Ouchy Mamma! 12.3 and those DARN TOES TO BAR!


I like reporting on the CrossFit Open Games WODs! Too bad it’s short lived and only 2 weeks left after this one. So here goes it. 12.3 consists of 15 Box Jumps (20″), 12 Push Press (75lbs) and 9 Toes to Bar. AMRAP for 18 minutes! Holy Majolie … 18 minutes! 2011 Fittest Woman in the World, Annie Thorisdottir got 13 rounds plus some for a total of 491! But this chica right here got 2 rounds, 15 box jumps and 9 Push press for a score of 96. WOOOOO wow I sucked. But I surprised myself that I could actually finish 2 rounds of Toes to Bars.

3/8/12 CrossFit Games Open 12.3

As always I’m wishing that in my youth I chose gymnastics as my sport of choice. TTB are a ginormous bag of SUCK! And today 75lb push press was heavy… not oh this is a lil heavy today… just heavy. Box Jumps are box jumps but on these you had to show full hip extension at the top. And I can’t forget to mention I NO REPPED my first BOX JUMP! Ha, I’m AWESOME!

Last night looking for hope and help I did watch a video by KStar and Carl Paoli on Perfecting the Box Jump. This was very informative and I wish I could be as knowledgeable as those two! I love them. I’m just not a box jumper right now. Can I do it? Sure! Do I do it well? NOOOO! I will work on the mechanics and the resting at the top but I’m not springy enought to be able to just hop down and freakin kangaroo jump right back up. I have to pause. I lose momentum. I need to WORK on this movement!

I was so spent, wasted, and dead post WOD. I could barely move. So I stuck around long enough to see the 6am class give it a go. Well it was so FUN hanging out cheering everyone on, I stayed for the whole first round of folks participating. Typically I’m out cause I have stuff to do like getting ready for work. But I watched two ladies get their first Toes to Bar (WHICH IS NOT EASY FOR US MERE MORTALS!). And I watched Coach’s MOM KILL IT! She is my HERO. She’s participating in the Master’s Group and she is a fighter. She goes and does not stop. She pushes. Her heart is on that box, bar, etc. The best moment though for me was seeing her hug her son, HER COACH and I don’t know who’s more proud. Maybe I read to much in their embrace but as a Mom, it gave me goosebumps. She’s a CrossFitter and hell for all we know she’ll be at those FINALS come July! Thank you 6am for making me have more gushy love for our BOOM BOX. It’s so much fun!

That’s a wrap! 12.3 is OVER for me at least… maybe not? Should I give it another go? Eh probably not in my best interest. My hands are DONE. My arms are DONE! Speaking of hands, I almost forgot. I got my first LEGITIMATE RIP! Ha… NO I’m not proud cause it hurt like a bleepity bleep bleep! But it is a first!


And in other news… I experimented with a new treat. It came out alright for round 1. Round 2 is tonight which I hope to make perfect. I’ll have pics and links tomorrow. Peace out peeps! Happy Thursday!

Mastering the Rope Climb … Not So Much!

3/6/12 WOD

The day finally came for me at the BOOM Box where I’m going to have to attempt to climb the ROPE! The dreaded rope that has been just a decoration and not included in any days that’s I’ve shown up for a WOD. But today it’s there on the board for skill/strength. My whole self is not sure what will become but I need to learn right? If I ever want to be competitive in the CrossFit world (YEARS from now), then I need to have rope climbs under my belt. I’ve never had to climb a rope, net, etc. I’ve never desired to do such things either. So this is all new to me. Grant gives us the breakdown on how to use our feet because it’s truly your legs that get you up there but I’m still not so sure I’m able to do this. I watch Josh and Joe go up like monkeys. No problem, EASY even so I’m a little hopeful for maybe 2 seconds and then it’s my turn. WOW it’s not so easy. I pretty much suck. Grant goes over what I’m doing wrong and I leave it be. After watching Josh and Joe go again I figure I gotta try it again and I do. I’m much more successful at this attempt. I don’t even think I got half way up but I got the mechnics of it down. It takes a toll on my hands for sure. I don’t have good grip strength as it is and the rope hurts cause I’m a big ol bag of wuss. No need to think it to yourself. It’s true. Say it out loud! Either way, I attempted, failed, attempted again and had some success. I’m sure the ROPE will plague me from here on out. We proceeded to work on kipping technique which by now my hands really hurt so kipping just sucks in general but I feel confident now and soon, VERY soon I know I will have kipping pull ups down.

Maybe if I had a beach I would be better! Hehe!

I was rather relieved to finish killing my hands and move on to the MetCon until the second lap of our 800m run. Uphill twice just kills me. I estimated it would take me 4-5 minutes and I was finished in less than 4. After the 800m run we had to do 30 HR push ups, 60 butterfly situps, 30 HR push ups and finish with another 800m run. Today’s pushups were WEAK! I drug them out more than ever and I felt loserish doing them. Fortunately I picked up the pace with the situps so I could hurry up and suck at push ups again. The front of my shoulders were tight and fatigue came on fast. My last run was slow and brutal as well. I wasn’t looking at the time when I left so I don’t know HOW slow I was but I was slow. Time 14:03

That’s a wrap for Tuesday. Tomorrow is a rest day. I need to get on finding new creations to cook. I saw these beautiful orange beets on Sunday, so I gotta see what I can do with them because well I’ve never cooked a beet! And after reading the Hunger Games Series where they seem to have a lot of beets, I feel inspired to cook some. We’ll see how it goes.

Not mine but looks close 🙂

Monday, I don’t LIKE YOU!

Seriously woke up this morning with my alarm going bezerko and me wondering why I was so dumb to set my alarm for SUNDAY! Where did my weekend go? Really it’s MONDAY already?!? I was soooo not happy and for a whole 2 minutes I thought I just might skip CrossFit Boom. Why not? I’m tired, it’s supposed to be Sunday, NOT MONDAY. And I laid there. 2 minutes is a long time when contemplating skipping a work out. Then I told my old “fat” girl self. Yes I refer to her every now and then and say GET OUT OF BED lazy. It’s not gonna be that bad and it will make your WEEK way better than if you start on Tuesday. Then I look at the WOD for the day and think I SHOULD HAVE SLEPT IN! Hahahahah. I’m glad I didn’t though.

3/5/12 WOD

So Skill/Strength was Overhead Squats (OHS), which I suck at! But I know I need work on after my sucky SNATCH workout. The progression was 5 (55lbs), 3 (65lbs), 1+ (75lbs). I was already hesitant at the 65lbs I couldn’t even imagine the 75lbs. Initially it was a big ol fail at 75lbs but I took a minute, regained focus and managed to bust out 1 OHS at 75lbs. I truly wanted to bail on it but thank goodness I did not! It’s feasible. Yay for getting out of my head and just doing work!

Iceland Annie showing you how it's done!

The MetCon was 4 rounds of 20 KB presses, 20 KB Swings and 20 KB Deadlifts. Us girls used dumbbells instead of the kettle bells and the question of the morning was 20lbs or 25lbs! Well I can lift 25lbs no biggie but for 4 rounds of all those movements, eh. HAHAHA… Well I’m glad I picked the slightly heavier weight. I pushed myself where as I may have gotten off too easy with the 20lb weight. I finished with an 8:58 time. Not bad, Not bad.

Again, I’m glad I got my butt out of bed and got to moving. I keep telling myself I need to make improvements in my lifting. Can’t do that if I’m skipping and not pushing myself. I know I’d still be dragging if I had slept in. So MONDAY you don’t win! Come on Tuesday!

The weekend was a whirlwind which is why I was so saddened that it ended so quickly. And last week I had a big ol gush fest over my BOX and how much I love it. The CrossFit Games Open WODs has brought our box together in such a fun way. I just have to re-iterate how much fun it is to watch our athletes give it their all! It’s different than just our regular weekly attendance and I love it! So Proud of Ernie as well as he hit 30 reps of his Max Snatch for the OPEN! WOOOOO! I heart CrossFit Boom! We also had “open” box funday which ended up being a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. It was 2 teams of 3 competing against each other in stepups/boxjumps 150 total and pulling a RRREEEEAAALLLYY heavy sled about 50 or 60 yds and finishing with another team total of 150 stepups/boxjumps. We were neck and neck and the other team just outjumped us in the last 10 reps! SO CLOSE! IT was definitely fun though 🙂

As for an update on the 24 Day Challenge. I have lost a whopping 1.5lbs! WOOHOO, may not sound like a lot but I’m not a “big” weight loss point anymore so I’ll take the 1.5lbs! My friend Shelley, however has lost 5lbs in 5 days! So proud of her and looking forward to the end of the challenge and her results. Let me know if you’re interested. We’ll get you going on your weight loss goals!

On a way different note… I’m also almost finished with the Hunger Games trilogy. I started this weekend and am almost done with the 3rd book. It’s a great little series if you’re a reader. I do recommend it! I’m now ready for the movie!

That’s all for this NOT WELCOMED MONDAY! Let’s get this week done!

Much Better Than Yesterday!

My day is already tons better than yesterday. Although I did leave my house without my purse and I needed to get gas for my ginormous vehicle. AND it wasn’t until I dropped the kids off at school that I realized I had to go back home! NO fun to say the least but it’s FRIDAY! So I can’t be too upset.

I also forgot to take a picture of the whiteboard today. I’m just all kinds of forgetful but I’m feeling pretty good!! At last the little things aren’t bringing me down today. That’s always a good way to start the weekend. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Today’s agenda at the BOOM Box was deadlifts and sprints! I don’t mind deadlifts but my hip has been achy so I wasn’t sure where I’d end up. We did a 5, 5, 5+ series starting at 140 for me. All in all my hip really didn’t hinder me but surprisingly my pinky fingers were killing me. Like the gap between your pinky and ring finger were on fire. On my last 5 I was dying. I don’t know what was different about my grip or what but it was painful. ON BOTH HANDS. My goal was 10 reps before the pain kicked in but I only made it to 6. It was definitely weird but at hopefully it was just a weirdo moment and not something that will recur.

Katie Hogan deadlifting 315lbs! WOWSERS! I think my max rep is 185, I have a long ways to go!

The MetCon was sprints uphill. Who doesn’t love an uphill sprint? I’m not sure of the distance we actually ran. 50 yrds? 60 yds. I have no idea. I’m not a good judge of distnace in the darkness. But we did 12 overall sprints. Run up, walk back, then pretty much 3,2,1 and sprint again. It was a much needed push to end my week! Who am I kidding I still have one more day of torture! Tomorrow is iChooseFit bootcamp and funday Saturday at the box. But it was a much needed push to end my work week!

In other news… the cleanse seems to be keeping me “regular” if you will. If this is TMI I’m sorry. It is what it is. I do believe my clean eating has done exactly what it’s supposed to do so I don’t have so much “crap” built up in my intestines. But I defintely think it’s important to still follow through with the cleanse. I haven’t been the PERFECT eater.

I have however lost 1.5 lbs. Yay me! I don’t weigh regularly anymore because I’m a scale addict but I did have to weigh when I went to the Advocare Mixer. Now there I was fully clothed, jeans and everything and I weighed heavy. I did not like it one bit! It was also that time of the month so even more so to not want to weigh. Well I weighed the day before the challenge to base my weight from. I weighed less on Tuesday than I did on Saturday but I didn’t count that as a weight loss. So I’m just going off what I weighed on Tuesday on my scale. And this morning a whopping 1.5 lbs was gone!

CrossFit Games Open 12.2 – Snatches Galore!

I’ll be honest, I’m really not feeling the blogging today but I figure I’ll share my disappointing attempt at 12.2.

SNATCHES! They are pretty much the most awkward lift out there, for me at least. It’s odd and uncomfortable… oh wait that’s me. For real though, this is not an easy lift. There’s so much to think about and it all happens so fast.

I walked into the BOOM BOX with very little excitement. 😦 I am not prepared to KILL this WOD at all.

CrossFit Games Open 12.2 - 3/01/12

Let’s break it down. It’s 10 min of Snatches. For the ladies its 30 reps @45lbs, 30 reps @75lbs, 30 reps @100lbs and then max reps @120lbs. I don’t think I’ve snatched over 55lbs so pretty much I’m out. I took my time and knocked out the 30 reps with just the bar. I loaded up the bar with 2 – 15lb plates and HOLY SHITAKES it was heavy. I can clean and jerk the weight but going straight to overhead is no joke. I couldn’t do it. I spent the remaining 7 minutes weakly attempting it but it was a no go. I sucked. I’m hard on myself and that’s just the way it is I suppose. I wish I had at least got freaking got 1 rep. Ah well. I jokingly said at the box that I’m dedicating my life to snatches. We giggled and then I realize I really do need to get this lift mastered. It’s always going to be there. So I better get on it.

From Burpees, which anyone can do, to SNATCHES which clearly I can not do… the CrossFit Games Open will keep us on our toes. Now we just gotta wait for next weeks announcement of 12.3 – MUs, HSPUs and running? It might as well be that after 12.2. Ha.

ON a different note, I did roll out on the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller and it is NICE. It’s hard for me to explain how great it felt. It has “zones” which have different patterns, textures, etc. so that you can really pinpoint your trouble areas. I have only used it twice now. But I did feel better recovered after my second use. I spent more time working out all my leg issues and it seemed to benefit better than a regular foam roller.

That’s all I got. I’m just not chatty today. Hopefully Friday starts looking up. I could use a little cheer right about now.