RANDY! Still Detoxing! Happy Monday :)

Ha! It’s Monday, how happy can it be?!? LOL. Well I hope some of y’all are having a good day. I suppose for the most part mine has been alright.


This morning at the BOOM BOX it was all about RANDY! I know if you don’t CrossFit you are saying RANDY what? Well it’s 75 Power SNATCHES for time. Yup that’s a lot of snatch folks!

Our warmup was regular and then we proceeded to work with the PVC to go over technique. It’s always so easy with the PVC! We moved on to the workout. For us girls it was 45lbs and the guys it was 75lbs. All of us for 75 reps for time. I knocked out 15 at a good pace then just knocked out 10’s and 5’s till I got to 75. Time 5:39. I shocked myself really but I just kept telling me to not quit. Keep going. Don’t quit. It worked today. It doesn’t always work but today it did. My whole body was pretty jello-like for about 5 mintues after. Great workout indeed! I felt better with the technique. I could tell really fast when I did not drop under the bar. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

5/7/12 WOD

Day 7 Sugar Detox!
Can you believe I’ve made it to day 7?!? I can’t believe it at all. I still feel irritable every and now and then but no headaches and/or sleepy like I was, just the irritability. It’s no good for Ernie or the kids but it’s like I can’t help it. Hopefully this week all that will be gone. I also can’t stop THINKING about sugary foods. Like can I chug HONEY please or have a cookie, any kind, just a cookie please? But I do know better and have done GREAT not giving in to temptation. Only 2 weeks to go! HA! I feel like it’s forever away!!!!! Can it just be a 7 day sugar detox? Please? Pretty Please? With Sugar uhm veggies on top? I’m hanging in there. It’s not been easy for me. It’s a mental thing with me more than anything I think. But moving on one day at a time.

Weekend Wrap UP

As always we were busy busy. Baseball is fun. Crazy hectic but FUN! I ate boring but clean and sugar free. And ADDED BONUS – PORK BELLY at Burgandy Pasture Beef!

Made his DAY!

They don’t always have it in and it’s hard to find it by the weekend when we can shop but we managed to snag the last two packages! It’s sooooo good and makes us very happy!

That’s all folks! Make today AWESOME!

5 thoughts on “RANDY! Still Detoxing! Happy Monday :)

      • I SUCKED!!! 11:33, really hard for me today. I am super sore (calf too) from Saturday…but, I just didn’t have it in me this morninig. I was half asleep, no worries on being social…Mondays bite. Great job…very inspirin!

      • Aww Annette. Let me tell you how AWESOME you are. Really Really Darn AWESOME! Amazing! Look at where you started and where you are at now!!! You push hard every day. I know how you feel but you do not suck!

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