CrossFit Games Open – BURPEES!

Hello Hello and welcome to my discussion of the 2012 CrossFit Games Open WOD 1. The WOD was released yesterday at 7pm CST and it was a little surprising that it was a 7 minute AMRAP of burpees. BURPEES! I don’t know anyone that likes em but I know anyone can definitely do one or two.

There appeared to be an online slew of sarcastic remarks in regards to the WOD but I really didn’t have a problem with it. They set a standard as with anything else and you just gotta kill it. For those of you that think it’s easy then YAY you. Finish first! Be the best. Don’t trash what’s put before ya. It’s not going to get easier. Although burpees are no FUN I think it’s a fine opener to the GAMES. It’s 7 MINUTES OF HELL! At least I feel I can compete and not come in last!

The BOOM Box is going to have a set aside time this Saturday to do the WOD but we were fortunate enough to get it first thing this a.m. WOOOO! I didn’t have a plan at all. I just knew I had to go. The standard is extend your arm over your head, measure 6 inches above that and set a bar, rings, tape, etc. at that point. You have to hit the target every time. EASY BREEZY? RIGHT? NO!

CrossFit Games WOD 1 2/23/12

Last night I watched a video of Katie Hogan and she got 91. In my head the whole time was a broken record playing “Katie Hogan made it to 91”. “Katie Hogan made it to 91.” Nevermind the fact that Kristen Clever did 124 or something like that! Ha. I just thought 91 is achievable. But I burned out pretty quickly even though I felt I was at a good pace. 7 minutes feels like forever. FOREVER!

I managed to knock out 74. I was up for 75 but the time was up before I hit the target so it was a NO REP!

That’s it! WOD 1 DONE! Yay, I’m glad the anxiety is over on what it would be, how I would do, etc. I know I’m not a firebreather and mentally I just wanted to do more than 50. Mission accomplished. We’ll see how the rest of the world does 🙂

Now onto other things such as shopping for new clothes. I don’t mind getting new stuff… I LOVE new stuff but I really don’t like shopping for new sizes. I should be ecstatic because I’m smaller (Sizes 8-10 to NOW 4) than I was the last time I went shopping (YEARS AGO, literally). But I had a hard time finding the right “fit” 😦 I finally had enough of looking like a bum everyday with baggy pants and then I get to the stores and all I leave with is two pairs of pants and frustration. And forget tops. I guess I’m just not trendy enough or willing to “show” my imperfections with all these tight fitting styles. I feel like a HOT MESS … super OLD ladylike and it sucks.

I definitely took a few steps backwards in the confidence department after staring in dressing room mirrors and trying on a slew of cute but not for me clothes. Ah well, so is life. I just gotta keep at it, work hard, eat clean and not look in full length mirrors! I joke, kind of. Sorry, it’s just the old me starts to chime in and I let her get the best of me.

It’s Thursday! Although I keep thinking it’s FRIDAY, which is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself! Enjoy your day. It’s gonna be like 82° here so it’s going to be BEAU-TI-FUL!

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