Burpees Coach? Really?

I still have nightmares from 12.1 and here we are with a MetCon that involves burpees! Hehe, they were fine I guess, just being a baby as usual 🙂

Whining aside, the MetCon was a quick doozie of a workout. 5 rounds of 5 Deadlifts @ 125lbs and 10 burpees. By the 3rd round of burpees I could feel my wind and energy zap right out of me. But I tried to keep up on pace and finished with 4:28. WOOO! Not so bad I suppose. I did rest a little too much on rounds 3, 4 and 5 of burpees. I thought to myself after the fact – shoot I just did 50 burpees in less than 5 minutes with DL in between…. why didn’t i DO BETTER on 12.1!!!??!!! Dang Burpees and the misery they bring!

3/13/12 WOD

Before our little beatdown we worked on Snatch Push Press. Anything snatch related brings me down. I suck at the Snatch as I have previously mentioned. Not only do I suck, it takes a toll on my wrists BAD! I managed to get 65lb reps but they were weak. My wrists were burning badly and I had a new issue arise…. Popping Shoulder or Popping something in my right should area. I’ve never had this rear it’s ugly head, but it’s not nice and it surely didn’t help me in the Snatch Push Press. Why you ask? Well getting the weight up is fine, it’s getting the weight back down that it hurts like a mofo. I have gotten my leg mobility down, now I need to focus on shoulders. It’s never ending isn’t it? Coach did show me how to better tape up my sad pathetic wrists. Hopefully next time around it will help me.

I also worked on some DUs. We are having a contest at the BOOM Box. Get 100 consecutive DUs, get a month FREE 🙂 If more than 1 person gets 100 then it’s a DU off for the most in a row! Should be fun but the most I have put together is 49. But mostly I only get 14-20 strung together on average. I need to practice!

Thanks for tuning in on this short, random and whatever else you want to call it Tuesday blog! The time change has me all messed up. It’s only an hour I know but it’s affected me big time this year! Have a crazy fun day!

5 thoughts on “Burpees Coach? Really?

  1. I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one with wrist/shoulder mobility issues when it comes to putting weight overhead! If you find a good solution, let me know! And you totally smoked that metcon today!

    • Someone told me to invest in Strength Wraps, so I’m gonna get some. I’ll let you know for sure on how those feel. I’m hoping just some good stretching with mobility bands will help with the shoulder. And I’m thinking if I strap myself down to my bed when I sleep so I don’t roll over will help tons! HA I wish!

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