Embracing the SUCK – AKA KAREN!

Yup it was a morning full of KAREN! For those new to CrossFit or have no idea what Karen is you’ll learn a few things quickly. 1. It’s a 150 wall balls for time 2. I hate WALL BALLS and 3. This was one part of the CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.4 (which I failed miserable at).

With that said let me repeat for the 7897697th time I HATE WALL BALLS! RX was with a 14lb ball. Besides doing this for the 12.4 WOD I had never done Karen before and I have only ever once used the 14lb med ball. For 12.4 I think I got 120 wall balls in 12 minutes. So Coach clearly doesn’t like any of us to be busting this out so soon. We had a 15 min cap which I was sure I wouldn’t make. But I had to give it a go. Besides the pure hate of this movement have I told you I completely suck at it as well? YES I SUCK at Wall Balls too 😦

4/16/12 WOD












I knew I had finished 50 under 5 minutes but that was the last time I really paid attention to the clock. I just knew I had to knock sets of 5 down as best as I could. Every now and then I’d hear the time but never put the time and my reps together. Everyone else in my heat had finished so of course they are all supporting and rallying me on. I’m down to the wire and I have 25 left. Coach is pushing me and I’m keeping up to his demands. He tells me I have 10 seconds left to do my last 3 reps and I barely push it out, but I did! WOOO VICTORY sorta if you know you suck and don’t compare yourself to elite athletes! So I laid on the ground for a good while. Sat around for a while longer. Attempted some sort of mobility for even longer. Finally I take a look at the board and see 14:37 ?!? I thought dsylexia had kicked in and walked up close to make sure because I knew I was down to the wire. It had to be 14:57 right? So I ask Coach what the deal was and he calmly says “oh I lied” !!!!! Hahahah seriously? So I finished 23 seconds better than I thought. It’s not HUGE I know but it made me feel a little more beastly! Hahah! Thanks 5am-ers for being a great SUPPORT group 🙂 Love y’all!

Not looking forward to tomorrow, I probably won’t be able to walk very well.

On a different note, our weekend was good. Got a lot of baseball in and the rain held off. I didn’t make more brownies as I got lazy! But I will probably bust some out tonight. And I also have a Double Chocolate Cherry Cookie recipe that my kids saw in a cookbook I had recently purchased and requested me to make it SOON!

Hope y’all have an a-MAZING MONDAY!


Food Friday – Paleo-liscious Brownies!


I know it’s been a while since I’ve tried a new recipe but I finally made some brownies that I found on Elana’s Pantry and I HEART THEM! As do the kids and some co-workers. Well I don’t know if the co-workers LOVE them but I’ve heard they do like them. The kids were like oooh you can definitely send these for school treats 🙂

I don’t have preparation pics because I was doing a gazillion other things and forgot! But it’s not a lot of steps and it takes very few ingredients. http://www.elanaspantry.com/brownies/

  1. In a large bowl, blend almond butter until smooth with a hand blender
  2. Blend in eggs, then blend in agave and vanilla
  3. Blend in cacao, salt and baking soda, then fold in chocolate chips
  4. Grease a 9×13 inch Pyrex baking dish
  5. Pour batter into dish
  6. Bake at 325° for 35-40 minutes

Makes about 24 brownies

It was a good treat for sure and I’m thinking I’ll make more this weekend and maybe share with the BOOM Box Beasts. Everyone loves treats 🙂 I have two WOD wrap-ups for y’all and they were not fun at all!

Yesterdays WOD didn’t seem to intimidating. I didn’t doubt it would be HARD but I surely didn’t expect it to nearly KILL ME! The skill/strength was 3 rounds of MAX REP KETTLEBELL PRESS! I’m a wuss I know this so bare with me. The KB’s bruise my forearms, bruise my deltoids and are awkward to hold! I managed to get 17 reps my first round on each arm at 25lbs and then 15 reps for a second round. I moved up to the 1 POOD KB for the last round and got 13 reps each arm. I should have moved up on the 2nd round but I was slightly SCARED of the 1 POOD (Russian for about 35lbs).

4/12/12 WOD OF DEATH!

Next was KB swings and Wall Walks. 10-1, so 10 KB swings, 10 Wall Walks, 9 KB Swings, 9 Wall Walks, etc. I did fairly well with the KB swings being 1 POOD swings. And the wall walks, although they look easy, they quickly tax your shoulders and for me personally brought on DIZZINESS fast! Not to mention my core is about as sore as ever. It hurts to take deep breaths. :/ Coach set a standard of getting your nose to the wall and to come down with restraint and not flailing around. I managed to get my nose to the wall each time and keep control but it was not easy. There was a 20 minute cap and I only managed to work my way down to 4 KB swings. With 20 seconds left there was no way I was getting 4 wall walks. It was disappointing and I was dying but I never thought it would hurt so bad! Hahaha. I lived and when I meet those beasts again, I’ll cry! Jokes, sorta. Hopefully I’ll be better at them!

Not our Box but as you can see you gotta get vertical on the wall AND touch your nose to the wall! WoOOOWEeeEEE! It's not easy!

Today’s happy day o’ fun was Skill/Strength: Dead Lifts, 3, 3, 3+1. Coach has been making us do math in the mornings. I don’t know if for punishment or his own amusement but I had to take 95% of my Max add 20lbs then take 80%, 85% and 90% of that. This results in what weight I should do each round of lifts. This equaled to 155lbs, 165lbs and 175lbs. I managed to bust out 8 reps on my last go. Not bad! At least to me not bad 🙂

4/13/12 WOD

The MetCon was a joy all in itself: RUN 800m, do 40 burpees (don’t die), RUN 400m, do 20 burpees (don’t puke) and RUN 200m, do 10 burpees (pray for survival). I totally killed this 800m RUN compared to Tuesdays run by a whole 3 seconds! LOL. It’s true. Then the 40 burpees came. I did 20 fairly well. I just paced them out nicely but the last 20 sucked. I didn’t stop, just didn’t go fast enough I suppose. Who knows. I couldn’t get a good deep breath to save my life! The 400 had to of been slow. I stopped looking at the clock. The set of 20 burpees was much better than the 40 but I was spent from the running. Fortunately by the time you get to the 200m run you know it’s almost done. I couldn’t breathe very well at all this morning but I was real happy to finish the last round of 10 burpees! Time: 13:42. I’m dead for the weekend. My body hates me!So hopefully I’ll get some nice recovery. Another weekend full of baseball for us with a forecast of rain 😦 Lets hope it waits till Sunday!

Have a FABULOUS FRIDAY the 13th! Make some brownies, they are good!



At the BOOM Box and last night with the BOOMSTICKS!

Yu Darvish and Josh Hamilton 🙂 (Photo Credit: Brad Loper/SportsDayDFW)

So let me just say GO RANGERS! Thank goodness Yu got his pitching under control cause I knew there would be a lot of haters otherwise (I’m sure y’all are out there anyways). And SUPER THANK GOODNESS for all the HITTING! The BOOMSTICKS were out in full force!

4/10/12 WOD

This morning I wasn’t sure I’d be in full force for my workout just because it was a bunch of my weaknesses all bunched together! PISTOLS for Skill/Strength! AKA one legged squats 😦 I am no good at these. I have a tight IT band on the left leg and a cranky pants hip on my right side. I struggled very much on these today. It’s disappointing at best and I can only hope that extra mobility work and at home practice will save me with this RIDICULOUS movement.

This is WHAT a Pistol should look like.

MY next weakness is running! and deadlifts. I’m not GREAT at DLs but I’m not horrible either. The whole hip thing makes me have a butt thing which sometimes leads to a hamstring thing. The MetCon was 800m run, 25 deadlifts (@135lbs), 800m run. For Time OF COURSE. My initial 800 was right around the 4:10 mark. Not bad–not bad considering I HATE the running. I decided I wasn’t going to try and be a hero and I would break up my DLs into 5’s. I think this helped me out a lot. 135lbs proved to be hard but not impossible. I can’t clearly recall at what time I finished those but it was sometime between 6:30 and 7:00. I took off for my run and the HILL we have to run up got me good. So I ended up being much slower than my first 800. Don’t forget I just went pretty HEAVY (for me at least) on the DLs. My max is 185lbs. I felt good with this MetCon. I don’t think I could have pushed my runs any more without hurting my DL time. I feared fatigue coming on too fast if I went for too many DLs in a row which would have probably made me slow down too much. Time 11:21.

Happy Tuesday! Make IT BOOM-erific!

Mondays Still Suck BUT I GOT RANGER FEVER!

It was especially hard to get up this morning. After having a tragically disgusting toilet issue in our home last night, sleep came and went just fine but I just didn’t feel rested. The whole weekend was just that way. I slept but that rested feeling wasn’t the outcome. Hopefully it’s just a bump in the road and the week will get better.

Today was MONDAY through and through at the BOOM Box this morning. I was feeling weak during the Skill/Strength which was Front Squats. I know it’s part of it, just lettin you know I was feeling the weaksauce. I still did my part and pushed the best I could so it’s all well and fine.

4/9/12 WOD

The MetCon was another 12 minute AMRAP. I think 12 is Coach’s favorite number lately! So in 12 minutes you did as many rounds as possible of 5 pull ups, 10 air squats and 15 lunges. I know I’ve learned my lesson in thinking that could be an “easy” workout but I’m sure some of you out there are thinking that’s not so hard. Piece of cake! Right? Well you should give it a whirl. You could easily do this at a local park or at home if you have a pull up bar. Even at your GLOBO GYM. Just try it out. Hopefully you’ll push yourself and find out that it’s a doozy! I completed 9 rounds and got 4 pull ups into the next round. I also didn’t completely FAIL at pullups which is normal for me. I was pretty stoked about that. I felt pretty beat down and pretty good all at the same time. After feeling weak during Front Squats I feel like I really pushed through on the MetCon. So yay for ending on a good note.

Hamilton, Beltre and Young after Hamilton's HOMERUN! (AP Photo/Sharon Ellman)

As far as RANGER FEVER goes man oh man I have it more than ever. Since I was a kid I’ve always gone to games. We were reminiscing about those good times yesterday while eating our Easter meal with family. I was just a kid and the Rangers were not so good but we always had a good time. Now I’m grown, the RANGERS are more than not so good, THEY ARE AWESOME. They have one of the best teams out there right now in all aspects. MY TEXAS RANGERS are freaking HOT! After coming off the World Series highs and lows of last year I’m still on a Ranger high. Listening to the sportscasters talking about the team and how much fun they appear to have and how united they all seem gives me goosebumps. You can see it in the dugout, in the interviews the players give and you can feel it in the stadium. It’s magical. Baseball is MAGICAL!

Looking forward to seeing Yu Darvish make his season debut. I have good feelings about him, hopefully I’m right. Definitely wishing I could afford season tickets. One day I will, but for now it will be TV and the occasional game throughout the season.

Just so ya know, I’m not planning on making my blog a recap of games or anything (at least that’s not the plan), but YOU will probably get a few of these Ranger Fever moments from me. The season is long and I know it will not always be pretty but since I’m documenting bits and pieces of my life I might as well share a little bit of everything.


It’s Good Friday, Opening Day, Resurrection Sunday Weekend & Kids Baseball Weekend! So much going on! We will be busy bees indeed 🙂

So I may be blogging but I fell off course by forgetting to take a picture of the whiteboard today! DARN IT! I was so beat down I literally forgot.

Skill/Strength was RING ROWS, 3 sets of max reps. Key to a successful rep is having your hands touch your chest. This is not easy. My max reps were weak! In the picture below you will notice this guy has his feet on a step ladder thing. We just had our feet fully extended but on the ground. If you couldn’t execute the movement with your legs straight then you brought your feet under you.

And for the oh so wonderful MetCon – DEATH BY CLEAN AND JERK! The RXd weight was 95lbs. I tried that and it didn’t work out so well. So I went with 75 lbs. I felt so sad about not finishing my week off RXd! Mon/Tue and Thurs were all RX workouts for me. Ah well I think the 7789707 pushups I did yesterday did me in. I managed to complete 7 full rounds before the death got me. I’m definitely feeling the hurt from yesterday and this morning!

Also I finally got those lamb riblets cooked up. They were alright I suppose. The flavor was there but they were still a little tough to eat. Overall it wasn’t a FAIL just not great success.

Hope y’all have a super duper weekend!

123 Deficit Pushups! I am tired!

Hello Hello, Welcome back to hopefully your regularly scheduled programming of I DRANK THE CROSSFIT KOOLAID Blog. hehehe. I hope I’m not MIA for a week again anytime soon with the exception of vacations or whatever 🙂 I say VACATIONS (plural) as if that ever happens!

Today’s WOD was a long killer AMRAP. 18 minutes of 15 Deficit Pushups and a 200m run. EIGHTEEN MINUTES! Argh!!! PushUPs! Double Argh!!! I was struggling after about 3 rounds. Thank goodness for the RUN! Hahhaha, YES I was grateful for the running. My arms didn’t know what to do cause they were dying but they didn’t have to carry me for 200m so it was A-OK! It was about round 5 where I was catching up to a couple of the guys. Coach was like “SOMEBODY BETTER PULL AHEAD on this run”. I was told during the run he was talking to me! Hehehe, so I did pull ahead for a hot minute but I did not keep the lead when it came back down to pushups. I kept trying to do 5 pushups at a time, which worked till rounds 7 and 8. Final Count 8 rounds 3 pushups for a total of 123 Pushups and 1 mile of running… wooooooo. I don’t know how I stood up against the rest of the day. Tomorrow the whiteboard will tell. I hope I’m at least mid to upper pack. It was not easy!

Our Skill Strength was Back Squats. 5, 5, 5+ My hip was killing me and the weight felt SUPER heavy today. I only got 3 on my 5+. That’s not supposed to happen but it did. I bottomed out. 😦 Poor Poor Petri I know. Ah well.

Also, last night I prepped some Lamb Riblets … HOPEFULLY they will come out good tonight. They’ve been marinating all night and all day today. I’ll let you know. I failed to take pics of me prepping the food but hopefully I’ll have a good finished meal shot! Wish me luck.

Hope everyone has been enjoying their day. See ya.

Holy Tornadoes Batman! And other stuff!

So I know I’ve been Slack Action Jackson as of late and I’m sorry. Life has consumed me and I’ve neglected my blogging. Please still love me, Please! Heheheh. K or don’t. It’s fine by me.

Let me first tell you, North Texas got hit pretty hard with some crazy weather … tornadoes, hail, and rain – oh my! All jokes aside, I can report from my end that we are all safe and I pray that all those affected will come out of this craziness just fine. My home was narrowly missed as were the kid’s schools, thank GOD! I don’t know what I’d do without my family!!! There was so much damage in my neck of the woods. It makes my heart sad for all those that have to deal with this tragedy. Fortunately there were not any fatalities.

So now that my unofficial news reporting is over I just have a little rant for y’all and then I’ll kinda sorta recap the past several days of the BOOM BOX.

Listen up y’all – This is not a new rant, just extended from previous ones …. QUIT saying you need to start working out or eating healthy and then just go right on and eat junk and not move at all!

Seriously?!? WTH is wrong in your noggin? Does it feel good to SAY that you need to get on top of it? Does it really? Do you feel better after you say that then eat a double cheeseburger or a lean cuisine and soda (maybe even diet soda). I see and hear it everyday. It’s not good, I want to help you all, but I know I can’t. It has to come from within you. NO matter how bad I want good health for folks I can’t make you do it. I’m not perfect. I had my junkfilled haze just recently and it took a few days to get back on the straight and narrow.

But I will tell you, just that little bit of insanity from my end ruined my world. Ruined my stomach, ruined my head, ruined my overall self. I’m still recovering. It’s not good folks. I can’t imagine feeling like that day in and day out. I know I was like that a year ago and I seriously can’t recall feeling physically out of wack but I’m sure I did and I just didn’t realize it was a direct result of my everyday food intake. CRAP! mixed with healthy stuff but in general CRAP none the less! So please if y’all really want to do something then DO IT! Just give it a go for 30 days, then plan yourself a cheat day. But at least give it a go for more than 7 days before you treat yourself. Yes some of you may go bonkers without a “cheat” day but don’t try and convince yourself 2 days in that you need that office cookie or that handful of M&M’s. It’s not helping you at all! And get moving, even if it’s walking up and down your street. You don’t have to be a die hard worker outer bee. You need to eat right, eat clean…. that’s 80% of it folks. Not 10% or 20%. Nutrition is 80%!!!!! Thanks for listening. And sorry for the ramble. I just see it day in and day out and it just infuriates me. I want to shake people sometimes … but I can’t without fear of getting smacked or yelled at, hehehe!

ANYWAYS!!! So the last time I shared my WODs with you was Tuesday last week!!! Wow I am a slacker 😀

So here goes my wrap up. It will be short and sweet I hope.


Skill/Strength – Band Dead Lifts 12 sets of 3. I can’t recall the weight but it was fairly light maybe 75lbs. Not 100% sure. But what you do is drape a mobility band over the top of the bar and let it rest on the ground. You then step on the band to add resistance and knock out 3 reps quicklike.

It took a couple of sets before I felt somewhat comfortable doing them. It is definitely a unique feeling and takes some core strength to stabilize yourself. After the 12 sets, we did one set without the bands. HOLY MOLY it was sooo weird and you feel crazy strong and really feel like you execute the lift properly no questions asked.

MetCon – Yes COACH brought up Toes to Bar. Even though he knows we had enough from the Open, he still had to bust those bad boys out. Well I could only manage to get 3 TTB in so I switched to Knees to Elbows for a workout instead of just struggling. All week had been upper body and I think this day I was just tired. I only managed to get 4 full rounds in and almost got 5 round completed. I know I worked, I just hate that bar! On a side note, Box Jumps at 20″ felt really nice. I finally feel like I have some spring in my legs, NOT MUCH mind you, but some 🙂


Skill/Strength – Back Squat Deload. This is something I like to see. We aren’t trying to go for max weight here or crazy progressions. We are putting in work but it’s a nice “rest” if you will.

MetCon – TEAM WOD. Sometimes I dread these and sometimes I enjoy them. This was one that I was happy to share the workload. We had the option of doing 5 Muscle UPs (hhahahha), 15 Chest to Bar (hahahahhahah) or 30 Chin Ups. Well our team consisted of 3 of us who can not do pullups at all. So we used bands to help us and had no choice but to pick chin ups. After Chin Ups we could do 5 Handstand PushUps (hahahah), 15 Box HSPU OR 30 Hand Release Pushups. Well one of team mates had neck issues that prevented her to do the BOX HSPUs so we went with the 30 pushups. And we finish off the round with 90 Air Squats. So us ladies just split the load up evenly and we finished in 16:43! Go US! It was fun and a beating all at the same time.


Skill/Strength – Snatch Practice. It’s always good to practice SNATCH! It’s just such a complicated movement. We only worked with PVC and the bar. We did not add any weight but just going through the motions and working up to a full snatch is work.

MetCon – RUNNING! UGH! I almost stayed in bed after I checked the website. I despise running and this was designed to “sprint” the distances. I mean I can’t SPRINT 800m, but it’s the idea of pushing hard right? Our distance is unofficial so don’t think I’m super BEAST for getting a time of 2:32. The :24 was for the “200”, which was probably less. I think I can sprint a 100 yds in 17/18 seconds so ya. There ya have it. We rested 1 minute after each run. I hate running!


Skill Strength – Deadlifts 5, 5, 5+ We had to do math and it’s hard to do at 5am. I can’t recall our weights, but I don know on my last round I just went 5. I didn’t mean to put the bar down, I just wasn’t using my brain. I had at least 2 more in me. So we’ll just go with I would have done 7 reps on my last round! Sound good? OK GREAT!

MetCon – 5 rounds of 30 sec plank, 1:00 of Thrusters and 1:00 rest. The idea was to match your max thruster count each round. Add up your rounds and voila that’s your score for the day. I managed a 10, 10, 11, 8, and 10 giving me a total of 49 @ 65lbs. Thrusters are not easy. I seriously pushed my butt off. I know I did what appeared to be a lot of standing around but I just was so out of breath and believe me .. just out of it. I don’t think I could have done more in a minute. I did know I had to push but when my push was out I dropped the bar. It’s hard to WANT to get it back up. It’s hard to breathe too! I feel I finished strong. Good MetCon!

And that’s a wrap for the WODs. I’ll close with some food shots.

If you want a quick meal that  you can partially prep over the weekend then try some sweet potato hash. I just shred up 2-3 sweet potatoes and put them in a storage container and keep in fridge. Each morning I take a handful of my shredded yumminess and saute it in one teaspoon of coconut oil. Top it with 2 fried eggs. I might add some bacon or fruit. Easy breezy and delicious!

Sweet Potato Hash topped with Fried Eggs!

And this was my lunch today. Sauteed shredded zucchini with meat sauce, 3 oz of steak and some steamed broccoli. It was  great filling lunch 🙂

Steak, Broccoli and Shredded Zucchinni topped with meat sauce 🙂

Happy Hump Day Folks! Make it great!