Ok I was just trying to rhyme but I am sleepy! My eyes are sooooooo heavy :/ And I completely sucked at the BOOM Box today! Is it the heat? Is it my complete lack of AWESOME? I have no answers. I was struggling today.

It doesn’t help that Toes To Bar was on the agenda. If anything sucks the life out of me the most I do believe it’s these bad boys. I watch videos and I see people just knockthese out as if they are EASY or something.

I visualize myself doing the same… unfortunately my visualizations are just that and my actual movement is CRAPTASTIC! I did manage to get 2 in a row. Woohoo for me. Mel who works out with me in the AM said I should take that small victory and I know I should but I’m just not as positive as her. I was just pissed. I think it’s the pain that creeps in my hands that kills my mental focus to just do the dang TTB! YES COACH I’ll be purchasing gloves soon–real soon!

And TTB was just part of the workout today. The skill/strength was hamstring mobility to help us loosen up to be ready for TTB. The MetCon was 10 min AMRAP of 7 TTB, 9 Dead Lifts, 12 Kettle Bell Swings (1Pood). If I didn’t suck so bad at TTB then I may have had a better count but I spent a long time on my first round of TTB. Only got 3 and a lot of No Reps before I was allowed to do Knees to Elbows (those still suck by the way). I finished 4 rounds, 7 TTB and got to 4 DLs. I will master you TTB! I will OWN you TTB! I promise.

Day 2 of the Sugar Detox is down. I’ll be honest and say that I probably ate more sweet potato than I should have for dinner but REALLY if that’s the worse I did then I’m OK with it. I did feel bad but it was so good.

The little nagging headaches come and go at small intervals but I’ve either learned to ignore them or they are not as strong. I’ve been really enjoying my Refresh Tea. If you like mint this is the tea to get. But I also tried ZEN by TAZO. It’s a blend of green tea, lemon verena leaves, spearmint leaves, lemongrass, lemon essence oil. It’s pretty tasty and was a nice afternoon treat at work. I will say at about 3:30 though my EYELIDS were oh so heavy. I was tired. I just keep drinking cool, sometimes ice cold water and hoping I WAKE up.

I still see the fruit in my fridge and I want it. Why is there fruit in your house you ask…well the kids still eat fruit and I’m not going taking it away all together. They love fruit too! And I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’m just trying to do the right thing. It’s taken great restraint not to tear into a peach or handful of strawberries. Yet somehow I’m managing to stay strong. I know I gotta stick with this and I know I will win.

Post WOD I had 1 egg, some chicken sausage and a green tipped banana. It was on the verge of being ripe and I’m afraid the other two bananas will have to go to the kiddos. I do have green apples though to get me through the weekend. My snacks and lunch are planned out nicely and for dinner I will roast a chicken and cook up some broccoli and asparagus.

I still think May 21st is a LONG LONG away but hanging in there one day at a time.

Happy Thursday folks!

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