Magical Brooms and Manic Mondays!

Yes it’s MANIC. Rain, cold, no foods to eat for lunch, traffic, etc…!!!

And then the broom and it’s mysterious ways! Ok so the Magical Broom isn’t a long story but as one my kiddos was sweeping the floor this morning he went to lean said broom against the chair for a moment and then he realized that it wasn’t leaning on anything! It was cool and creepy all at the same time. I knew that if chairs started sliding and stacking on each other then we would be OUT of there ASAP! I don’t need a poltergeist remake!! But that was all. Just a magical broom doin it’s thing 🙂


As far as the weekend went it was funday Saturday at the BOOM BOX! And the Throwdown Challenge I agreed to do with my coach. I didn’t participate in the Team WOD so I wouldn’t burn out for the challenge WOD but I helped my oldest son, Jonas, count his reps with his WODmate Jeff. They did very well! I was surprised at his effort and proud of him for pushing through. Also my 10 yr old managed to knock out some kipping pull ups on his own, even managed Chest to BAR! He’s gonna be a future CrossFit GAMES BEAST! proud? YES envious? INDEED!

Now it was my turn. Grant did RX and I went scaled. I hung on pretty well at first but fizzled fast! I failed to take a picture of the boards but it was a 2 part WOD. First part… Death by Push Press/Burpees! Push Press on the minute followed by burpees. If you haven’t been following along. Death by ANYTHING means do 1 rep on the first minute, 2 reps on the second minute, 3 reps on the 3rd minute and so forth. Go until you can’t complete all the reps within the minute. So we had a deadly duo of burpees and push presses! I managed to get through 7 1/2 rounds. I finished my 8th push press but no time for 8 burpees! To be honest I’m not sure if Grant finished his 8th round completely or not! I was DEAD! And we still had Part 2! WE got a 10 minute rest then it was time for 6 rounds of 5 squat cleans, 10 pullups and 200m row! We alternated rounds, so each of us did 3 rounds. I feel I killed the squat cleans at 65lbs. RX was 85 but I had done 65lbs with push press instead of the 85lb RX so I just stuck with the lighter weight. Pullups though KILLED ME! Seriously and I had bands. I hate feeling so weak. While one teammate was doing the round the other teammate held an L-Sit for as long as possible for max time. Each round we held one max hold. After that you could subracted that time from your overall finish. I believe we had a time of 10:59. It as a good effort. Hopefully next time we do a challenge like this I can really do RX and kill it! It was definitely nice to put in some work but I felt my shoulders hating me all weekend!

Before I get to this mornings WOD I just want to give another shout out to Burgandy Pasture Beef! We went out there Saturday afternoon. They are so friendly and welcoming 🙂 It’s nice for us to get away for that short little trip and shop for quality foods. Sam has been there everytime at the counter to take our order. She knows Ernie by Pork Belly Ernie because we had special ordered the first time we visited. It’s kind of funny and I like his new nickname. I feel awful but I can not remember the other ladies names that are there. They educated us a little bit further about the meat butchering process and we hope to take a tour in the Spring if one becomes available. SERIOUSLY if you have a little time head on out to Grandview, TX and check them out! Their beef is wonderful and they also offer chicken, pork, lamb and a few other items such as farm fresh eggs!

Now I had mentioned my shoulders were hating me and this morning they were still feeling the same but it is what it is and I had to push through. It was cold and rainy on top of that but I still had to get to the BOOM BOX. After our warm up we proceeded to Front Squats 3, 3, 3+ at 80%, 85% and 90%. I managed to knock out 18 reps on the my last round! Wooohoooo. My legs could have handled a few more but my wrists determined otherwise.

02/13/12 WOD

The MetCon was a nice little sample of Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls, Push Press (ARGH) and Back Squats – 2 rounds of 1 minute of each and 1 minute of rest after all three movements max reps. 65lbs for me. I went a little too quick like on the SDLHPs and wore out pretty quickly. Then I had to quickly transition to Push Press. It wasn’t pretty but I hung on. Back Squats were a little less taxing and a much needed break for the arms/shoulders. ROUND 2: I timed out my SDLHPs a little better and got a few more reps than the first round. But I was wasted for the Push Press. I knew I had to kill the Back Squats to give me any decent rep count. And I did alright as I matched my 1st round number of 42 reps. I wasn’t at the top of the whiteboard but knowing I couldn’t get those push presses cranked out I’m ok with it. I put in work and that’s what counts!

It’s a-rainy/drizzly/miserable here! But I saw it should warm up a bit in the next few days! Hope everyone has a MARVELOUS MONDAY and not a MANIC one! I have quite a few things to do tonight for kids VDAY stuff. Hopefully I get it knocked out super ninja fast!

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