Pullups and Wall Balls, What Did I DO to Deserve this?

I’m convinced I must have pissed off my coach. LOL! I know this might be someone’s DREAM WOD, but not mine! I promise! Okay seriously I know it’s about me (or is it?) but the workouts have been geared toward a lot of my weaknesses which is great because I need to get stronger but REALLY? Pullups and Wall Balls together in one MetCon and that’s it? It’s punishment, it has to be 😀

2/9/12 WOD

So as the white boards says… 3 rounds, :30, 1:00, and 1:30 then 1 minute rest. WHAT THAT MEANS is 30 seconds of pullups, 30 seconds of wall balls, 1 minute of pullups, 1 minute of wall balls and 1:30 of pullups and 1:30 of wall balls! And 1 FAST minute of rest. Yes I’m still doubling up on band assistance for my pullups but I can clearly tell I’m getting stronger due to the fact that my first round was pretty good in my opinion. It may not be great after the rest of the day and everyone else shows up on the board but hey I was feelin good! Then round 2 happened and well I sucked! My arms/shoulders were on FIRE. Wall Balls were horrible, SUCK! Since I can not do pullups, I said I would do RX wall balls. We don’t have a 14lb med ball so RX for me is the 10lb ball at the higher wall marking (10ft I believe). I had so many no reps it wasn’t even funny. But by the 3rd round I picked it back up a little and had a better overall rep count for that round. Total: 153 … Still wondering why I’m being punished! Jokes, Jokes, I’m just being silly. It was a good WOD and I needed it.

Prior to the insanity we worked on Split Jerk. Amazingly I feel pretty good doing it. Right now it ranks as the MOST COMFORTABLE lift I’ve done. It feels right. I always feel awkward doing all the other lifts. So for now I will state I like SPLIT JERK! Hahah, that may change but ah well.

Our hoodies also came in so I was happy to get mine and rock it out today. Hell ya! I love it 🙂 (pssst… the boom bear is my contribution to the art 🙂 so OF COURSE I love it)


That’s really it for now. I have yet to make anything special for Vday and the kid’s classes. I have a few more days before I commit to sugary badness or paleo-ish goodness! Oh ya on another note, Ernie cooked his first chicken! Reluctantly! of course but he did it and it turned out fantastic. That’s how easy it is y’all… ERNIE CAN DO IT! Hehehe. JOKES again 😛  I think he’s found a new job in the kitchen! Hehehe, I know he’ll say NO but a girl can dream right?

Is it spring yet? I know we’ve had some mild temps lately but I’m ready for long sunny days. Have a bad to the bone Thursday.

FANTASTIC! from Being Primal

4 thoughts on “Pullups and Wall Balls, What Did I DO to Deserve this?

  1. You are so right, the best is yet to come! You have done so great (understatement) Sometimes you have to get primal to knock around the weights the way you want. Its working for you…It doesn’t look like the same person in that dress. Congrats!

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