Poor Poor Petrie

It’s been one of those days. And I’m gonna try my hardest to not let this turn into my therapy session with the public. I’m also going to try to not ramble on about my poor poor me thoughts. I apologize in advance if it does end up that way.

So LET me begin with Saturday and the working out. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve hit up bootcamp. With the kids and baseball we are so busy. But we only had one afternoon game this past Saturday so the morning was free to get my iChoosefit ON! It consisted of a lot of running, some boxing and lots of core workout. I’m losing my endurance in boxing. I need to get back on it. It’s my favorite thing to do! And for the running. I don’t like the hill at the BOOM Box but I really do not like Hamburger Hill at bootcamp. It’s much steeper and for a longer distance. To top it off we had to sprint up it! Several times. Woo my legs were dead but it was much needed.

I have a good hour to rest between bootcamp and CrossFit Boom. I head home to get Ernie, change into dry clothes, and eat something. It’s off to the Park for this BOOM workout. It’s a nice change of scenery and we had a good group turn out. We had teams of 4… guys vs. girls. Buy in was to score a 3pt shot on the basetball court. That didn’t happen so it was a free throw. That didn’t happen so it was a free throw shot with an assist. We sucked! Finally got that in with the help of coach and then it was off to 50 air squats a person, each of us pull the sled for 40yds (not sure on distance), run to monkey bars, get through monkey bars, run to push up station, bust out 25 push ups each, run to a post, then run back through the course we just went through. We lost our lead on the guys during the push up station but then gained back some of our loss somewhere after pushups for the second time through. Guys beat us girls by 4 seconds! FOUR SECONDS! ARGH! We then played a little basketball afterwards. Good Times Good Times.

So onto miserable Monday! I was actually excited about this morning at the BOOM box. It was 1RM on Dead lift and last week I went 6 reps at my 1RM of 185. Surely I have a PR in me for DEAD LIFT today, right?!? WRONG 😦 I couldn’t freaking lift shit today. I was so pissed at myself. I know it’s in me. I just don’t know where. This has really got me down today. It spread like wildfire internally, I lost my shit on the kids this morning, I was full of anger all the way in to work, OVERALL MOOD = SUCKY! All cause one failed lift! I know it’s dumb. Really dumb I know. I’m not looking for sympathy here, just looking to rant. I think it’s just a culmination of life events and this one little thing that I surely should have control over I couldn’t manage to CONTROL! Ya I know I have issues. It is what it is. I’ll get over it and hopefully push through the next time around. My head is full of garbage. I need to clear it up. I will. SOON I HOPE!

4/23/12 WOD

The MetCon was Death by Bar Facing Burpee! Bar Facing Burpees is where you have a bar with some weights on it for elevation. You do one burpee jump over the bar – 2 foot takeoff, 2 foot landing. We were short on time so instead of the burpees per mintute…. i.e. 1 burpee for first mintue, 2 burpees at second minute, 3 burpees at 3rd minute…. we did it by 2’s. So 2, 4, 6, 8, etc… on the minute. I managed to make it 6 minutes. I got 11 burpees into the 7th minute but that minute doesn’t count if you don’t complete it! That’s 12 burpees in a minute plus all the other minutes. If you include the extra 11 I did in the 7th minute, then it’s an overall of 53 Bar Facing Burpees!

So there ya have it. My Monday is kind of sucking but I’m hoping yours is WAY Better! I’m out. See ya tomorrow with a better attitude I hope 🙂

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