Fell off the PALEO wagon – SIGH!

Let me begin by letting you know I did not just fall off the wagon but I completely JUMPED off the PALEO wagon and ate some PIZZA, COOKIES and MISC other crap for two days. And let me tell you I thought I would enjoy and love every minute of it and let me also tell you I DID NOT! I enjoyed the first few bites of all the supposed goodness and it didn’t take but a few minutes to feel like UBER CRAPOLA! But did I stop eating… HELL NO, I kept eating like a psychopath. Seriously NOT WORTH IT! Not one bit. It was like I was in a haze for 2 days. Like a hangover fog without the worship to the porcelain gods. I haven’t felt so out of it in a very long time. I can only attribute that feeling to the eating of bread, sugars, processed foods, etc. In the past 4 months I have never felt so crappy. Ernie indulged with me and he pretty much felt the same way. SAY NO TO GRAINS and processed food people! I mean it! It’s not even fun. It’s horrible. I promise.

Now that I have my PSA and admitted faults out of the way let’s move onto the day before I ate like CRAP and our Christmas Eve WOD! It was a doozy but we worked out in teams of 2 to eliminate the fear of absolute death. It went along to the song the 12 days of Christmas. So as you will see in the picture below we had a lot of reps ahead of us 🙂

Christmas Eve 2011 WOD

I teamed up with Kara and I feel that we worked well together. Thank goodness she can bust out pullups because as I’ve mentioned many times before I’m really bad at them! After our WOD which took us 14:22 to complete we played with SLEDs. The BOOM boxers presented Grant with 2 sleds for Christmas. So of course we had to play with them. It was fun and unexpectedly hard. It doesn’t help my right hip has been giving me grief but it was fun to watch everyone pull around some good weight!

So like a crazy person I went out into the world to shop and it seriously wasn’t that bad but I had a lot to do and I was already losing my voice. But with the heat of the stores, the cold of the day and the beating of the WOD about took me out for the day. After a good nap I was good to go though. Christmas Eve through Christmas morning ended up being pretty good. The family had a great Christmas and Ernie managed to keep two of my presents reserved for Christmas day. So in addition to the food processor and new Inov-8s I received a French Fry Cutter to alleviate all my prep time when I make Sweet Potato Fries! I also got a nice little gift set of Mary Kay products! Woohoo.

Christmas Present

I bailed on any workout for yesterday or today as my voice has been gone. I don’t feel bad or anything really… just random bouts of coughing/congestion and lost voice. I don’t however want this to turn into something icky so I’ve been resting and keeping in from the cold – hopefully I’ll be over this funk soon.

Other than that, it’s Tuesday. Back to work, back to the routine. I’m back on that Paleo Wagon and I hope to never jump off again. It was horrible! The new year is right around the corner. And to bring it in we are doing a NYE WOD at the BOOM Box. If you live in the DFW area and want to be crazy like us come on with your badself! Let me know. We’ll be ringing in the New Year with FRAN! I know it’s insane but we plan on feasting a few hours before and then gettin our workout on!

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