For those of new to this blog… When I say BOX I am referring to my CrossFit Box – CrossFit BOOM! We have built such a great little family and it continues to grow. This past week and weekend we all came together to smack CrossFit Games Open 12.1 WOD in the face! Mine was more of a tickle instead of a slap but we definitely had some beast mode moments from our Boom Team!

The camaraderie amongst us is amazing! The support, the jokes, and the laughs we have are fantastic. You’re at the point of passing out sometimes (what am I saying… ALWAYS) and there is always someone there to cheer you on to help get you through.

This past Saturday was an open box and then 12.1 WOD time for those who needed judging. We had some newcomers and they took on the funday WOD like champs. My partner and I took first place as we did a team event. 3 teams of 2 doing 3 rounds of 1 minute each of diamond situps, KB Swings, and Wall Balls. My teammate Donna KILLED it. I’m pretty sure she didn’t feel that she did, but she did fantastic. I love to see new people. 9 minutes of misery but we all live and get to high five and chat afterwards. It’s a good feeling.

Coach Grant measuring the "ROOF". We got hell from CrossFitters after a pic of our roof made it to the CrossFit Games facebook page. But we also got a lot of kudos. I assure you it was safe and there weren't any concerns on whether it was or not!

Coach Grant gettin after it! The "roof" was a mat so it was light weight and didn't budge as it was weighted down.

So enough of my ooshy gooshiness. On to today’s WOD.

Front squats for skill/strength. 5, 3, 1+. I did a warm up with just the bar then jumped up to 75 lbs and started my 5 reps. It seemed light today. Maybe because I had a fantastic massage yesterday or maybe just because I’m getting stronger. Maybe my crazy strange love for CrossFit intensified after the first Open WOD, who knows. But it felt light. I Hope my coach isn’t reading! LOL, he’ll make me pay tomorrow! Then moved onto 80lbs for 3 reps and onto 85lbs for 19 REPS – YAH BUDDY! It’s taken a while for me to get “strong” but I’m getting there. And today I feel I really pushed those last 4-5 reps out. It took a lot out of me. Probably time to test a new PR… maybe? maybe not, hehe.

2/27/12 WOD

The MetCon had pullups, yay fun! 😦 Not really but I had a little more endurance today than I normally have. I managed to do 8 in a row (with bands) for the round 1 and 2 but typically I could do 5 or 6 then break. So again, getting there which makes me happy! Then after 8 pullups it was 60ft of lunges. AMRAP for 12 minutes. I got 8 rounds and 8 pullups! I got halfway to one length of the lunges but it didn’t count because I didn’t complete it. Ah well, I tried! And fell over as the timer went off, hehehe. I’ve never left the box without just lying on the ground post WOD. I’m beat. And I keep bringing myself back for more! I have issues! But they lead to good results.

Happy Monday ya’ll! I’m starting the 24 day challenge this week as well to help clean my system out. Let me know if you’re interested!

See y’all tomorrow unless life gets to much in the way 🙂

2 thoughts on “I HEART MY BOX!

  1. Annette says:

    The box loves you too!!! You guys did KILL it on Saturday! Thanks for being a great host to my friend. They really enjoyed the class. 🙂

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