And today the BACK to the ROUTINE really starts!

The kids are back in school and we get back into full swing! No more lazy days for them and no more slacking on my part! My EXCUSE(s) for not working out this morning was two fold… 1. I was lazy and did not want to drive 25 minutes to get there. 2. I had an Airrosti appointment at 8 and didn’t want to push it by not getting back quick enough! Although I don’t have workouts or meals to report on, I have found Thursdays to be my rambling day.

But we are fully back in the swing of things. Back to a real schedule and back to reality. Last night my kids kindly pooled their “christmas” monies together and took us all out to eat! It was nice of them and we all were happy but I still had ground beef that I needed to cook because it was on the verge of my comfort zone of expiration! So I came home and attempted to make a chili with what little ingredients I had and little window of time I had as well. The verdict is still out though because it will be lunch for Ernie and I and we won’t have lunch till later! While my chili was cookin and a simmerin, I got proactive with lunches! It’s not typical of me to be so on top of things! I got sweet potatoes baking in the oven. I got eggs boiling for next day snacks and I even helped the kiddos out with their lunches. I made them Ham Wraps stuffed with spinach and carrots. They typically make their own lunches but I was up so I figured I’d help them out a bit. And of course I didn’t take pictures! Not that it’s a hard thing to do but as I’ve been told “pictures” make everything better! But hopefully I’ll stay proactive and get more done in the evenings instead of trying to RUSH everything and everyone in the mornings!

I really looked forward to this morning for my Airrosti session. My hip has been much better but there is still some pain and now my hamstring, quad and glute have been acting up. Dr. Bertrand hit some super tight spots on the side of my hip/glute and HOLY SHITAKES it hurt! Besides the tenderness from finding spots that hurt really bad my drive in to work was much better. Normally my hip aches a lot of the drive in but not so much this morning. I’m hoping that I truly only need one more session to be pain free. I’m sure there are 7987979 little things I could work on but this whole hip thing is really the only thing I feel that is HOLDING me back in regards to lifting.

My post today is a little on the ramble/random side and it just happens that I’m ok with it. I hope you are too! I thought I’d share with you my new found interest to really want to help people with their overall health! It’s not so much new found but it’s REALLY pushing my brain right now. I always like helping others, encouraging them, etc but it’s always something I don’t put effort towards regularly. I stay on the sidelines and watch and offer support when asked but I’m not BOLD about it. Whether it be trying to get involved in a profession like Therapy, Rehab, Nutrition, Fitness etc… But I really truly feel that I need to find my place in that whole world! I like blogging about my progress and what I’m doing and learning. I figured this was an indirect way to encourage people that they too can find the time, energy and drive to do better for themselves…but I want to be hands on ā€“ not “just” a blogger who types her thoughts out into the virtual world. I just have to figure out what it is I want to do. I know it’s not going to fall into my lap and right now it’s all talk as I’m not doing anything to further my desire besides proclaiming it to all of you reading. I want to help those who struggle with shedding the weight and I want to help people get out there and MOVE! Like really move and just not talk about it. Frankly I’m tired of hearing all of the excuses. The I can’t, the I’ll try it soon crap, or OH NO you do that, I can’t imagine. Eh I’ve lost myself in my own thoughts and rather than editing, I’ll just stop. If you get me, then you get me! If you don’t… leave a comment we can discuss and if you need a virtual cheerleader, supporter, friend… I’ll be there. I want to help people!

Thanks for tuning in on my weird ass post. Looking forward to tomorrow… it’s FRIDAY!

2 thoughts on “And today the BACK to the ROUTINE really starts!

    • 1) Thank you! 2) Thank you! 3) Thank you 4) I hope to keep it up! Thanks Sally for reading up! I can’t wait to be part of more ONE MR events or even visit your new box šŸ™‚ Or so I heard you were getting a box opened up…. best wishes to ya on that!!!

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