I don’t REALLY need my legs do I?

Welcome Welcome. It’s Monday. My least favorite day. And today at the BOOM Box… lots o’ fun! Coach was probably thinking we don’t need our legs.


The Metcon was 75 BOX JUMPS and 150 yds of LUNGES. And don’t you think you can short yourself on those lunges. Full range is a must or why bother even doing it. Although you do fatigue and you just wish the lunges were over. The box jumps were 20″ and I think I took more time trying to figure out how to be springy vs. knocking them out for time. The idea is to stay on the ground as little as possilbe. Rest on top of the box. It’s not natural for my brain to think this way but I really worked at it or at least I felt like I did. I about face planted into some rowers as I finished my last rep and jumped forward off the box. My legs were a little wonky for sure. Lunges were just miserable. My IT band doesn’t help and my right hip got to burning. I didn’t stop though, just kept on trucking. Finished at 10:56 :/

For the Skill/Strength we worked on strict pullups. I still suck at pullups but it is what it is… one day I will be AWESOME at them but for not I just have to dream of AWESOME!

Overall it was a good weekend. Got some Regional Swag that Ernie brought home for me and the kiddos. It’s always fun to get presents πŸ™‚

Had some great baseball and some fantastic crawfish. All in all it was a GREAT weekend, not just good. I did eat fairly poorly in regards to sugar, bread and whatever else. But I start the 21-Day Sugar Detox tomorrow so I splurged a little knowing the next 21 days will be miserable!!!

I hope the week can be as wonderful as my weekend but there’s this thing called work… ruins everything!

Happy Monday if that’s possible!

Become Addicted To BEING AWESOME!

Yes that is my GOAL… I NEED to be addicted to being awesome. Right now my addictions are WANTING bad foods. It doesn’t mean I always eat bad foods, but I WANT them so to make up for it I find Paleo-ish sweeties and it’s not helping me. I told Coach I was doing the 21-Day Sugar Detox and he about looked at me like I had 3 heads. He asked/stated “Shouldn’t you already pretty much have cut out sugar?” And I say well ya but I still bake with the now KNOWN LIQUID DEATH NECTAR – AGAVE! And Ernie thinks I eat too much fruit. And I’ve been having too many “cheat bites”.Β  I also let everyone become aware of what a damn headcase I am. I’m pretty sure they already know it or assumed it but now they KNOW for certain. SOOOO I will do the detox, see if my cravings for the bad stuff goes away. We shall see. So back to the point (maybe?) Coach tells me I should just be addicted to being awesome! Hahahha! That was good and then I thought SURE why not? I will become addicted to AWESOMENESS and not just plain ol awesome but BEING AWESOME!

Now onto talking about how AWESOME I am at slacking! Jokes. Sort of. I didn’t blog yesterday because I took the day off. Not from the BOOM BOX but from work, cleaning house, cooking, blogging, etc. It felt good. The kids noted that I seemed to be in a great mood! And I was indeed. I could totally do this whole stay at home mom gig. Of course I would be more productive than I was yesterday but it was good to be able to help the kids get ready without us going nutso! But I digress. I’m supposed to be recapping my WOD for yesterday and today and not going on about how I need to be a stay at home mom!

I definitely will NEED these to go towards my addiction!

Yesterday involved running…wooooo running. You all know how I feel about this running thing. It was a combo of 400m, 50 diamond situps, 400m, 50 diamond situps and 400m. For time. I got it in right at 10 minutes. Not bad. Unfortunately for me the whole time I ran I kept thinking “How do people actually ENJOY this?” That’s bad right. I have no joy in running. And bittersweet is that my oldest son Jonas is catching me! He finished the same workout later in the day at 10:04! Oh to be young! I have to step up my game.

4/26/12 WOD

Our skill/strength was MAX Double Unders. Well I know my max is 49 consecutive but I only managed to get to 41. SIGH. It is what it is and I seem to be stuck at this lame-o area under 50 DUs :/

4/27/12 WOD ... don't you love the dirty whiteboard. It's more of a GRAYboard!

This morning was 1 RM for Back Squat, which I so happened to PR last week. This week though I stayed at that weight of 145lbs. I tried 150 but I wasn’t getting that weight up today. Another day and hopefully more than a 5lb PR!

The MetCon was DIANE! OH DIANE! Diane consists of Dead Lifts and HSPUs (Handstand Push Ups) for 21, 15, 9. For y’all new to CrossFit or unaware of CrossFit that means do 21 dead lifts, 21 hspus, 15 dead lifts, 15 hspus, 9 dead lifts and 9 hspus. YAY FUN! Right?!? Hello? Who’s with me here?

I didn’t do RX’d due to the fact we were short on time so the goal was to finish in 7 minutes. My weight was lighter than the RXd 155lbs but I can’t remember for the life of me what weight I did. And for the HSPUs I had a 45lb plate with an abmat on it. I tried with the 35lb plate first and managed to get a few in but Coach said use the 45lb plate which was greatness because my shoulders burned out FAST!

So there you have it to end this week! Baseball filled Saturday. Ernie is at the CrossFit Games Regionals in San Antonio. Hopefully I get good reports, pics, stories etc. Have a fun filled weekend! Find your AWESOMENESS and get addicted!

I’ll Take What I Can Get/Earn!

Saw this on Facebook yesterday... Fits me perfectly for the week!

So I had the big ol FAIL yesterday with the Dead Lift 1RM. It was only a fail cause I didn’t PR which what I was hoping for but it wasn’t a fail in general. At least I’m not getting worse right?

4/24/12 WOD

Well today was 1RM for Strict Press. And I PR’d today at 70lbs! It’s a small victory but I’ve earned it and I’ll take it. Mentally I get disappointed because I want bigger gains but that’s something I have to come to terms with…. Growth is growth and I’m just growing slowly. Let me tell you that 70lb press was UGLY! My poor right shoulder just doesn’t want to work for me. My left shoulder did all the work and at the last umph the right arm got up there. I felt like I had a broken wing or something. I’m happy that I managed to muscle it up, THANK GOODNESS or I might have cried right then and there! If I have to baby step my PRs by 5’s then so be it. That’s the way I’ll have to roll and one day I’ll be okay with it πŸ™‚ But for now I WANT MORE! But I also need new body parts with that more!

The MetCon was a 10minute AMRAP of PISTOLS and SUMO DEAD LIFT HIGH PULLS (SDLHP). The goal was to add 2 to each round and do as many as possible. We started with 2 pistols, 2 SDLHP, 4 pistols, 4 SDLHP, etc… With the pistols it was an overall so when we get to 6 pistols… it’s 3 on each leg, 8 pistols – 4 on each leg. Make sense? Well it did to me until I started…hahaha. So I managed to do 1 pistol on each leg, then 2 pistols on each leg then I just got dumb or something and did 6 pistols on each leg, 8 pistols on each leg and 10 pistols on each leg. DOH! WOW who does that? This girl… right here! I did double the work on one of my least favorite movements. So in 10 minutes I got through the 10’s and 8 extra pistols. It was only last round that I realized what I had done. Ah well. It is what it is….at least I got some good work in on those pistols. And I did get a little better as the time went on. I was on the box so it wasn’t RX but I did get my right leg working a bit better than it has been. My left leg and super painful IT band were a little more well behaved than they have been in the past. I never got a really GREAT pistol on the left side but I got some decent ones.

Tomorrow will be a nice day of rest although parts of me wants to go into the box just to get in another attempt at my 1RM Dead Lift!

In other news I’ve decided I’m going to do the The 21-Day Sugar Detox. I’ve been honest with y’all when I’ve had bad foods and it’s crazy how much I have been craving those “bad” foods! So I try to make “healthy” sweet treats and that’s SOOOO NOT THE WAY to go!Β  I know this and always have but I have had good restraint up until about the last 2 months and I’m just a big ol slacker. I’ve still been eating pretty good but I think I’m sabotaging myself lately. Really, I’m a fat kid on the inside and I like my sweeties! Hopefully going on the sugar detox will get me back on the straight and narrow. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still make the treats but eat them as they are intended…. every now and then TREATS, not a daily/nightly all the time snack :/ I plan on starting May 1. I’ll keep you posted on if I stick to this goal and how it goes. Check it out. Let me know if you want to start with me. I need some buddies!

Alright y’all have a great Tuesday. GO RANGERS! I know they lost last night but I’m confident they’ll come right back and take the series! I got this neato sight as I was driving home. It’s like digital sky writing. I’ve never seen such in person. Very cool and I’m a nerd I know πŸ™‚


Poor Poor Petrie

It’s been one of those days. And I’m gonna try my hardest to not let this turn into my therapy session with the public. I’m also going to try to not ramble on about my poor poor me thoughts. I apologize in advance if it does end up that way.

So LET me begin with Saturday and the working out. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve hit up bootcamp. With the kids and baseball we are so busy. But we only had one afternoon game this past Saturday so the morning was free to get my iChoosefit ON! It consisted of a lot of running, some boxing and lots of core workout. I’m losing my endurance in boxing. I need to get back on it. It’s my favorite thing to do! And for the running. I don’t like the hill at the BOOM Box but I really do not like Hamburger Hill at bootcamp. It’s much steeper and for a longer distance. To top it off we had to sprint up it! Several times. Woo my legs were dead but it was much needed.

I have a good hour to rest between bootcamp and CrossFit Boom. I head home to get Ernie, change into dry clothes, and eat something. It’s off to the Park for this BOOM workout. It’s a nice change of scenery and we had a good group turn out. We had teams of 4… guys vs. girls. Buy in was to score a 3pt shot on the basetball court. That didn’t happen so it was a free throw. That didn’t happen so it was a free throw shot with an assist. We sucked! Finally got that in with the help of coach and then it was off to 50 air squats a person, each of us pull the sled for 40yds (not sure on distance), run to monkey bars, get through monkey bars, run to push up station, bust out 25 push ups each, run to a post, then run back through the course we just went through. We lost our lead on the guys during the push up station but then gained back some of our loss somewhere after pushups for the second time through. Guys beat us girls by 4 seconds! FOUR SECONDS! ARGH! We then played a little basketball afterwards. Good Times Good Times.

So onto miserable Monday! I was actually excited about this morning at the BOOM box. It was 1RM on Dead lift and last week I went 6 reps at my 1RM of 185. Surely I have a PR in me for DEAD LIFT today, right?!? WRONG 😦 I couldn’t freaking lift shit today. I was so pissed at myself. I know it’s in me. I just don’t know where. This has really got me down today. It spread like wildfire internally, I lost my shit on the kids this morning, I was full of anger all the way in to work, OVERALL MOOD = SUCKY! All cause one failed lift! I know it’s dumb. Really dumb I know. I’m not looking for sympathy here, just looking to rant. I think it’s just a culmination of life events and this one little thing that I surely should have control over I couldn’t manage to CONTROL! Ya I know I have issues. It is what it is. I’ll get over it and hopefully push through the next time around. My head is full of garbage. I need to clear it up. I will. SOON I HOPE!

4/23/12 WOD

The MetCon was Death by Bar Facing Burpee! Bar Facing Burpees is where you have a bar with some weights on it for elevation. You do one burpee jump over the bar – 2 foot takeoff, 2 foot landing. We were short on time so instead of the burpees per mintute…. i.e. 1 burpee for first mintue, 2 burpees at second minute, 3 burpees at 3rd minute…. we did it by 2’s. So 2, 4, 6, 8, etc… on the minute. I managed to make it 6 minutes. I got 11 burpees into the 7th minute but that minute doesn’t count if you don’t complete it! That’s 12 burpees in a minute plus all the other minutes. If you include the extra 11 I did in the 7th minute, then it’s an overall of 53 Bar Facing Burpees!

So there ya have it. My Monday is kind of sucking but I’m hoping yours is WAY Better! I’m out. See ya tomorrow with a better attitude I hope πŸ™‚

Lightning, Thunder and PRs!

We had a nice thunderstorm going on for part of our workout today at the BOOM Box. Literally BIG BOOMS from overhead! And BIG BOOMs for some PRs today. Ok my PR wasn’t big but it’s a PR right?!?


Our skill strength was Back Squats 5, 3, 1+ which means more MATH. Thank goodness for calculators πŸ™‚ So I had 115lbs, 130lbs and 145lbs. Well Ladies and Gents that last 1+ is already 5 lbs over my 1 RM! So it’s PR day or NO REP! I barely squeezed out that 1 rep went back down in hopes for 2 reps but it was a big FAIL! Ah well! At least I got the 1 rep. NEW PERSONAL RECORD?!? YES INDEED, I’ll take it!!! And Kudos to Melanie for KILLIN it with 6 reps for her PR at 140lbs!

The MetCon was 5 rounds of 20 situps and 12 pull ups. Well I have made progress on pullups but not enough to justify dropping to the green band only… THANK GOODNESS cause I sucked at the pull ups today! And I don’t suck at sit ups but they are way easier to do with an ABMATt. Dude I did my first two rounds without one but by the 3rd round all of us were at different stages so I swooped in on an empty abmat and it was HEAVENLY! You don’t realize how they help! I flew through situps EASY. I just wish I could say the same for pull ups. But I managed to finally make it through. What I thought was my last one was at 13:02 but since I got a no REP I ended at 13:22.

Community WOD at Stovall Park in the A.M. I fear it will be lots of running 😦 NO FUN, but we’ll see! And lets hope the RAIN stays away as well! Unless we’re running of course πŸ™‚

In other NEWS the RANGERS ARE ON FIRE!!!! I totally heart these guys!

Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

Last but not least let’s hope I get those cookies tested out this weekend πŸ™‚ Make it a great day, weekend, etc! SMILE even if you look like a big ol dork!

Dreaming to be an ELITE athlete!

Thank GOODNESS they are only dreams. The CrossFit Games Regional Workouts were released and all I can say is WOW! I can’t imagine what the FINALS will be like!

Take a look for yourself!Β  http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/regionals-individual

Moving ON for sure. I’ll just keep dreaming. And maybe one day I’ll be able to complete that insansity. As for my WOD this morning – Draining for sure!

We worked on Snatch Push Press for Skill/Strength. I’m pretty sure some people call it a Behind the Neck Press as well. It’s a wide grip on the bar with the bar resting on the back of your shoulders. Like as if you’re going to do a Back Squat. Instead you push press overhead. We did a 3rep Max and I managed to bust out 3 reps at 85lbs. I still had that “popping” every time I came down with it on my Right Shoulder. I kind of googled it and read that I may have a shoulder impingement. GREAT another IMPINGEMENT. I already have one on my hip! Can I just get a new BODY? PLEASE! One that works a little better? Hehehe. I found a video at Catalyst Athletics that shows the movement. The link is below πŸ™‚


So for our MetCon it was 3 Rounds of Hill lunges and 50 KB Swings. Dang that’s gonna be a lot of lunges and KB swings! My legs are still sore from Tuesday…errr and uh Monday! Coach tells us what KB to pick up… 1 POOD for me and now we gotta walk it to our “enemy” the HILL! I hate this hill! I really do because when we are running it’s the HILL that gets me, EVERYTIME! We walk the 200 yds or whatever it is to get to our starting point. Coach marks out a distance of what looks like TOO long for lunges but it is what it is. He comes back and tells us we will lunge from one cone to the other. Run, walk or crawl back and then knock out your 50 KB Swings. FOR TIME! 3, 2, 1 GO. So the first round of lunges weren’t so bad. We all kind of hit them at a good pace and felt good. Not feeling so good after the KB Swings. But I did do the first round UNBROKEN! HELL YA! Second round of lunges – PAINFUL! But survived. Second Round of KB Swings were not unbroken. I did 20, 5, 15 and 10 I think! I was behind John and ODB by like a few swings and was quickly catching up on the lunges but when I got back for the last round of KB Swings I lost form and the back started aching and it was sad. I managed to knock out 15, 5, 5, 5, 5, 15. Finished for a Time of 11:14. The most NOT FUN part was having to carry our darn kettle bell back to the box 😦

4/19/12 WOD












I did lots of rolling out on the foam roller. Back felt much better. Then I worked on some pullups. I don’t have much time to work on them but I hang around for 10-15 minutes. I can finally do pullups with just the green band! Only 3 but better than NONE! Before I had a combo of the blue and green band. WOOOOO! So excited. So I did 3 sets of 3 pullups on green band and did 10 reps with the combo bands. I’m pretty excited about the progress. Let’s hope I just get this goal knocked out sooner than later!

It’s Thursday folks. I still gotta make those choco cherry cookies and it looks like the brownies will be a staple in our home. Great Success! If you’re local and reading this and want to get a WOD in with the BOOM Beasts then come on out to Stovall Park in Arlington. We are doing an outdoor community WOD and all are welcome. 9am! Let me know! www.crossfitboom.com

I’m also planning on hitting up iChoosefit bootcamp at 7am in Mansfield. Come on out with me there as well if you want 2 workouts or if it suits your schedule better to do one over the other!

Let’s get your fitness in check NOW!

Gettin Stronger….Finally Feeling It!

4/17/12 WOD












I feel a PR coming on! Even though my legs are dead from yesterday (argh Karen!), when we worked on DeadLifts today for a 5, 3, 1+ with our crazy math I felt really good with the weights. 145lbs, 165lbs and 185lbs – My 1+ ended up to be my 1RM (one rep max). I busted out a whopping 6 reps! Holy Snikes I’ve gotten stronger! You read me complain day in and day out about me having the weaksauce but today there was no complaining (well not at the beginning). I was feeling strong FINALLY. Don’t get me wrong I do feel stronger than I ever have before in my life but I always feel like I’m not making progress like I should or that I sucked at a WOD and could have done better. Today was sheer happiness! Can’t wait to see what my new 1RM will be!









Now the MetCon involved pistols and although they are not near as dreadful as wall balls, I still suck at them. I do feel like I did a little better on my right leg. My left IT band still gives me grief so I wasn’t as strong on that side. So we had a 2 part MetCon. First part was a 3 min AMRAP of 6 pushups and 3 burpees. Two movements I don’t mind doing but golly gee whiz, I’m so sick of burpees! Three minutes isn’t very long so you really gotta push yourself. I managed to almost get 6 full rounds in but I failed short by 1 burpee! I think I was just too sleepy to really kill those 3 minutes. We got a 3 minute rest and then it was 3 minutes of 6 pistols (3 per leg) and 3 burpees. I was much slower at this because I am no good at the pistols. I managed to get 3 rounds + 2 pistols 😦 wah wah!

My legs are really dead now. I know I’ll survive and I just gotta keep up on the mobility.

I finally made more brownies. Well brownies and supposed Blondie type brownies. The Blondies weren’t as “blonde” as I imagined but they were still good. Although myself and the kiddos prefer the actual chocolatey brownie goodness! You can’t tell they are gluten free, dairy free, grain free, etc.! LOVE IT!

Hope your Tuesday is great. I need a nap but I won’t get one. So just pray I make it through today! πŸ™‚

Embracing the SUCK – AKA KAREN!

Yup it was a morning full of KAREN! For those new to CrossFit or have no idea what Karen is you’ll learn a few things quickly. 1. It’s a 150 wall balls for time 2. I hate WALL BALLS and 3. This was one part of the CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.4 (which I failed miserable at).

With that said let me repeat for the 7897697th time I HATE WALL BALLS! RX was with a 14lb ball. Besides doing this for the 12.4 WOD I had never done Karen before and I have only ever once used the 14lb med ball. For 12.4 I think I got 120 wall balls in 12 minutes. So Coach clearly doesn’t like any of us to be busting this out so soon. We had a 15 min cap which I was sure I wouldn’t make. But I had to give it a go. Besides the pure hate of this movement have I told you I completely suck at it as well? YES I SUCK at Wall Balls too 😦

4/16/12 WOD












I knew I had finished 50 under 5 minutes but that was the last time I really paid attention to the clock. I just knew I had to knock sets of 5 down as best as I could. Every now and then I’d hear the time but never put the time and my reps together. Everyone else in my heat had finished so of course they are all supporting and rallying me on. I’m down to the wire and I have 25 left. Coach is pushing me and I’m keeping up to his demands. He tells me I have 10 seconds left to do my last 3 reps and I barely push it out, but I did! WOOO VICTORY sorta if you know you suck and don’t compare yourself to elite athletes! So I laid on the ground for a good while. Sat around for a while longer. Attempted some sort of mobility for even longer. Finally I take a look at the board and see 14:37 ?!? I thought dsylexia had kicked in and walked up close to make sure because I knew I was down to the wire. It had to be 14:57 right? So I ask Coach what the deal was and he calmly says “oh I lied” !!!!! Hahahah seriously? So I finished 23 seconds better than I thought. It’s not HUGE I know but it made me feel a little more beastly! Hahah! Thanks 5am-ers for being a great SUPPORT group πŸ™‚ Love y’all!

Not looking forward to tomorrow, I probably won’t be able to walk very well.

On a different note, our weekend was good. Got a lot of baseball in and the rain held off. I didn’t make more brownies as I got lazy! But I will probably bust some out tonight. And I also have a Double Chocolate Cherry Cookie recipe that my kids saw in a cookbook I had recently purchased and requested me to make it SOON!

Hope y’all have an a-MAZING MONDAY!

Food Friday – Paleo-liscious Brownies!


I know it’s been a while since I’ve tried a new recipe but I finally made some brownies that I found on Elana’s Pantry and I HEART THEM! As do the kids and some co-workers. Well I don’t know if the co-workers LOVE them but I’ve heard they do like them. The kids were like oooh you can definitely send these for school treats πŸ™‚

I don’t have preparation pics because I was doing a gazillion other things and forgot! But it’s not a lot of steps and it takes very few ingredients. http://www.elanaspantry.com/brownies/

  1. In a large bowl, blend almond butter until smooth with a hand blender
  2. Blend in eggs, then blend in agave and vanilla
  3. Blend in cacao, salt and baking soda, then fold in chocolate chips
  4. Grease a 9×13 inch Pyrex baking dish
  5. Pour batter into dish
  6. Bake at 325Β° for 35-40 minutes

Makes about 24 brownies

It was a good treat for sure and I’m thinking I’ll make more this weekend and maybe share with the BOOM Box Beasts. Everyone loves treats πŸ™‚ I have two WOD wrap-ups for y’all and they were not fun at all!

Yesterdays WOD didn’t seem to intimidating. I didn’t doubt it would be HARD but I surely didn’t expect it to nearly KILL ME! The skill/strength was 3 rounds of MAX REP KETTLEBELL PRESS! I’m a wuss I know this so bare with me. The KB’s bruise my forearms, bruise my deltoids and are awkward to hold! I managed to get 17 reps my first round on each arm at 25lbs and then 15 reps for a second round. I moved up to the 1 POOD KB for the last round and got 13 reps each arm. I should have moved up on the 2nd round but I was slightly SCARED of the 1 POOD (Russian for about 35lbs).

4/12/12 WOD OF DEATH!

Next was KB swings and Wall Walks. 10-1, so 10 KB swings, 10 Wall Walks, 9 KB Swings, 9 Wall Walks, etc. I did fairly well with the KB swings being 1 POOD swings. And the wall walks, although they look easy, they quickly tax your shoulders and for me personally brought on DIZZINESS fast! Not to mention my core is about as sore as ever. It hurts to take deep breaths. :/ Coach set a standard of getting your nose to the wall and to come down with restraint and not flailing around. I managed to get my nose to the wall each time and keep control but it was not easy. There was a 20 minute cap and I only managed to work my way down to 4 KB swings. With 20 seconds left there was no way I was getting 4 wall walks. It was disappointing and I was dying but I never thought it would hurt so bad! Hahaha. I lived and when I meet those beasts again, I’ll cry! Jokes, sorta. Hopefully I’ll be better at them!

Not our Box but as you can see you gotta get vertical on the wall AND touch your nose to the wall! WoOOOWEeeEEE! It's not easy!

Today’s happy day o’ fun was Skill/Strength: Dead Lifts, 3, 3, 3+1. Coach has been making us do math in the mornings. I don’t know if for punishment or his own amusement but I had to take 95% of my Max add 20lbs then take 80%, 85% and 90% of that. This results in what weight I should do each round of lifts. This equaled to 155lbs, 165lbs and 175lbs. I managed to bust out 8 reps on my last go. Not bad! At least to me not bad πŸ™‚

4/13/12 WOD

The MetCon was a joy all in itself: RUN 800m, do 40 burpees (don’t die), RUN 400m, do 20 burpees (don’t puke) and RUN 200m, do 10 burpees (pray for survival). I totally killed this 800m RUN compared to Tuesdays run by a whole 3 seconds! LOL. It’s true. Then the 40 burpees came. I did 20 fairly well. I just paced them out nicely but the last 20 sucked. I didn’t stop, just didn’t go fast enough I suppose. Who knows. I couldn’t get a good deep breath to save my life! The 400 had to of been slow. I stopped looking at the clock. The set of 20 burpees was much better than the 40 but I was spent from the running. Fortunately by the time you get to the 200m run you know it’s almost done. I couldn’t breathe very well at all this morning but I was real happy to finish the last round of 10 burpees! Time: 13:42. I’m dead for the weekend. My body hates me!So hopefully I’ll get some nice recovery. Another weekend full of baseball for us with a forecast of rain 😦 Lets hope it waits till Sunday!

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY the 13th! Make some brownies, they are good!



At the BOOM Box and last night with the BOOMSTICKS!

Yu Darvish and Josh Hamilton πŸ™‚ (Photo Credit: Brad Loper/SportsDayDFW)

So let me just say GO RANGERS! Thank goodness Yu got his pitching under control cause I knew there would be a lot of haters otherwise (I’m sure y’all are out there anyways). And SUPER THANK GOODNESS for all the HITTING! The BOOMSTICKS were out in full force!

4/10/12 WOD

This morning I wasn’t sure I’d be in full force for my workout just because it was a bunch of my weaknesses all bunched together! PISTOLS for Skill/Strength! AKA one legged squats 😦 I am no good at these. I have a tight IT band on the left leg and a cranky pants hip on my right side. I struggled very much on these today. It’s disappointing at best and I can only hope that extra mobility work and at home practice will save me with this RIDICULOUS movement.

This is WHAT a Pistol should look like.

MY next weakness is running! and deadlifts. I’m not GREAT at DLs but I’m not horrible either. The whole hip thing makes me have a butt thing which sometimes leads to a hamstring thing. The MetCon was 800m run, 25 deadlifts (@135lbs), 800m run. For Time OF COURSE. My initial 800 was right around the 4:10 mark. Not bad–not bad considering I HATE the running. I decided I wasn’t going to try and be a hero and I would break up my DLs into 5’s. I think this helped me out a lot. 135lbs proved to be hard but not impossible. I can’t clearly recall at what time I finished those but it was sometime between 6:30 and 7:00. I took off for my run and the HILL we have to run up got me good. So I ended up being much slower than my first 800. Don’t forget I just went pretty HEAVY (for me at least) on the DLs. My max is 185lbs. I felt good with this MetCon. I don’t think I could have pushed my runs any more without hurting my DL time. I feared fatigue coming on too fast if I went for too many DLs in a row which would have probably made me slow down too much. Time 11:21.

Happy Tuesday! Make IT BOOM-erific!