The Running NEVER Ends!

We are on a running mode at the BOOM BOX which is great for me because I dislike it so much. Maybe I’ll learn to love it! I highly doubt such things but it only helps me out, makes me better, etc. RIGHT?!? I sure as heckola hope so!

Let me first get to the Skill/Strength of my morning at the CFB. It was Back Squats with more percentage math today. 5, 5, 5+. The weight seemed fairly light at first but don’t let it fool you. It’s catches up to you quicklike. After a few warm up rounds and building up to the weight I was slated to do 100, 105 and 110. I managed to get 8 full reps on my last 5+ which is GREAT for me. Me and the back squat don’t always turn out so well. However this morning I got past that 5th rep and carried on. It was a good feeling. Baby steps and I’ll take them 🙂

5/8/12 WOD

The MetCon was 3 rounds of 400m run, 25 Hand Release Push UPs and 50 Double Unders. My first 400 was smooth and felt good and my first 25 push ups SUCKED! I was dragging, my chest, arms, everything was burning. I struggled big time. Once I got those knocked out it was onto DU’s which I figured I had and I was WRONG! I couldn’t find a rhythm! I was pissed! I finally got 50 completed and took off for the next run. That 400 was the worst 400 in the history of time. But in that 400 I got my whiny attitude out of the way and got a little better for the last two rounds. My Double Unders came back to me and I felt mentally I redeemed myself. I still sucked at the push ups, just not as bad as the firsts round! Time: 16:07

Day 8 Sugar Detox
Even though I still really really want fruit I have finally gotten in the groove of this detox. I’m totally killing it and I’m proud of myself for doing such. Going Paleo in general wasn’t such an easy transition either but you set your limits and that’s all there is to it. Now with Paleo, we haven’t ever been 100% full on Paleo (80-90%) but we really work to put the best foods we can into our bodies and avoid all NO-NO’s in regards to the Paleo standards. We have our goodies every now and then but they are a rare appearance. With that said eliminating fruit has been HUGE for me. It’s natural and good for you but in the same turn it’s kept me hooked on wanting sweet stuff. Hence me doing this detox. And now at Day 8, although my brain still tells me I want the dang fruit and a little bit of pasture half and half with my coffee I know my limits are set and I just can’t go past them. THANK GOODNESS for MINT TEA! I might die without you!

It’s totally feasible to do, just a little extra work but nothing major. I’ve been boring with the meals but that’s ok as long as I’m hitting the mark. Great time to do a detox when you’re week is filled with super busy! Hahaha. But it’s doable even when you are super busy and on the go. Added bonus I drink more water which is never a bad thing! And I just keep on keepin on!

Have a FABULOUS TUESDAY! Be awesome in every way you can.

4 thoughts on “The Running NEVER Ends!

    • I’ve surprised myself. I talk a lot of talk at home, Like I WANT THIS AND THIS AND THAT all being bad things. But I’ve been good! I just want May 21st to hurry up and be here already.

      • May 21st I’m going to make a cake out of some combination of Heath bars, twinkies, and butterscotch chips and eat it in your honor. I’m that good a blog buddy!

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