Gettin Stronger….Finally Feeling It!

4/17/12 WOD












I feel a PR coming on! Even though my legs are dead from yesterday (argh Karen!), when we worked on DeadLifts today for a 5, 3, 1+ with our crazy math I felt really good with the weights. 145lbs, 165lbs and 185lbs – My 1+ ended up to be my 1RM (one rep max). I busted out a whopping 6 reps! Holy Snikes I’ve gotten stronger! You read me complain day in and day out about me having the weaksauce but today there was no complaining (well not at the beginning). I was feeling strong FINALLY. Don’t get me wrong I do feel stronger than I ever have before in my life but I always feel like I’m not making progress like I should or that I sucked at a WOD and could have done better. Today was sheer happiness! Can’t wait to see what my new 1RM will be!









Now the MetCon involved pistols and although they are not near as dreadful as wall balls, I still suck at them. I do feel like I did a little better on my right leg. My left IT band still gives me grief so I wasn’t as strong on that side. So we had a 2 part MetCon. First part was a 3 min AMRAP of 6 pushups and 3 burpees. Two movements I don’t mind doing but golly gee whiz, I’m so sick of burpees! Three minutes isn’t very long so you really gotta push yourself. I managed to almost get 6 full rounds in but I failed short by 1 burpee! I think I was just too sleepy to really kill those 3 minutes. We got a 3 minute rest and then it was 3 minutes of 6 pistols (3 per leg) and 3 burpees. I was much slower at this because I am no good at the pistols. I managed to get 3 rounds + 2 pistols 😦 wah wah!

My legs are really dead now. I know I’ll survive and I just gotta keep up on the mobility.

I finally made more brownies. Well brownies and supposed Blondie type brownies. The Blondies weren’t as “blonde” as I imagined but they were still good. Although myself and the kiddos prefer the actual chocolatey brownie goodness! You can’t tell they are gluten free, dairy free, grain free, etc.! LOVE IT!

Hope your Tuesday is great. I need a nap but I won’t get one. So just pray I make it through today! 🙂

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