Big Ol’ Week of Suck!

So I lied about the debbie downer talk getting to me! This week had been hard for me mentally and physically. I am not sure why. Just finally wearing down? Job getting in my head? A little bit of both? NO clue as to what exactly but I’m sure it’s a little of everything. The week isn’t over just yet so I have a day left to redeem myself!

I understand I can’t be “ON” everyday and every week but it’s hard when your whole week has been blah. Alright enough complaining and onto the WOD!

2/2/12 WOD

We worked on Power Jerks and I just couldn’t get my body to get under the bar. Every time I was trying to muscle it up. ON my last attempt I FINALLY did it properly! I know how to do it but for some reason I just wasn’t getting anywhere. The weight wasn’t too heavy, just me being in my head like a loser 😦

The MetCon was Toes to Bar and running. WOOOO Fun! LOL! I can do toes to bar but not well enough to knock it out in a WOD so I did knees to elbows. It’s really hard for me to get in a good rhythm but I did find myself knocking out 5 at a time. It definitely shows that I need to work on my upper body movements because I am no GOOD! Between the barbell pushups and the knees to elbow I have just been beaten down. Hopefully this just means I’m getting better. I just don’t see it right now. I suppose I used to not even be able to do knees to elbows, haha, so I should be stoked! I am! I truly am. I’ve come a long way. But my suck ass attitude is getting in the way.

As I sit here typing this I realize WOW you are such a girl baby! Put on your damn big girl panties and STFU! Really Stephanie! So rather than edit, abort and do over, I’m leaving this as is so I can remind myself of what I sound like and hopefully refrain from such depressing mindset. And also hopefully some of you will be motivated to not SOUND like me! Rise above people! Don’t come down to my level!

Here’s hopin to a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY. Rock on.

2 thoughts on “Big Ol’ Week of Suck!

  1. Annette Norred says:

    I love this post Stephanie! It is how I feel all the time, and I love it when my “Big Girl Panty Self” tells me to SUCK IT UP!!! As I hate not being at the box this week…your post is what I needed to hear! Hang in there…you’re a BEAST!

    • Thanks Annette… I did notice you were MIA at the box but I just figured you were taking a week off for rest. Everything OK?

      And yes I feel this way all of the time but I tend to push through and find the positives and tell myself I”ll do better next time. This week though it’s been super hard 😦

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