WOW. Just watched the video below and all I can say is WOW! A young girl with no HOPE overcomes autoimmune disease by getting strong and eating clean. LOVE IT! I hope you do too.

Whatever sickness ails you I beg you to just go Paleo/GrainFree/Etc for 30 days. You may or may not have a serious illness. It might just be that nagging migraine or an achy body even when you are inactive. I challenge you to take on 30 days of grain free. Then get moving physically. I don’t care if it’s CrossFit, walking around the block or doing a workout at your local gym, JUST GET MOVING! Feel free to ask any questions. I’m more than happy to help!

Also check this awesome person Melissa Knourek. She is definitely inspiring and proves we all can DO ANYTHING!


5/4/12 WOD

Now on to my sad morning at the BOOM Box! I feel like such a slacker after watching and reading about the Ladies in the video and article!!! LOL. At least I’m showing up right? Haha. So it was work on kipping today. Woo fun… NOT, esp not after my hands are dead from yesterday’s TTB. Coach suggested gloves so I got gloves and the jury is still out on this one. My hand were still tender from yesterday so I don’t think any amount of protection was going to help. Overall they felt weird and SWEATY. I can handle sweat but when I feel like my hands are trapped in sweat I have issues. I’m a weirdo I know. So maybe next week I’ll have a better review. I forgot to take pics of these fancy new gloves as well, but I hope to have one for ya next week. So kipping went fine besides the dreadful hand pain. I’m just not strong enough for a pullup so we just worked on the technique.

Our MetCon was all running today. Nice to have a break but I DON’T LIKE THE RUNNING! Today just wasn’t fun for me! I’m sure you’re wondering what it is I do like because it seems as if I don’t like anything! Hehehe. But I still do it because I do feel good afterwords, sometimes, mostly, you get the point! Back to running! It consisted of 3 rounds of 800m run with a 2 minute rest in between. My first run was 3:56. WOOO ME. I typically run a little over 4 minutes. My next run was 4 minutes 3 seconds. Still not too bad. Our goal was to keep consistent. So far so good. Got my 2 minutes rest but my 3rd run ended up in some walking. I got one of those horrid side stitches. I tried running through the pain but it just got worse. And deep breaths made it worse. I had to stop. My last run was more than 5 minutes 😦 … Total time 17 minutes. It hurt I didn’t care at that moment but I really wish I could have tested my limits on that last run.


Sugar Detox Update

Day 4 started today. I totally kicked Day 3’s butt! I was little groggy and dragging the first part of the day but I felt much better the rest of the day. I woke up this morning with zero headache and even though mentally I wanted to stay in bed, physically I was feeling good. I think I’m on the upside right now but I’m not making any promises! I still have a long way to go. I had roasted chicken for dinner, steam broccoli and sauteed asparagus and mushrooms in bacon fat – YUMMO! I did add some balsamic vinegar to my asaparagus. NOT REALLY sure if it’s ok on the 21-Day Sugar Detox program. I think it is but ya, it wasn’t a ton of it and I’m pretty sure it’s legit. Today should be good. I have all my foods prepared. It’s the weekend I FEAR! We are always on the go and in a rush. Just pray I make good decisions!

It’s the weekend folks. Play Outside and RUN around like a 5 year old! Enjoy it. I’ll see y’all next week!

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