Rockin and a Rollin with Random Tuesday

It’s Tuesday people! Christmas is so close and I’m sooooo not ready. But that is a whole other topic that I don’t think y’all want me to delve into. I got so excited yesterday talking about our Saturday Funday WOD and our casting call with Escape Routes I completely forgot to mention the WOD for yesterday! What was I thinking?!? Oh ya I also got caught up in the cake ball frenzy which is still in action. Baking, mixing, rolling, coating, baking, mixing, rolling, coating. It never ends!!!!

12/19/11 WOD

So the WOD for yesterday was skill work on Double Unders. DU 2 mintues x 2 with a 3 minute rest in the middle. I’m getting better at those sneaky little double unders. I’m going and going and then kablam, I get tired or out of rhythm, but I managed to get 86 my first round and 83 my 2nd round.

We moved on to the METCON: Toes to Bar and Air Squats… I got this… well at least HALF of this. So I wanted to practice Toes to Bar before we started cause to this point I’ve not been able to master them. Low and behold. I got it figured out! But not for long. 3-2-1 GO, I got 5 before I thought I would die, so I moved to Knees to Elbows and those weren’t much prettier. I struggled and I struggled. It was sad 😦 I felt defeated but surprisingly it didn’t ruin my day!

What almost ruined my day was the non stop downpours of rain and bad drivers when I left work. But when the rain slowed it’s roll and the sun peaked out the slightest bit, it turned the sky into amazing beauty. I took a picture with my phone but it doesn’t do it justice. Everything had a deep warm orange glow and it just made me smile. It’s great when the world opens up like that and shares 🙂


Enough gushy talk I suppose. On to today. There’s not much to report in general, I had a good workout today at bootcamp. Lots of pushups. I can do them but I still struggle. One day I will be the master of pushups but that day is still not in sight for me.

As I sit here staring at the screen writing without a plan, I did realize I do have big news. I’ve been holding on to one grain source Monday-Friday …. EZEKIEL BREAD! I have not been able to let go of my one slice with almond butter and a smidgeon of jelly. It’s warm and fuzzy and makes me happy. But I said enough is enough. If you’re going to blog about crazy CrossFit, Paleo and other healthy stuff you do then you have to step up your game. I’m not saying I’m never going to eat a grain again, I’m just saying I need to eliminate it from my ROUTINE. Break the habit. So I told myself after I ate my last piece (yesterday) then I would give up my lil slice of grains. So today, I brought me an apple to dip in my almond butter. It was good but it will take time to move forward without second thoughts going to my Ezekiel bread. I’ll be sure to post if that little bit of grain gone out of my life makes any major changes. It’s hard, cause when you feel good you don’t want to nitpick yourself. You just enjoy feeling good. So I may  have nothing to report in general, but if I notice anything measurable I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

Is it really only Tuesday?!? I gotta get on some more recipes to share with y’all but our days have been busy so I haven’t made the effort to try out new things. I will, I promise as that is part of my intentions with this blog. But it may have to wait a few more days. It’s still Tuesday, damn. Oh well. Have a Happy Day, please 🙂


Happy 1 Month Bloggiversary to ME! Sing with me!

Ok, So I’ve kept up with this thing for a month already! I feel pretty good about that and I’ve had ALMOST 500 views, I feel pretty good about that as well. One day maybe it will be 500 views a day and not  500 a month but it’s small steps right?!? And I’ll take all the views I can get… SHARE ME with your FRIEND!!! Please 🙂

So this past weekend was a hectic whirlwind of STUFF. Got my two workouts in Saturday Morning. First stop iChooseFit at 7 am. We had a nice beatdown. Great start to get my blood going. I go home, put on dry clothes, eat something and head out with Ernie to the Saturday Funday WOD at the BOOM Box. And boy was it was it a doozy!. TEAM WODs!!! – which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Lucky for me I had Tristan, 15 yr old beast of kid who loves to CrossFit! Sadly for Tristan he had me! Hahahha, I’m not so bad but pullups were part of the workout and I SUCK at those. Fortunately we were a good team. The WOD was a chipper …. woohooo fun. For those of you who don’t know it’s where you take movements and do a shit ton of them till you want to puke… ok well there is more to it but that’s how I personally feel about chippers. It’s where you start with high reps and work your way down in reps. So ours was 150 Box Jumps, 125 KB Swings, 100 HR pushups, 75 pullups, and 50 Weighted Overhead Lunges. We knocked it out in a mere 19 minutes and 2 seconds. 1st place baby!!!! It was a killer of a workout. And again, not dead, still living.

After we showered and got some fuel in our bellies, it was time to load up and head out to a casting call for a reality adventure show… ESCAPE ROUTES!

Will Ernie & I get a shot?

We had a quick interview, got the kids some free tees! Thanks @CastingMalley and @CastingRane! And…… we got a callback! Woohoo, Go US! Except we were kind of lackluster at our callback and it felt like a bad date. I don’t think we were really “us” and we seemed kind of boring (from the outside looking in). And if you know us… YOU KNOW WE ARE SOOOOO NOT BORING! So hopefully fingers, toes and everything else crossed, we weren’t too boring and maybe our applications were entertaining enough to get us on through to whatever the NEXT round may be. We’ll see.

After running around all afternoon like crazy people we finally wrangle ourselves back home and the cake baking begins for my annual CAKE BALL FRENZY! It’s not PALEO but I just didn’t have time to figure that one out! It started a few years back as “class” gifts for each kids class and teachers and well now it’s become their tradition. In addition to cakeballs we’d get the teachers gifts and wrap them all up… As the kiddos get older they get more teachers so I began to give them ornaments…The most UNIQUE ones we could find that the kids thought appropriate. And this year I decided to MAKE them.

So below you’ll see some pics of cake balls and ornaments. If you would like more info on either please leave a comment, I’ll get back to you 🙂 And I apologize for the poorly shot ornaments. You just don’t “GET” all there is to them in these photos. They are filled with cuteness and that didn’t translate well with the lighting or my iphone.

Happy Monday and once again Happy 1 Month Bloggiversary to ME!

Let the Cake Ball Making Begin

Ready for DIPPING

Butter Cake with White Coating

Trying to get a "GOOD" picture... not working

My Go at Teacher Gifts, Poor Lighting 😦

Tried different Filter for this one... Still dark 😦


Nothing is worse than getting a poor night of sleep and then hitting your work out early in the A.M. and failing miserably at it. Yes I’m whining and crying. Feel free to move along in your day and come back on Monday where hopefully I’ll be less pathetic.


As you can see on the whiteboard… there is no “STEPH”. I didn’t even make it through my second round of back squats. My HIP, GLUTE and whatever else is in that area is super TIGHT and I just couldn’t get the weight up. So Coach thought it best I sit out on Grace 😦 Rest up, don’t get injured… all good ideas, I just hate feeling weak when I showed up to be strong. It happens I suppose, I just wasn’t expecting for my body to let me down today.

And that’s all I got for ya. All week has been drizzly, rainy and super gloomy …. hopefully with the sun peeking out today I’ll get in better spirits. But for now I am down and out!

Have a great weekend! Remember kids, JUST SAY NO! to grains, sugar and processed junk that your body doesn’t need 🙂 The weekend can be the hardest. Stay Strong.

Words from the Wise



It seems that most people who want to know “HOW” I’ve lost weight want a simple answer. Something along the lines of – I sat on my couch watching TV, drinking a glass of wine and poof I woke up thinner. The truth of it all is that I found a MIRACLE WEIGHT LOSS PILL and I’m not sharing!

Hahahhahahahahahha YOU WISH, I WISH! But it just ain’t gonna happen that way. Not for you. Not for me. Not for anyone. Not anytime soon either. I’m sure the medical field will find something and someone will prove me wrong but it won’t be the right way and I’m sure there will be consequences that we the people, society don’t know how to deal with if and when that “pill” is developed.

So if there isn’t a “fad” diet or a 2 week solution, what’s the answer? The short answer is hard work and determination. The long answer is hard work and determination with life, will power, struggle, fatigue, sore muscles, kids, money, faith, courage, stamina, fear, want, desire, failing, laughing, crying, smiling, yelling, loss, emergency, sickness, choices, and everything else you can think of MIXED in. I’m not an expert. I’m just a girl that is winging it and researching on her own. Learning from others. Taking advice. Disregarding some advice and using what is best for me.

If you’ve read my “NO EXCUSES” page then you know where I’m coming from and I feel that it’s important to re-iterate the issues every now and then. Some people can DIVE right in and do everything the right way right off the bat. Ernie (boyfriend and the before/after pics you saw in previous posts) did just that. He turned on the switch and BAM he was on track. His thought process is why would I half ass it. You just gotta do.

Other folks can’t do that. It’s too much for their brains/lives to handle. So it’s baby steps for you folks. Don’t say well I can’t go ALL IN so I might as well not try. You gotta try. You may stumble. You may flat out fail. Who cares… just get back up and keep going.

The best analogy I heard that has resonated with me for at least 7 years now is something I heard at Weight Watchers meeting (yes I’ve done WW and it worked and then I failed at it). The WW Rep said to us… If you’re driving down the road and you get a flat tire, do you get out and say OH GEEZ I have a flat. Sucks for me, I guess I’ll slash my other 3 tires because my car is useless now. I’m stuck. UH NO YOU DON’T do that because it’s dumb! You’d be a moron! (ok she didn’t say that but you know where I’m going by now) What you do is YOU FIX THE FLAT. YOU CHANGE THE TIRE but you don’t go destroying the other tires. You keep on.

Same thing applies with whatever lifestyle change you decide to make for the betterment of your body. YES you will have flat tires but you fix the flat and keep going. You don’t just give up and say I quit.

I am choosing to go the PALEO route. It’s working for me, it’s going good. I feel good. I feel GREAT actually not just good. I sleep well, I have energy, and I feel strong. Not roided up strong, but overall health strong. The kind of strong that makes you feel like you can do anything! It’s awesome. Not everyone is willing to give up the grains. It’s ok for now if you aren’t ready but I hope you would do research on why the grains are bad for you. I started out initially but just cutting out processed foods and a lot of sugar. I did great with that, I lost weight and still ate grains. And I feel now that I have evolved from that thought process and moved forward. I’ve had several “bring you down” kind of people tell me “well you know the food pyramid has “grains” on the bottom for a reason?” So you should be eating more grains than anything. WHY? CAUSE THE GOVERNMENT TOLD ME? SO WHAT!?! And ya my whole life I thought they were right… NOW I believe otherwise.

This is an interesting article I read and it’s just one of many. Just like there are articles for the GRAIN there are the opposites. There’s a lot of knowledge out there and it isn’t always correct so you have to do the legwork and sift through the crap. I could be the wrong one but right now I don’t feel wrong.

So I dare you… challenge you… to give up grains, legumes and dairy for 30 days! Eat lean meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. There’s lots of challenges and programs out there and I’m not fancy enough to reward you with free stuff. Just do it for yourself though. If anything just give up the GRAINS… 30 days! If you don’t like it after and only AFTER 30 days then you can go back to your grain eating ways. Roll around in oats, rice and wheat all you want. I’m not here to hold your hand, I’m just here to share my experience. But if my experience can help yours then YAY for everyone 🙂 And let me know. PLEASE share with me if you start saying NO to the Grains!

Ok I’m done now. If you have questions… leave a comment. If you want more, keep on reading this blog, I’m sure I’ll return to the rambling on this subject. It was rest day for me and I felt like rambling. Thanks for coming! Enjoy your day.


My BIG FAIL for yesterday was not taking out food to cook 😦 How sad was I? I hate when I do that. So I have no poorly photographed dinner shots or dessert shots.

Our evening consisted of watching my oldest do Death By HR Pushups and the other two making up their own WODs which primarily consisted of box (footstool) jumps, pullups, pushups and situps. It was rather hilarious and it never dawned on me to take pictures. So just the memory of my monkeys jumping around is all I have to go on. After weeble wobbling on what to eat where to we go… Can you guess? They have great sweet potato fries…drum roll….. OUTBACK steakhouse. I know I know… it’s not the best BEEF out there and I’m sure they fry up those non organic fries in some horrid oil I shouldn’t be consuming, but it was Ernie’s fault! I blame him 😉 Hahaha, I blame me too… what can I say? I have no excuses.

I know my title says before/after results. I’ll get to those in a minute… Let me recap this mornings WOD.

12/14/11 WOD

I managed to get 10 reps on my last 5+ Press… This is a good sign. I am getting stronger. 🙂 woohooo!

And TABATAS suck just so you know. I thought DL’s would NEVER END!!!!! I’m glad I did 95lbs instead of the RX’d 115. I think I would have died otherwise. I took my time on pushups knowing that I would be too frustrated for DU’s but I still did alright I guess. And then the DUs… I got these, no problem, EXCEPT my rope was in a knot.. How’d that get there? Evil Jump Rope Fairies must have been lurking. So I missed out on my first 20 seconds but I came back the best I could. My best continuous DU effort was put forth today – A whole 26 continuous double unders. Yay ME! I know, I know it sounds like nothing special but believe me for ME it is a good sign!

Key in Dramatic Music…. Ernie started his Crossfit Journey Aug 8th and added Paleo on Aug 15th. He has been dedicated, determined and darn right beast about the whole thing. I am very proud of his progress and his desire to be awesome. Overall he has lost 30lbs and 16 inches! You can see his progress below… He’s a completely different person. Good job 🙂

Ernie Before and After 1

Ernie Before and After 2

Ernie Before and After 3


I am not a runner NOR do I aspire to be one. I don’t train to “RUN”. I don’t care to run. I don’t take casual runs around my neighborhood or local park to relax or blow off steam. Running is a big ol pain in the ass to me. You get the point, I HOPE!

So when I say I don’t like to run it doesn’t mean I don’t run when requested of me at either iChooseFit bootcamp or CrossFit Boom. I run. I just don’t like it. So Stephanie what are trying to get at? Why do you keep rambling?

Well 9 months ago I took my first ever conditioning type test and I was miserable and felt horrible and hated life. I was a chunk of a girl trying to get through one hell of a workout. Part of the test was a mile run. Yay fun! 1 whole mile and I thought I would die. UPHILL! Well part of the way uphill… it’s called Hamburger Hill and it’s a hill that I have not befriended. In order to make the “mile” we have to run up it twice… EVEN BETTER right? So I ran this MILE in 11:47 in March of this year. Not really horrible but not stellar by any means. This past July I took another conditioning test and low and behold I took off more than 2 minutes off my time. I ran the mile in 9:06! SAY WHAT? Amazeballs! Well, no test today but we timed our mile this morning and believe it or not even more time got shaved off. 8:36 MILE! Are you kidding me? I felt so good about that time you have no idea. 8:36! Yes me, the NON RUNNER who doesn’t train to run. That is the proof in the pudding (proper saying, not sure but it sounded good) that it just takes consistent physical training to get the job done. I know it’s not a 6 min mile or some magical “runner” number but that’s a number I’m damn proud of! Woohooo…. Thank you iChooseFit… Thank you CrossFit BOOM!!

So now I’ve got that out of the way I have more stuff to share! It’s a good day for blogging but maybe blogging overkill. So I’ll keep it short and just put pictures.

For dinner I had some chicken out to cook. Ernie was starving and really didn’t want to wait but I made him wait anyways. My dad took care of the kids dinner so I didn’t have to worry about them starving. Just Ernie but he lived and all was well. So I sauteed up the chicken with some coconut oil and yummo spices. While that was simmering away I made a mad dash to make FRIED RICE out of cauliflower. I kind of sort of followed this recipe from NON NOM PALEO but I didn’t have all the ingredients so I took what I did have and winged it. You can find the recipe at this link:

"RICE", Onions and Carrots

Crispifying the Bacon 🙂

Chicken with Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice


Post dinner I decided to make a go for it with a new cookie recipe I found at elana’s pantry …

I used all the ingredients except for the coffee because I had none. After burning the bottoms of some of the cookies I was upset. But they still tasted ok for having some char on them. The next batch were burn free and delightful! Added bonus: kid approved! So overall another WIN!

Double Chocolate Cookies = GREAT SUCCESS!


Double Chocolate Mocha Cookies
2 ¼ cups blanched almond flour
¼ cup cacao powder
2 tablespoons organic decaf coffee, espresso grind
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon celtic sea salt
½ cup grapeseed oil
½ cup agave nectar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
¾ cup dark chocolate chips

  1. In a large bowl, combine almond flour, cacao powder, ground coffee, baking soda and salt
  2. In a smaller bowl, stir together grapeseed oil, agave and vanilla
  3. Stir wet ingredients into dry and then mix in chocolate drops (or chunks)
  4. Drop dough by heaping tablespoonfuls onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet
  5. Bake at 350° for 7-8 minutes
  6. Cool and serve
Makes 24 cookies

Monday, Monday, Monday

So I don’t know why it is that when I get two rest days in a row that my whole body just turns into lazybones but all weekend I was lazy bones! I even managed to get 12 hours of continuous sleep!!!! Who would have ever guessed that I was capable of such things 🙂

In complete honesty I wasn’t total lazybones… we went out to support our coach at the ACO competition in Dallas on Saturday. And let me tell you I’m soooo glad I’m still a newbie because it was a beast of a day. After watching a couple hundred athletes just hit these WOD’s full force I was extrememly exhausted. All I did was casually walk around and wish I had more money to buy an event hoody but I was tired from seeing all of them put their max effort on the court and fields. I know those guys and gals were killing it and I have much respect. Maybe next year I’ll be ballsy enough to register!

Grant moving STONES

Here’s a quick pic of Grant beginning his go at the “atlas stones”. He had to move 5 stones ranging from 116lbs to over 250lbs in 2 minutes. He absolutely KILLED it. It was awesome to watch!!!

It was good to hang out with the “box” peeps outside of our typical days at the Boom Box. Overall it ranked as a super fun day 🙂 ACO put on a good event and I can’t wait till next year.

Our WOD for this morning was:


DL 5,5,5+


15 min AMRAP

200m Run

20 sit-ups

I managed to get 6 on my last round of DL’s at 165. I was having a rough morning for lifts but I managed to get it done… barely! And I got a WHOPPING 10 rounds for my metcon…whooo I thought I was going to die, but clearly I did not. It was dreadful on the way in thinking about the runs but post WOD I was glad we did it. It got me moving and I felt like I pushed myself.

SWEET TREATS! Soooooo, I managed to get the lemon bars made. I found them over at Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. I made the lemon part on Friday evening before Jonas’ orchestra concert (which by the way was pretty good, I was surprised that 7th and 8th graders performed so well!). I didn’t make the “crust” till last night though. I wish I had made it all the same day but next time I will. Here is the link to his site and the recipe I used. 2 out of 3 kids liked it. I think my youngest thought it was too tart. But he didn’t complain. Forgive me for my poor quality pics. I was in a rush on Friday and I spaced out last night.

The ingredients for the Lemon Topping

Finished product before making into bars

Servings: 36 1 inch squares
Prep Time: 15 Minutes
Cook Time: 20 Minutes
Cool Time: 2 Hours

Tools you may Need:


  • 6 Whole Eggs
  • 1/2 Cup Raw Organic Honey
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1 Cup Lemon Juice (8 lemons)
  • Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
Ingredients (Crust):
  1. Whisk your eggs, honey, and lemon juice together in a small sauce pan
  2. Place on your stove over medium/high heat and add coconut oil
  3. Stir until coconut oil melts and then continue stirring until the mixture thickens and starts to bubble
  4. Once thick, remove from the heat and place in a bowl in your refrigerator to cool
  1. Preheat your oven to 400 Degrees F
  2. Place your almonds and macadamia nuts in a food processor and blend until in small chunks, you do not want a flour consistency, you want little chunks
  3. In a mixing bowl, combine nuts with the honey, melted coconut oil, and eggs and mix well
  4. Grease an 8×12 inch baking pan, I used coconut oil and then spread your nut mixture over the entire pan
  5. Bake for 15-18 minutes or until your crust is done, it will pass the toothpick test
  6. Cool your crust completely before applying your topping
  7. Once your crust is cool, spread your lemon topping over your crust, sprinkle as much unsweetened shredded coconut as you want over the topping, and then return to the refrigerator or freezer, I like mine better frozen
  8. Keep it refrigerated or frozen until you serve it and then return the remaining to the fridge/freezer
  9. Enjoy