.

12/14/11 WOD

I managed to get 10 reps on my last 5+ Press… This is a good sign. I am getting stronger. 🙂 woohooo!

And TABATAS suck just so you know. I thought DL’s would NEVER END!!!!! I’m glad I did 95lbs instead of the RX’d 115. I think I would have died otherwise. I took my time on pushups knowing that I would be too frustrated for DU’s but I still did alright I guess. And then the DUs… I got these, no problem, EXCEPT my rope was in a knot.. How’d that get there? Evil Jump Rope Fairies must have been lurking. So I missed out on my first 20 seconds but I came back the best I could. My best continuous DU effort was put forth today – A whole 26 continuous double unders. Yay ME! I know, I know it sounds like nothing special but believe me for ME it is a good sign!

Key in Dramatic Music…. Ernie started his Crossfit Journey Aug 8th and added Paleo on Aug 15th. He has been dedicated, determined and darn right beast about the whole thing. I am very proud of his progress and his desire to be awesome. Overall he has lost 30lbs and 16 inches! You can see his progress below… He’s a completely different person. Good job 🙂

Ernie Before and After 1

Ernie Before and After 2

Ernie Before and After 3

2 thoughts on “Dinner FAIL & BEFORE/AFTER RESULTS

  1. How do you get that fat ;o) and not have love handles? Looks like you never had them. Not fair!!!! Stay on top of it now that you have shed the weight. When you are in your 40’s it is frack’n impossible to get rid of the love handles 😦

    • He was never really “fat” enough to be spilling over with the love handles, ahhaha although he did get rather chubby. I definitely believe it’s his youth that kept him from going overboard. Now he’s on track and he shouldn’t have any problems going forward!!!

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