Everyone Needs a LIL Sunshine

Thank Goodness the SUN has broken through the rainy muck. Yes we need it but I welcome the sunshine anyday as I am a delicate flower that flourishes in the sunshine! Hahahah. You believe that? I didn’t think so, but it sounded really good!

So even though traffic was drizzly and icky, I made it to work without going crazy or ramming into any moron drivers. The sun also decided to peek it’s little head out. And even though my drive in to work was crapola, I was in a very good mood. Got me some rest yesterday and got a great WOD in this morning!


Sumo Dead Lift 5 RM was on the menu for Skill/Strength. I’ve never attempted this lift although it’s not entirely different than a normal Dead Lift it is awkward at first. I was feeling pretty strong at first and quickly faded away. My hip didn’t give me problems today but my hamstring sure did get a little testy. I managed to lift 175lbs but only once 😦 SO my 5 RM for Sumo DLs is 165. I really wanted to get 175 but a big ol’ fail. My 1 RM for DL is 185 so I don’t think I should feel so bad for myself but I that’s how I’m wired.

The MetCon was just one of those that you gotta knock out. No stopping, just GO. And I went. I slowed down a lot on Burpees during the 6 reps but I tried to pick it back up for the 4’s and 2s. I was pressing 20lbs which was light at first but it most assuredly felt much heavier by the end. Time: 6:32.

My favorite phrases 3.2.1. GO and TIME! LOL I think I like TIME more than 321 because TIME means I’m done!

As usual I practiced kipping and my joke of a pullup post WOD and I’m a fraction closer to getting it done! I know I’ll get it but it’s so darn irritating that I don’t have it yet!

NO yummy dinner creation last night and most likely not tonight either. Last night we went out for my NOW 9 year old son’s birthday! My baby of 3 boys and no longer a baby. He chose Outback for his dinner and we happily obliged!

Another short and sweet post for today. I rambled on a bit much yesterday so I felt a less wordy Thursday was more ideal.

Have a great Thursday, I hope y’all are feeling as great as I feel now which is pretty darn GOOD! Drink some Kool-Aid – it’s good stuff!

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