I don’t REALLY need my legs do I?

Welcome Welcome. It’s Monday. My least favorite day. And today at the BOOM Box… lots o’ fun! Coach was probably thinking we don’t need our legs.


The Metcon was 75 BOX JUMPS and 150 yds of LUNGES. And don’t you think you can short yourself on those lunges. Full range is a must or why bother even doing it. Although you do fatigue and you just wish the lunges were over. The box jumps were 20″ and I think I took more time trying to figure out how to be springy vs. knocking them out for time. The idea is to stay on the ground as little as possilbe. Rest on top of the box. It’s not natural for my brain to think this way but I really worked at it or at least I felt like I did. I about face planted into some rowers as I finished my last rep and jumped forward off the box. My legs were a little wonky for sure. Lunges were just miserable. My IT band doesn’t help and my right hip got to burning. I didn’t stop though, just kept on trucking. Finished at 10:56 :/

For the Skill/Strength we worked on strict pullups. I still suck at pullups but it is what it is… one day I will be AWESOME at them but for not I just have to dream of AWESOME!

Overall it was a good weekend. Got some Regional Swag that Ernie brought home for me and the kiddos. It’s always fun to get presents 🙂

Had some great baseball and some fantastic crawfish. All in all it was a GREAT weekend, not just good. I did eat fairly poorly in regards to sugar, bread and whatever else. But I start the 21-Day Sugar Detox tomorrow so I splurged a little knowing the next 21 days will be miserable!!!

I hope the week can be as wonderful as my weekend but there’s this thing called work… ruins everything!

Happy Monday if that’s possible!

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