At the BOOM Box and last night with the BOOMSTICKS!

Yu Darvish and Josh Hamilton 🙂 (Photo Credit: Brad Loper/SportsDayDFW)

So let me just say GO RANGERS! Thank goodness Yu got his pitching under control cause I knew there would be a lot of haters otherwise (I’m sure y’all are out there anyways). And SUPER THANK GOODNESS for all the HITTING! The BOOMSTICKS were out in full force!

4/10/12 WOD

This morning I wasn’t sure I’d be in full force for my workout just because it was a bunch of my weaknesses all bunched together! PISTOLS for Skill/Strength! AKA one legged squats 😦 I am no good at these. I have a tight IT band on the left leg and a cranky pants hip on my right side. I struggled very much on these today. It’s disappointing at best and I can only hope that extra mobility work and at home practice will save me with this RIDICULOUS movement.

This is WHAT a Pistol should look like.

MY next weakness is running! and deadlifts. I’m not GREAT at DLs but I’m not horrible either. The whole hip thing makes me have a butt thing which sometimes leads to a hamstring thing. The MetCon was 800m run, 25 deadlifts (@135lbs), 800m run. For Time OF COURSE. My initial 800 was right around the 4:10 mark. Not bad–not bad considering I HATE the running. I decided I wasn’t going to try and be a hero and I would break up my DLs into 5’s. I think this helped me out a lot. 135lbs proved to be hard but not impossible. I can’t clearly recall at what time I finished those but it was sometime between 6:30 and 7:00. I took off for my run and the HILL we have to run up got me good. So I ended up being much slower than my first 800. Don’t forget I just went pretty HEAVY (for me at least) on the DLs. My max is 185lbs. I felt good with this MetCon. I don’t think I could have pushed my runs any more without hurting my DL time. I feared fatigue coming on too fast if I went for too many DLs in a row which would have probably made me slow down too much. Time 11:21.

Happy Tuesday! Make IT BOOM-erific!

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