Mastering the Rope Climb … Not So Much!

3/6/12 WOD

The day finally came for me at the BOOM Box where I’m going to have to attempt to climb the ROPE! The dreaded rope that has been just a decoration and not included in any days that’s I’ve shown up for a WOD. But today it’s there on the board for skill/strength. My whole self is not sure what will become but I need to learn right? If I ever want to be competitive in the CrossFit world (YEARS from now), then I need to have rope climbs under my belt. I’ve never had to climb a rope, net, etc. I’ve never desired to do such things either. So this is all new to me. Grant gives us the breakdown on how to use our feet because it’s truly your legs that get you up there but I’m still not so sure I’m able to do this. I watch Josh and Joe go up like monkeys. No problem, EASY even so I’m a little hopeful for maybe 2 seconds and then it’s my turn. WOW it’s not so easy. I pretty much suck. Grant goes over what I’m doing wrong and I leave it be. After watching Josh and Joe go again I figure I gotta try it again and I do. I’m much more successful at this attempt. I don’t even think I got half way up but I got the mechnics of it down. It takes a toll on my hands for sure. I don’t have good grip strength as it is and the rope hurts cause I’m a big ol bag of wuss. No need to think it to yourself. It’s true. Say it out loud! Either way, I attempted, failed, attempted again and had some success. I’m sure the ROPE will plague me from here on out. We proceeded to work on kipping technique which by now my hands really hurt so kipping just sucks in general but I feel confident now and soon, VERY soon I know I will have kipping pull ups down.

Maybe if I had a beach I would be better! Hehe!

I was rather relieved to finish killing my hands and move on to the MetCon until the second lap of our 800m run. Uphill twice just kills me. I estimated it would take me 4-5 minutes and I was finished in less than 4. After the 800m run we had to do 30 HR push ups, 60 butterfly situps, 30 HR push ups and finish with another 800m run. Today’s pushups were WEAK! I drug them out more than ever and I felt loserish doing them. Fortunately I picked up the pace with the situps so I could hurry up and suck at push ups again. The front of my shoulders were tight and fatigue came on fast. My last run was slow and brutal as well. I wasn’t looking at the time when I left so I don’t know HOW slow I was but I was slow. Time 14:03

That’s a wrap for Tuesday. Tomorrow is a rest day. I need to get on finding new creations to cook. I saw these beautiful orange beets on Sunday, so I gotta see what I can do with them because well I’ve never cooked a beet! And after reading the Hunger Games Series where they seem to have a lot of beets, I feel inspired to cook some. We’ll see how it goes.

Not mine but looks close 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mastering the Rope Climb … Not So Much!

  1. Rope climbing gives me scary flashbacks to elementary school gym class! I’m sure I’d suck just as bad today as I did back them!!
    Mmm I love beets! I could eat them everyday! Their greens are amazing in omletes too!

  2. Rope climbs seems it is as much technique as it is strength. I dunno. But your workout seems pretty intense. I gotta guess using weightlifting gloves are out of the question? I have never done this workout so I can’t offer anything other than it appears kick-ass and you are a doing great job since you are not a Marine or just out of high school. Eat a lot of protein and don’t give up. You’re my hero!

    • Thank you and YES rope climb is really ALL technique. I just need to practice! Gloves aren’t out of the question but I don’t like them. I guess I should learn to like them 😀 When I’m doing pullups or hanging on the bar in general, I sometimes tape up or use those gymnast grippy things but I mostly don’t. I do eat a butt ton of protein!

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