Rockin and a Rollin with Random Tuesday

It’s Tuesday people! Christmas is so close and I’m sooooo not ready. But that is a whole other topic that I don’t think y’all want me to delve into. I got so excited yesterday talking about our Saturday Funday WOD and our casting call with Escape Routes I completely forgot to mention the WOD for yesterday! What was I thinking?!? Oh ya I also got caught up in the cake ball frenzy which is still in action. Baking, mixing, rolling, coating, baking, mixing, rolling, coating. It never ends!!!!

12/19/11 WOD

So the WOD for yesterday was skill work on Double Unders. DU 2 mintues x 2 with a 3 minute rest in the middle. I’m getting better at those sneaky little double unders. I’m going and going and then kablam, I get tired or out of rhythm, but I managed to get 86 my first round and 83 my 2nd round.

We moved on to the METCON: Toes to Bar and Air Squats… I got this… well at least HALF of this. So I wanted to practice Toes to Bar before we started cause to this point I’ve not been able to master them. Low and behold. I got it figured out! But not for long. 3-2-1 GO, I got 5 before I thought I would die, so I moved to Knees to Elbows and those weren’t much prettier. I struggled and I struggled. It was sad 😦 I felt defeated but surprisingly it didn’t ruin my day!

What almost ruined my day was the non stop downpours of rain and bad drivers when I left work. But when the rain slowed it’s roll and the sun peaked out the slightest bit, it turned the sky into amazing beauty. I took a picture with my phone but it doesn’t do it justice. Everything had a deep warm orange glow and it just made me smile. It’s great when the world opens up like that and shares 🙂


Enough gushy talk I suppose. On to today. There’s not much to report in general, I had a good workout today at bootcamp. Lots of pushups. I can do them but I still struggle. One day I will be the master of pushups but that day is still not in sight for me.

As I sit here staring at the screen writing without a plan, I did realize I do have big news. I’ve been holding on to one grain source Monday-Friday …. EZEKIEL BREAD! I have not been able to let go of my one slice with almond butter and a smidgeon of jelly. It’s warm and fuzzy and makes me happy. But I said enough is enough. If you’re going to blog about crazy CrossFit, Paleo and other healthy stuff you do then you have to step up your game. I’m not saying I’m never going to eat a grain again, I’m just saying I need to eliminate it from my ROUTINE. Break the habit. So I told myself after I ate my last piece (yesterday) then I would give up my lil slice of grains. So today, I brought me an apple to dip in my almond butter. It was good but it will take time to move forward without second thoughts going to my Ezekiel bread. I’ll be sure to post if that little bit of grain gone out of my life makes any major changes. It’s hard, cause when you feel good you don’t want to nitpick yourself. You just enjoy feeling good. So I may  have nothing to report in general, but if I notice anything measurable I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

Is it really only Tuesday?!? I gotta get on some more recipes to share with y’all but our days have been busy so I haven’t made the effort to try out new things. I will, I promise as that is part of my intentions with this blog. But it may have to wait a few more days. It’s still Tuesday, damn. Oh well. Have a Happy Day, please 🙂

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