All by Myself Wednesday

Found this on the interwebs - LOVE IT!

Oh how lonely it is to show up to the box and I’m the only one there to do work! It surprised me because when I first started out I was the only one at 5 am for a couple of weeks and it was nice. Maybe it was ok then because I was new to it all and I was learning a lot at once. But today it was so quiet. I still put in all my effort just no high fives or unison groans of exhaustion at the end. On the upside I had some extra time to work on kipping and pretending in my head I could do pullups. But geez, the bar hurts my ‘delicate’ hands so much! Yes I need some sort of protection and I need to shop for some gloves or something but I just don’t ever make time for it. My hands have developed some nice calluses but it still hurts! I’m a big ol’ baby, I know. That’s what you’re thinking too, I can feel it!

Even though I’m a big baby I still work hard. Just some things I don’t get along with right now. So onto the WOD for the day:

Ring Dips


3 Rounds
3×3 Power Clean@75%
3×3 BFB
Add (10-5lbs) after each round

I’m getting better at ring dips that’s for certain but on the last round I tried to go without the band and HOLY SHITAKES it’s hard. I was feeling so strong busting out my measley 3 reps with the smallest band there is but when it came down to no “safety net, crutch, etc..” I failed! Argh, I even suggested they make another colored band just the tiniest bit smaller than the blue one! Hahaha. I wish! I’m getting there… I guess. I just want to get there faster.

This was me in Oct. I'd say my form is a little better now and 65lbs isn't near as heavy šŸ™‚

As far as the MetCon went, I was sailing along smoothly. The 3×3 was confusing in writing but once explained I was good to go…. (3 cleans, 3 burpees) x 3, rest 1 minute, (3 cleans, 3 burpees) x 3, rest 1 minute, (3 cleans, 3 burpees) x 3… THE END. Make sense? I hope so, if not too bad! I finished in 6:17 and I need to start remembering to take pics of the board! GRRRR!

This was an ALL about my workout post today! Hahahah, No FOODs yet. Although we are having a pre-NYE WOD feast at my house, so I will be testing out some new recipes from Paleo Comfort Foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield. It was a Christmas present and I think it will come to good use!

Yummy Goodness Coming Soon!

One last thing ā€“ Happy Birthday to my momma who would have been 64 today. A hole is still bigger than ever in my heart from losing her almost a year ago. Wow, time passes fast! I posted on Facebook earlier today: If birthdays exist in Heaven, I pray my Mom is having the best birthday ever! I miss you mom, you left us too soon … still so lost without you.

See y’all tomorrow!

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