Buddy the Elf… What’s your Favorite Color?

Thursday is for REST!

Heheh, I couldn’t think of a “good” title so I quoted one of my favorite Christmas movies! Happy Thursday! Christmas is really almost here – FOR REAL. Just a few more days and I’m still not ready! Talk about procrastinating. Not one present is wrapped. I’m sure the kids are wondering what the heck, hahaha. Ah well. It’ll be fine when it actually gets here! I’m just a slacker of a mother! They know me well enough to know I wouldn’t let them down on Christmas!!! Thank goodness they aren’t little and thank goodness I never knew about Elf on a Shelf! Geez having one of those would probably have made me lose my mind by now. I’m just happy we are almost done with the Tooth Fairy. She’s a lazy one!

So onto ME cause what’s better than talking about Me? Hahahah, I’m not that self centered. Just on the verge. Hell I started a blog to talk about me, maybe I am that interested in me. Anyways. Moving on! I got my 2nd EARLY Christmas present last night and ooooo weeeeee it’s a good one! A Cuisinart 12 cup Food Processor! Ya Buddy! It comes with a 4 cup bowl too! I’ve been using this itty bitty chopper/grinder to get my stuff chopped and cut up with and it was good because it helped but it’s so small I could only do a little bit at a time. I have a family of 5 to cook for and all boys so you can only imagine how little it helped! NOW I have the deluxe model that will process ANYTHING and in large amounts! It can’t get any better than that 🙂 But wait there’s MORE … now Ernie says he’ll be able to help me with dinner! WTH? That’s what the processor is for…to help me expedite the chopping and the mincing and the shredding of foods. And NOW he wants to help! I was like sooooo helping before was not an option? And now you’re ready to jump on board?!? Hahahha. Seriously…He’s great when it comes to the grill, so this isn’t Ernie bashing day. He did get me my new prize after all but I find it rather funny that he now wants to help with dinner. MEN!?!

Early Christmas - Excuse the messy cluttered kitchen! I've been busy!

So now hopefully I’ll be making my own nut butters, nut flours, and anything else I can get done with my beast of a machine. Or maybe it will be Ernie figuring it all out! I’ll keep you posted on how long his enthusiasm lasts 🙂

Thursday = REST DAY (at least it’s become that way lately)
No workout today but I did finish my cakeball frenzy… THANK GOODNESS! Here is the last of them – Chocoloate Mint, Butter Cake, Red Velvet and Brownie! I do have a mini frenzy scheduled for this weekend but it will only be a fraction of the 600 I made this week!

Yummy! One day I will take pretty pictures.... ONE DAY!

Short blog today. Good? Bad? Who knows, just keep reading. I’m here Monday through Friday ladies and gentlemen trying to bring you some form of knowledge, entertainment, etc… Please come back and tell your friends as well.

2 thoughts on “Buddy the Elf… What’s your Favorite Color?

  1. Kara says:

    Oh Stephanie, —-love your blog. I’m so tired, but this made my day. 🙂 Thank you
    Cake balls look beautiful and can’t wait to hear about your creations with the food processor. That thing is ginormous! I told Ernie you guys should make almond butter. I do with mine and it’s super simple and cheaper! Have a great day! 🙂

    • Heheh, Thanks Kara, I’m glad I could help your day out! And thanks for reading 🙂 I appreciate the support! I promise I’ll have plenty of creations, creation fails and whatever other chaos that may ensue to share.

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