Mondays Still Suck BUT I GOT RANGER FEVER!

It was especially hard to get up this morning. After having a tragically disgusting toilet issue in our home last night, sleep came and went just fine but I just didn’t feel rested. The whole weekend was just that way. I slept but that rested feeling wasn’t the outcome. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road and the week will get better.

Today was MONDAY through and through at the BOOM Box this morning. I was feeling weak during the Skill/Strength which was Front Squats. I know it’s part of it, just lettin you know I was feeling the weaksauce. I still did my part and pushed the best I could so it’s all well and fine.

4/9/12 WOD

The MetCon was another 12 minute AMRAP. I think 12 is Coach’s favorite number lately! So in 12 minutes you did as many rounds as possible of 5 pull ups, 10 air squats and 15 lunges. I know I’ve learned my lesson in thinking that could be an “easy” workout but I’m sure some of you out there are thinking that’s not so hard. Piece of cake! Right? Well you should give it a whirl. You could easily do this at a local park or at home if you have a pull up bar. Even at your GLOBO GYM. Just try it out. Hopefully you’ll push yourself and find out that it’s a doozy! I completed 9 rounds and got 4 pull ups into the next round. I also didn’t completely FAIL at pullups which is normal for me. I was pretty stoked about that. I felt pretty beat down and pretty good all at the same time. After feeling weak during Front Squats I feel like I really pushed through on the MetCon. So yay for ending on a good note.

Hamilton, Beltre and Young after Hamilton's HOMERUN! (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)

As far as RANGER FEVER goes man oh man I have it more than ever. Since I was a kid I’ve always gone to games. We were reminiscing about those good times yesterday while eating our Easter meal with family. I was just a kid and the Rangers were not so good but we always had a good time. Now I’m grown, the RANGERS are more than not so good, THEY ARE AWESOME. They have one of the best teams out there right now in all aspects. MY TEXAS RANGERS are freaking HOT! After coming off the World Series highs and lows of last year I’m still on a Ranger high. Listening to the sportscasters talking about the team and how much fun they appear to have and how united they all seem gives me goosebumps. You can see it in the dugout, in the interviews the players give and you can feel it in the stadium. It’s magical. Baseball is MAGICAL!

Looking forward to seeing Yu Darvish make his season debut. I have good feelings about him, hopefully I’m right. Definitely wishing I could afford season tickets. One day I will, but for now it will be TV and the occasional game throughout the season.

Just so ya know, I’m not planning on making my blog a recap of games or anything (at least that’s not the plan), but YOU will probably get a few of these Ranger Fever moments from me. The season is long and I know it will not always be pretty but since I’m documenting bits and pieces of my life I might as well share a little bit of everything.

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