The Challenge is ON like Donkey Kong!

And Happy Leap Year Day … whatever! LOL!

Well, I completely slept through my alarm. I was going to hit up iChoosfit this morning but I did not 😦 I know what you are thinking… she’s a crazy person! It may be true but that is beside the point. The whole point of today is I’m kicking off my 24 Day Challenge. I’ve never done the whole challenge. I’ve taken the Herbal Cleanse. I’ve taken and still do take the vitamins, supplements, etc. But I’ve haven’t taken on the 24 Day Challenge head on.

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge starts with an Herbal Cleanse. It’s 10 days of cleaning out your system and putting good whole CLEAN foods back into your body. The 14 days that follow are the MAX phase. In this part you are taking Meal Replacement Shakes, Supplements and Vitamins and Minerals. You are still eating clean, whole foods. The National average for weight loss on this program is 12-20 pounds.

I’m not coming right off the couch. I’ve been active and have lost a good chunk of weight that my body needed to get rid of. Realistically I don’t know how much weight I can or will lose. But I will keep you posted. I plan on adding updates to this blog for the next 24 days (weekends excluded most likely). It’s a good “off” workout day to kick it off.

I started my morning with the Fiber Drink. Oh man to be honest the last time I did the cleanse I had to hold my nose, close my eyes and do my best to not spit it up the Fiber Drink. I really don’t know what my issue was but this time around it wasn’t so bad. I think it’s because I have a blender bottle and it better mixes the powder. I also used super cold water! I still chugged because I recall how much trouble I had with it in the past. But this time around I could tolerate it. So yay for growing up some! I followed it with a lot of water. Not too long after that I had some lean meat, hard boiled egg and a plum. Then MORE WATER. I have my snacks planned out and ready to take on the day. Besides putting the Fiber Drink, eating the right foods, drinking water and taking the Herbal Cleanse Pill Pack tonight, it’s easy breezy for the first 3 days.Β  Days 4-7Β  you don’t take the Fiber Drink. You have other supplements to take so that’s a relief (to me anyways). The whole 10 days will be easy now that I think about it. It’s all about cleaning your system and boosting your body into functioning the way it should. You should WANT to do this.

I hope y’all have a great day. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll answer any questions you have. And Yes I’m keeping my foods PALEO. It’s not required but I’m on that journey and will stick with it.

Tomorrow is CrossFit Games Open 12.2 WOD. I’m a little scared and anxiety ridden over it! WHY? I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ CLUE!!! It’s not like I’m in the top tier of women but I still want to do good! Like I said at the beginning,Β  I just may be slightly crazy but it’s whatever. I function well at this level πŸ™‚

See ya’ll tomorrow!

Bloggerific Tuesday

Lame-o title I know. But I’ve lost my creativity today. For that I apologize!

On top of that apology, I have little to report! Say what? Me without words. I know you think it’s not possible but it is indeed possible. So I’ll get to it!

Today’s WOD: Skill/Strength – FLOOR PRESS. I’ve never done this movement but it’s not hard. It’s like a bench press without the bench… who knew?!? hahaha. Today’s objective… 5RM. Hmmmmm. I didn’t know what I was capable of so we just moved slowly on the weight. Turns out I can press 85lbs but failed after 3 reps. I was sad but I guess it happens. 5RM was at 75lbs.

02/28/12 WOD

Moving onto the MetCon: 5 rounds of 10 wall balls and 5 windsprints. Can we say FUN? It’s better than sled pulls! And I’m getting better at wall balls! Who would have thunk it!! I did them all consecutively without fail. This is truly amazing. Even though you know how much I despise wall balls you can’t possibly imagine how poorly I am at executing them. It’s ugly. But this morning I can be proud of my Wall Balls! The sprints well were just sprints. We got a rest because we split up into 2 groups so after I went there was another duo which gave me a quick break to catch my breath. We didn’t go for time today which was a mental relief at first and then I was struggling with the need to know my time! There was no time. What am I supposed to do? I guess nothing but it feels weird not having a “score” of some sorts. I know … get over it … blah blah blah and the world will keep on spinning, hehe. It’s my thoughts here, but I feel the judgments.

Before I say BYE for the day I just remembered Ernie ordered me The Grid : Revolutionary Foam Roller from TriggerPoint Performance Therapy.

I barely got to use it this morning so I don’t have a solid review of it. But I look forward to rolling out this evening. Hopefully I’ll remember to let y’all know how it works out. If anything it looks really cool and is solid!

Have a happy Tuesday people! I’m sorry I’m slacking. Forgive me. We are a busy people lately.



For those of new to this blog… When I say BOX I am referring to my CrossFit Box – CrossFit BOOM! We have built such a great little family and it continues to grow. This past week and weekend we all came together to smack CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD in the face! Mine was more of a tickle instead of a slap but we definitely had some beast mode moments from our Boom Team!

The camaraderie amongst us is amazing! The support, the jokes, and the laughs we have are fantastic. You’re at the point of passing out sometimes (what am I saying… ALWAYS) and there is always someone there to cheer you on to help get you through.

This past Saturday was an open box and then 12.1 WOD time for those who needed judging. We had some newcomers and they took on the funday WOD like champs. My partner and I took first place as we did a team event. 3 teams of 2 doing 3 rounds of 1 minute each of diamond situps, KB Swings, and Wall Balls. My teammate Donna KILLED it. I’m pretty sure she didn’t feel that she did, but she did fantastic. I love to see new people. 9 minutes of misery but we all live and get to high five and chat afterwards. It’s a good feeling.

Coach Grant measuring the "ROOF". We got hell from CrossFitters after a pic of our roof made it to the CrossFit Games facebook page. But we also got a lot of kudos. I assure you it was safe and there weren't any concerns on whether it was or not!

Coach Grant gettin after it! The "roof" was a mat so it was light weight and didn't budge as it was weighted down.

So enough of my ooshy gooshiness. On to today’s WOD.

Front squats for skill/strength. 5, 3, 1+. I did a warm up with just the bar then jumped up to 75 lbs and started my 5 reps. It seemed light today. Maybe because I had a fantastic massage yesterday or maybe just because I’m getting stronger. Maybe my crazy strange love for CrossFit intensified after the first Open WOD, who knows. But it felt light. I Hope my coach isn’t reading! LOL, he’ll make me pay tomorrow! Then moved onto 80lbs for 3 reps and onto 85lbs for 19 REPS – YAH BUDDY! It’s taken a while for me to get “strong” but I’m getting there. And today I feel I really pushed those last 4-5 reps out. It took a lot out of me. Probably time to test a new PR… maybe? maybe not, hehe.

2/27/12 WOD

The MetCon had pullups, yay fun! 😦 Not really but I had a little more endurance today than I normally have. I managed to do 8 in a row (with bands) for the round 1 and 2 but typically I could do 5 or 6 then break. So again, getting there which makes me happy! Then after 8 pullups it was 60ft of lunges. AMRAP for 12 minutes. I got 8 rounds and 8 pullups! I got halfway to one length of the lunges but it didn’t count because I didn’t complete it. Ah well, I tried! And fell over as the timer went off, hehehe. I’ve never left the box without just lying on the ground post WOD. I’m beat. And I keep bringing myself back for more! I have issues! But they lead to good results.

Happy Monday ya’ll! I’m starting the 24 day challenge this week as well to help clean my system out. Let me know if you’re interested!

See y’all tomorrow unless life gets to much in the way πŸ™‚

Yay for Fridays!

This week has been one of those weeks that I’m just grateful I survived and I managed to refrain from hurting anyone! Work was chaotic, home was a mess (still is), kids are full speed ahead with baseball and workouts were brutal but I made it through. So YAY for Friday. And if I still drank alcoholic beverages then I’d say HOORAY BEER! I still love saying it though.

Today’s WOD was a modest workout at first glance and as always an absolute beating by the end. The skill/strength was Backsquats at much lesser weight than we typically would do. It was just enough to feel like you got some work in but not so tough you think you might black out before you get the weight up. It was a good friday skill/strength. 5 @ 85lbs, 5 @ 90lbs, and 5 @ 95lbs

2/23/12 WOD

The MetCon was not a load off our shoulders though. 20 step ups on 20″ box (10 per leg) HOLDING a 35lb plate. The 35lbs isn’t super heavy but it’s awkward to hold and well awkward to hold. I thought I could hold it on my head but everytime I stepped up it would bounce just enough to repeatedly beat me and it hurt. So I stopped. Carrying it on the shoulder or with one arm was a no go for me as well. My only option was to hug it and hold on the best I could. I have bruises to show for it. The deficit deadlift wasn’t too heavy so that helped, just those darn step ups and the dumb plate! Hahah. Got a great workout and feeling good now that it’s all said and done.

Tomorrow is funday Saturday (free OPEN WOD) for anyone interested. And anyone who is participating in the CrossFit Games Open can get their burpees judged as well. I’m glad I’m done with WOD 1 although there is a small voice saying do it again… it’s a sick and twisted voice obviously but I think I’ll pass. I probably would only get a few more in OR maybe a few less. I’m good where I’m at for now since I’m just doing this to gauge where I am in the grand scheme of crazies such as myself!

It’s also a weekend where I’ll do my first Advocare co-hosting mixer party thingamajig. Send good thoughts my way please πŸ™‚ We are kicking off a 24 day challenge. A great way to get a boost on weight loss. I hope to share with you the results for those who participate. So stay tuned for before and after pictures. If you’re interested in participating and your not local then just go here:

Take measurements of yourself before you start and then also at the end of your 24 day journey. Keep notes of how you feel and what you weigh. Take a picture as well if you’re so inclined. Who knows there may be a prize (I have to work on that though). If you do order I don’t recommend the chocolate flavor in the meal replacement shakes. I LOVE chocolate and I do not love this particular chocolate. Berry and Vanilla are good.

Anyhow…. that’s it for today. It’s going to be a GO GO GO weekend with no stopping over here. I hope y’all enjoy your Saturday and Sunday. Smile, have fun, be GOOFY!Β  Happy Friday!

CrossFit Games Open – BURPEES!

Hello Hello and welcome to my discussion of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open WOD 1. The WOD was released yesterday at 7pm CST and it was a little surprising that it was a 7 minute AMRAP of burpees. BURPEES! I don’t know anyone that likes em but I know anyone can definitely do one or two.

There appeared to be an online slew of sarcastic remarks in regards to the WOD but I really didn’t have a problem with it. They set a standard as with anything else and you just gotta kill it. For those of you that think it’s easy then YAY you. Finish first! Be the best. Don’t trash what’s put before ya. It’s not going to get easier. Although burpees are no FUN I think it’s a fine opener to the GAMES. It’s 7 MINUTES OF HELL! At least I feel I can compete and not come in last!

The BOOM Box is going to have a set aside time this Saturday to do the WOD but we were fortunate enough to get it first thing this a.m. WOOOO! I didn’t have a plan at all. I just knew I had to go. The standard is extend your arm over your head, measure 6 inches above that and set a bar, rings, tape, etc. at that point. You have to hit the target every time. EASY BREEZY? RIGHT? NO!

CrossFit Games WOD 1 2/23/12

Last night I watched a video of Katie Hogan and she got 91. In my head the whole time was a broken record playing “Katie Hogan made it to 91”. “Katie Hogan made it to 91.” Nevermind the fact that Kristen Clever did 124 or something like that! Ha. I just thought 91 is achievable. But I burned out pretty quickly even though I felt I was at a good pace. 7 minutes feels like forever. FOREVER!

I managed to knock out 74. I was up for 75 but the time was up before I hit the target so it was a NO REP!

That’s it! WOD 1 DONE! Yay, I’m glad the anxiety is over on what it would be, how I would do, etc. I know I’m not a firebreather and mentally I just wanted to do more than 50. Mission accomplished. We’ll see how the rest of the world does πŸ™‚

Now onto other things such as shopping for new clothes. I don’t mind getting new stuff… I LOVE new stuff but I really don’t like shopping for new sizes. I should be ecstatic because I’m smaller (Sizes 8-10 to NOW 4) than I was the last time I went shopping (YEARS AGO, literally). But I had a hard time finding the right “fit” 😦 I finally had enough of looking like a bum everyday with baggy pants and then I get to the stores and all I leave with is two pairs of pants and frustration. And forget tops. I guess I’m just not trendy enough or willing to “show” my imperfections with all these tight fitting styles. I feel like a HOT MESS … super OLD ladylike and it sucks.

I definitely took a few steps backwards in the confidence department after staring in dressing room mirrors and trying on a slew of cute but not for me clothes. Ah well, so is life. I just gotta keep at it, work hard, eat clean and not look in full length mirrors! I joke, kind of. Sorry, it’s just the old me starts to chime in and I let her get the best of me.

It’s Thursday! Although I keep thinking it’s FRIDAY, which is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself! Enjoy your day. It’s gonna be like 82Β° here so it’s going to be BEAU-TI-FUL!

Holy SLED PULLS Batman!*$%#*!

I’m a scatterbrained crazy today so I truly apologize in advance if my writing is more nutso or stranger than ever. I don’t even know where to start but I know I’ve been slacking and behind and blah blah blah. That’s what the sickness does to ya. It takes you OUT and now I feel like all I’m doing is playing catch up and I’m NEVER going to catch up! And when this momma bear is down the whole freaking family goes down! I thought they’d pull it together. But I was wrong. Eventually things did happen but it was a mess. Everybody sleeping in, nobody cooking foods, the ship fell apart! ARRRGGHHHH!

So let me start with today and go backwards. Or at least I’ll try to stick with the sloppy in my head outline, no promises people πŸ™‚

Tuesday BOOM BOX was a punch you in the stomach, kick you while your down, lie on the ground wishing you were dead kinda of WOD. Why you ask? Because SLED PULLS are horrible. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that I’m not fond of the sled and the pulling of weight, and I can assure you that without a doubt I truly wish I never had to pull another sled again. I am worthless!

2/21/12 WOD

We started with a skill/strength of 3 RM (rep max) of push press. I managed to get up 85lbs. The third one wasn’t pretty but I got the job done. I proceeded to 95lbs and really thought somewhere deep I would pull it out but I only got it up like 2 inches if that. An extra 10lbs gets heavy FAST!

Now the SLED PULLS! The MetCon was 6 rounds of 10 Plyo Pushups, 50yd Sled Pull (Sled – 26lbs, Plates – 60lbs = 86lbs!). We have 2 sleds and 5 of us were there this morning. So we just took turns. Each round for time. We did get a 60 to 90 second rest between rounds. It wasn’t long enough!

You get the idea of what we did. One hand on ground, one hand on plate, do pushup then pop up and alternate hands, do pushup, repeat for 10 pushups

What I should look like while pulling sled! This kid has got it down!

The biggest issue I had was at the turnaround point coming back. The parking lot has the slightest incline which felt like a mountain. You wouldn’t even realize there’s an incline until you’re trying to drag something behind you. My times were :56, :55, :58, 1:14, 1:12 and 1:00. Best time goes on board and all I got was :55. I’m slow at push ups and dragging things! I was winded, ready to die, huffing and puffing but now that I’m done, showered, fueled… I FEEL GREAT. So albeit I am at odds with the sled, I do feel good. What can I say? I enjoy torture :/

Yesterday was a little nicer to us. Although OHS are tough. My wrists are weak and fragile and I have a hard time holding weight over my head and keeping balance without feeling like my wrists are on fire. I am getting stronger and better at these but WOW it takes a toll.

2/20/12 WOD

Our MetCon was a nice little TIMED 1 mile run… or so we thought! LOL! Instead of running laps up and a down a hill for a mile which is our typical M.O. we chose to take a longer route. Well our route wasn’t quite exactly 1 mile. In my head I have no idea what a mile feels like. I just know it was cold and windy. So I’m running, hit the turnaround point and just keep running… right into the box and I see 6:21 on the clock! WTH? There is no way I’m that fast! Hahahah… I looked at everyone like this is a joke right? And it wasn’t a joke it just wasn’t a MILE that we ran. Ends up that we ran 1200 M. So I was on pace for what I would run anywhere between 8:06 and 8:30. Not bad for what I consider miserable conditions. Inclines, Wind and Cold! I’m a wussbag I know!

I got my workouts covered so onto the weekend. Saturday was a hot mess of drizzle, rain, wind, cold, etc. Fortunately we spent our time inside the DEATH STAR (aka Dallas Cowboys Stadium) for Supercross. It was unfortunate that it was too icky to walk the pits but we had a good time and I ate plenty of NON PALEO foods. Shame on me. It wasn’t even “GOOD” but I was hungry and didn’t want to go to car for our “packed snacks”. We did happen to win our tickets that morning, well Ernie won the tickets. He won 6 total over two days. But the ones we won that morning were pretty good seats. A very cool underwear company FREEGUN UNDERWEAR had a contest and Ernie won! Between the two of us we tend to win some cool stuff. It makes life a little more fun that way πŸ™‚

Yup we're CHEESEBALLS and ROGUE all at the same time! THANKS FREEGUN!

Besides our errand running, that’s it folks! That’s all I got. Oh and in case I haven’t pushed SHARED Advocare … I sell the stuff. I like it, I use it daily, and I can give you more info if interested. I even got cool little wristbands to rock out.

Believe Begin Become

It’s MARDI GRAS! Happy FAT TUESDAY y’all! I won’t be partaking in the joyous foods and beveragesΒ  but CHEERS to those of you that do πŸ™‚ Have a few for me!


Holy Guacamole strep throat brought me down for the past 3 days! I pretty much didn’t get out of bed for those days and I sure as hell wasn’t up to blogging. Plus if I did manage to scrounge up some topic it probably would have eventually led to how miserable I was feeling and who wants to read that crapola!

So it’s FRIDAY and I should be happy cause it’s the weekend tomorrow and it’s MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS! LOL not everyone probably thinks that’s exciting but we pretty much don’t miss it. I’m just blah in general. I think it’s the dreary weather.

And to top off my Friday I don’t have any WODs to post or recipes to share and I’m pretty much boring. I just wanted to check in and let you know I didn’t fall off the grid. I’ll be back to the BOOM BOX on Monday ready to go.

Oh I did make some NON PALEO Valentine-y CAKE POPs and let me tell you I should have left off the “POPs”. Way more work. I thought it would be easier, not so much. But they ended up half ass cute. I learned some lessons for the next time if I do venture to do the cake pops again. I think I’ll just stick with cake balls though.

Beginning the "pop" process with lollipop sticks

Lookin OK except the RED ones... those were looking sad.

I was tired and lazy and this is what we ended up with 😦

Sorry for the LATE Valentine’s day stuff. Happy FRIDAY y’all! I’ll be back at this ol blog thing next week!

Magical Brooms and Manic Mondays!

Yes it’s MANIC. Rain, cold, no foods to eat for lunch, traffic, etc…!!!

And then the broom and it’s mysterious ways! Ok so the Magical Broom isn’t a long story but as one my kiddos was sweeping the floor this morning he went to lean said broom against the chair for a moment and then he realized that it wasn’t leaning on anything! It was cool and creepy all at the same time. I knew that if chairs started sliding and stacking on each other then we would be OUT of there ASAP! I don’t need a poltergeist remake!! But that was all. Just a magical broom doin it’s thing πŸ™‚


As far as the weekend went it was funday Saturday at the BOOM BOX! And the Throwdown Challenge I agreed to do with my coach. I didn’t participate in the Team WOD so I wouldn’t burn out for the challenge WOD but I helped my oldest son, Jonas, count his reps with his WODmate Jeff. They did very well! I was surprised at his effort and proud of him for pushing through. Also my 10 yr old managed to knock out some kipping pull ups on his own, even managed Chest to BAR! He’s gonna be a future CrossFit GAMES BEAST! proud? YES envious? INDEED!

Now it was my turn. Grant did RX and I went scaled. I hung on pretty well at first but fizzled fast! I failed to take a picture of the boards but it was a 2 part WOD. First part… Death by Push Press/Burpees! Push Press on the minute followed by burpees. If you haven’t been following along. Death by ANYTHING means do 1 rep on the first minute, 2 reps on the second minute, 3 reps on the 3rd minute and so forth. Go until you can’t complete all the reps within the minute. So we had a deadly duo of burpees and push presses! I managed to get through 7 1/2 rounds. I finished my 8th push press but no time for 8 burpees! To be honest I’m not sure if Grant finished his 8th round completely or not! I was DEAD! And we still had Part 2! WE got a 10 minute rest then it was time for 6 rounds of 5 squat cleans, 10 pullups and 200m row! We alternated rounds, so each of us did 3 rounds. I feel I killed the squat cleans at 65lbs. RX was 85 but I had done 65lbs with push press instead of the 85lb RX so I just stuck with the lighter weight. Pullups though KILLED ME! Seriously and I had bands. I hate feeling so weak. While one teammate was doing the round the other teammate held an L-Sit for as long as possible for max time. Each round we held one max hold. After that you could subracted that time from your overall finish. I believe we had a time of 10:59. It as a good effort. Hopefully next time we do a challenge like this I can really do RX and kill it! It was definitely nice to put in some work but I felt my shoulders hating me all weekend!

Before I get to this mornings WOD I just want to give another shout out to Burgandy Pasture Beef! We went out there Saturday afternoon. They are so friendly and welcoming πŸ™‚ It’s nice for us to get away for that short little trip and shop for quality foods. Sam has been there everytime at the counter to take our order. She knows Ernie by Pork Belly Ernie because we had special ordered the first time we visited. It’s kind of funny and I like his new nickname. I feel awful but I can not remember the other ladies names that are there. They educated us a little bit further about the meat butchering process and we hope to take a tour in the Spring if one becomes available. SERIOUSLY if you have a little time head on out to Grandview, TX and check them out! Their beef is wonderful and they also offer chicken, pork, lamb and a few other items such as farm fresh eggs!

Now I had mentioned my shoulders were hating me and this morning they were still feeling the same but it is what it is and I had to push through. It was cold and rainy on top of that but I still had to get to the BOOM BOX. After our warm up we proceeded to Front Squats 3, 3, 3+ at 80%, 85% and 90%. I managed to knock out 18 reps on the my last round! Wooohoooo. My legs could have handled a few more but my wrists determined otherwise.

02/13/12 WOD

The MetCon was a nice little sample of Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls, Push Press (ARGH) and Back Squats – 2 rounds of 1 minute of each and 1 minute of rest after all three movements max reps. 65lbs for me. I went a little too quick like on the SDLHPs and wore out pretty quickly. Then I had to quickly transition to Push Press. It wasn’t pretty but I hung on. Back Squats were a little less taxing and a much needed break for the arms/shoulders. ROUND 2: I timed out my SDLHPs a little better and got a few more reps than the first round. But I was wasted for the Push Press. I knew I had to kill the Back Squats to give me any decent rep count. And I did alright as I matched my 1st round number of 42 reps. I wasn’t at the top of the whiteboard but knowing I couldn’t get those push presses cranked out I’m ok with it. I put in work and that’s what counts!

It’s a-rainy/drizzly/miserable here! But I saw it should warm up a bit in the next few days! Hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY and not a MANIC one! I have quite a few things to do tonight for kids VDAY stuff. Hopefully I get it knocked out super ninja fast!

Feelin Fine Friday!

Yesterday afternoon and into the evening I wasn’t feeling so fine. My stomach was a grumbling and I was just feeling like crapola. I don’t know if I was fighting some bug that was trying to make a home within me or what. I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary but I knew I was blah. So instead of coming home and getting to whipping up some fab dinner, I went straight to the couch! I was down and out for a couple of hours but once Ernie got home from the box and we got some fuel I got to feeling a little better. After a semi good night’s sleep I was FEELING MUCH BETTER!

2/10/12 WOD

And today’s WOD was a team effort so good thing I was feeling better. It’s not as OK to let my teammate down. If I let myself down I can deal with it on my own. I don’t like dragging others down though! LOL.

We started off with backsquats. I knocked them out alright but nothing super exciting or beastly. Moving on to the MetCon. Sled pulls and sprints! I’ve expressed how sled pulls and I don’t get along so well. But I figure the shorter distance would be ok. And for the most part it was better than I imagined in my head. But they do take a toll on you. Mel and I finished 3 rounds of sled pulls and sprints in 3:38. I’m thinking we did alright πŸ™‚ But wait there’s more…BONUS ROUND relay.

We lengthened our distance (measurement unknown) and it was so much further than 100 ft! 3-2-1 GO and whaddya know Josh (opposing team) is standing on my sled. I went 3-2-1 NOWHERE! It was funny for a minute, maybe less, heheh as I yelled out I HATE YOU! LOL! I’m not nice! He finally jumped off and I felt I had some good speed. It was the turnaround point where I think my butt fell off and I wondered at what point did this flat parking lot get a hill! Mel and I took the win despite the cheating attempt.

I’m so happy it’s Friday! Tomorrow is a open box FUN DAY Saturday at the BOOM Box. Hopefully we’ll get a good crowd. If you’re in the area come on by to check it out. 9am! I’ll also be teaming up with my coach for an online WOD competition. I’m sure he’s not to stoked that pullups are part of the WOD and as of right now I don’t have a full on pullup :/ Ruh-roh … Anyone got a magic pullup pill or potion?

Hope y’all enjoy your weekend. Make wise eating choices…. the weekends are the hardest for a lot of us! See ya on MONDAY if I survive the weekend!!!

Pullups and Wall Balls, What Did I DO to Deserve this?

I’m convinced I must have pissed off my coach. LOL! I know this might be someone’s DREAM WOD, but not mine! I promise! Okay seriously I know it’s about me (or is it?) but the workouts have been geared toward a lot of my weaknesses which is great because I need to get stronger but REALLY? Pullups and Wall Balls together in one MetCon and that’s it? It’s punishment, it has to be πŸ˜€

2/9/12 WOD

So as the white boards says… 3 rounds, :30, 1:00, and 1:30 then 1 minute rest. WHAT THAT MEANS is 30 seconds of pullups, 30 seconds of wall balls, 1 minute of pullups, 1 minute of wall balls and 1:30 of pullups and 1:30 of wall balls! And 1 FAST minute of rest. Yes I’m still doubling up on band assistance for my pullups but I can clearly tell I’m getting stronger due to the fact that my first round was pretty good in my opinion. It may not be great after the rest of the day and everyone else shows up on the board but hey I was feelin good! Then round 2 happened and well I sucked! My arms/shoulders were on FIRE. Wall Balls were horrible, SUCK! Since I can not do pullups, I said I would do RX wall balls. We don’t have a 14lb med ball so RX for me is the 10lb ball at the higher wall marking (10ft I believe). I had so many no reps it wasn’t even funny. But by the 3rd round I picked it back up a little and had a better overall rep count for that round. Total: 153 … Still wondering why I’m being punished! Jokes, Jokes, I’m just being silly. It was a good WOD and I needed it.

Prior to the insanity we worked on Split Jerk. Amazingly I feel pretty good doing it. Right now it ranks as the MOST COMFORTABLE lift I’ve done. It feels right. I always feel awkward doing all the other lifts. So for now I will state I like SPLIT JERK! Hahah, that may change but ah well.

Our hoodies also came in so I was happy to get mine and rock it out today. Hell ya! I love it πŸ™‚ (pssst… the boom bear is my contribution to the art πŸ™‚ so OF COURSE I love it)


That’s really it for now. I have yet to make anything special for Vday and the kid’s classes. I have a few more days before I commit to sugary badness or paleo-ish goodness! Oh ya on another note, Ernie cooked his first chicken! Reluctantly! of course but he did it and it turned out fantastic. That’s how easy it is y’all… ERNIE CAN DO IT! Hehehe. JOKES again πŸ˜›Β  I think he’s found a new job in the kitchen! Hehehe, I know he’ll say NO but a girl can dream right?

Is it spring yet? I know we’ve had some mild temps lately but I’m ready for long sunny days. Have a bad to the bone Thursday.

FANTASTIC! from Being Primal