The LAST FRIDAY of 2011!

And the Boom Box did not fail me in my workout. It was NUTS!

12/30/11 WOD

As you can see from the board: PUSHUPS for 5 MINUTES! WTH? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s how I’m supposed to end 2011? With 5 minutes of hand release pushups!!!!! My 90 max rep is 43 or something, so Ernie says you should get 180 EASY. Hahahhahah seriously? NO! In 90 seconds it’s an all out war but in 5 minutes it’s an all out cry baby fest! Well I didn’t really cry but at 4 minutes I wanted to very badly. Ha, when we were 30 seconds in and Grant called out 30 seconds in I probably stopped for a good 8 seconds just for laughing. I carried on though. Then to pistols. Wow, I think those may have been worse than pushups just because I can do pushups. My flexibility on pistols just isn’t there. I truly do regret not wanting to be a gymnast when I was little. I would be a lot better at some of these movements if I had been one but that’s just not the case. Onto PULLUPs and we all know how I feel about those so I won’t ramble on. I opted for a combo of the blue and green bands because 3 mintues of pullups is equivalent to running a marathon in my mind. It ain’t easy folks. I was relieved to move onto Air Squats because well you can always do air squats. Then my absolute favorite (not really) BURPEES! Woooo but only a minute. My vertical leap after 2 minutes of squats not so good. I felt like I had lead in my legs. But I did finish strong. Total Reps: 237 Thank goodness my Friday workout is done!

You don’t understand how glad I am for 2011 to be over. It’s been a rough year for me and I know people have had worst and blah blah blah, but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about me and it sucked. So come on 2012…. UNLESS you’re gonna suck too then let’s just fast forward to 2013!

As for resolutions and what not I really have NONE. I’ve never been one to set them. And as silly as this sounds my only real want (though it’s not a goal I can achieve on my own free will) is to make that show FORD ESCAPE ROUTES! I hear you questioning me… Like Really Steph… that’s what you want? Hell ya that’s what I want, but it’s not solely up to me, it’s up to the producers! Hopefully we’ll know by next month and then either A. you won’t have to hear me talk about it until next year when we try out AGAIN or B. you’ll be hearing about what it is we need to do to WIN the show. Hehehehe.

I mean I do want good health for my kids and pure awesomeness in their lives, but that’s a given. I’d do anything for my babies. So other than really wanting badly to be on Escape Routes… I may change my mind and make up some resolutions. I think I had a pretty good change in my health and fitness this past year. I’ve lost a good amount of weight for my 5’2″ frame. I eat TONS better. And I’m passing along the goodness to my family 🙂 I will trek on into 2012 with the same mindset for health and fitness. I will work towards even better eating, keeping fit and getting more fit, and encouraging others as I go along the way. I feel good about the upcoming year. I need to work on my financials and that will be hard I know. Pray that 2012 will be awesome.

I wish you all a Happy New Year with many blessings and goodness to come into your lives!

Don’t forget we are doing a NYE WOD tomorrow night. Everyone is welcome. A paleo feast at my casa and then on to the box for FRAN. Ya you know it, ringing in the New Year with FRAN! What are we thinking!!!!! Let me know if you want to come hang out! Go to CrossFit Boom for more details.

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