That’s right. I would have been better off at home, taking a nap, cleaning house, catching up on dvr or reading a book. But I did not. I’m a little late in the day for posting but I kept on trucking and hopefully it’s just a glitch on the radar and the rest of the week will be fine! Pray! Keep your fingers crossed! And Pray some more!

01/24/12 WOD

The day started off alright. I got up like always and headed to the BOOM! Box. It sure is great to get the blood pumping and the muscles working hard. Today was no exception. I did feel weak on my Clean and Jerks but I managed to push through. I think my whole self was still spent from yesterday’s WOD.

Next up: Double Unders! Ya. I actually like double unders but I was not looking forward to the Hand Release Push Ups that were penalty when you mess up! I can string around 30 DUs sometimes and mostly just 10-15 regularly. So I knew I was in for a beating. And of course the more beat I became the more frustrating DUs became and I turned into a HOT MESS! I even got to 199 and messed up. Really? I was officially just exhausted! And I had to pump out 5 more HR Push Ups! Argh! Finally I get a finish of 12:02! Yeehaw. I didn’t keep count of pushups because I couldn’t get keep count of both DUs and push ups but I feel I did anywhere between 70 and 100, LOL!

Nothing new on the food front. Or nothing exciting I should say. I messed around with some bacon and spinach, seeing how that would turn out and it came out fine. I failed to take pics of course due to the fact I was in a hurry but I do have some sweets on the horizon that are Paleo-ish. The plan is to make some goodies for the boys’ classmates for Valentine’s Day and I figure along the lines of Paleo is better than flat out badness. I also have a few recipes that have kept my attention. Now it’s all a matter of taking the time to make them 🙂 Baby steps. I will get there!

That’s it for Tuesday! Still anxiously awaiting for Ford Escape Routes to call Ernie and I up and tell us we are on the show! Boy that would be great. I know we would kill it if we don’t kill each other first! Hahaha! Hoping again the week gets better for sure. Have a good one y’all!





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