Beef, Milk and Is This Month Going to Ever End?

It seems like January will last FOREVER! We are stuck in this month. 2012 is dragging it’s butt! I am, however, quite pleased with the pleasant temperatures that we’ve been having. And I do truly FEAR February as it is quite unpredictable in regards to the weather. And all I can say is that Texas folks don’t fair well in icy conditions. The roads become a HOT mess!

But back to the nice weather. WE had a sunny and beautiful weekend. We get bouts of spontaneity and we decided to take a little field trip about 30 miles south of us to a nice little place by the name of Burgandy Boucherie.

Burgandy Boucherie

Farm Fresh Eggs (Ernie was excited there was a feather included)

They claim that they are the first and only exclusively pastured meats butcher market in the D/FW area. I have not researched this claim but I believe them 🙂 The place was stocked with a great variety of grass fed beef cuts both fresh and frozen. They also carry chicken, lamb and pork. In addition to their meats they also had fresh farm eggs, cheese, local honey, Himalayan salt and a few other goods. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. And on the weekends you can order up hamburgers. They have several picnic tables in the boucherie for you to enjoy your meal. We were very pleased first time customers! I have yet to try any of the meats but we thawed out some ground beef for tonight’s dinner.

While we were at the boucherie we asked if they provided raw milk and some law doesn’t allow them to sell both but they referred to a few places. We chose the one closest to where we were at and by the recommendation of another customer. We headed a few miles south and ended up at Rosey Ridge Farms.


Michievous Pig at Rosey Ridge Farms (they say he likes to escape often)

Being city folk we weren’t sure we were in the right place as there was just a few farm houses, cows, and horses on this dirt road our GPS led us to. We called to confirm we were in the right spot and they assured us we were and of course we finally spotted their sign! Go figure! We were a little bit in culture shock because we are clueless to country/farm living but it was quite the experience. The Hooley family was very nice and patient with us thankfully because we asked a lot of questions. Silly and serious. It was fun. Their milk is straight from the cow. No pasteurization, no homogenization, no hormones, antibiotics… NOTHING. Fresh MILK! We were anxious to get home and give it a try. Is this Paleo… NO not according to some but we still like our milk so we still buy milk. It’s not an every meal kind of thing. We add it to protein shakes, kids drink it with pancakes, etc. So before I get anyone out trying to be smart, I’m letting you know AGAIN, we are not on point 100% of the time. But we aim to eat clean, whole foods and keep it simple. Paleo 80%, 100% of the time.

I really failed in the photo op dept. I am sorry and I promise on our next visit I will be less in the moment and more in the snapshot mode. If you’re in the DFW area, I encourage you to take a weekend drive out to Grandview, TX. I wish I had brought my kids to see everything and I’m certain I will take them on our next trip out that way.

Now for this moring and my WOD. It was a simple day at the BOX, which I find really nice. We rarely have simple so it was a nice treat. My upper body is still beat up from last week. We started out with front squats which I can honestly say are not my favorite. But I did alright. My wrist/forearm flexibility still could use some work. I did struggle a little with just holding the bar but after a few attempts and experimenting with hand placement I got a little more comfortable with holding the bar. We did 5, 5, 5+ and I managed to get 12 reps at 80lbs on my last set. Which is pretty amazeballs because I’m not so strong on the front squats. So I should have a new PR sooner than later.

01/30/12 WOD

The MetCon was 6 50 yd sprints with 90 seconds of rest in between. Not so bad. I’m not a sprinter but I put forth my best efforts.

That’s it. The End. Happy Monday.

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