Caution: Thrusters + Burpees May Cause Death

Holy Guacamole! (yummm guacamole!) Todays MetCon about killed me today. I think maybe on another day when I could BREATHE then possibly I could have done better?!? I seriously couldn’t catch my breath all morning long. It sucked and pissed me off and I was on the verge of needing the puke bucket. As always I pushed through but my PUSH wasn’t that great today. This was an AMRAP ladder for 7 minutes. 2 Thrusters (65lbs), 2 Bar Facing Burpees, 4 Thursters, 4 BFB, 6 Thrusters, 6 BFB, etc. I got through 8 of each and then 5 Thrusters. This was no bueno. I was hoping for more but it was NOT happening today!

5/10/12 WOD

On a more positive note. I think I ran my fastest 400m run today. That was part of our skill/strength this morning. The 400m run and working on Hand Stand Push Ups. I know this is NOT LIGHTNING FAST but my run was 1:53. I can’t find the FAST BUTTON on anything over 200m so I’m okay with this number for now. We had the option to run it again to best our time but I was the bad student who chose not to run again. HI I’m Stephanie, I hate running!

We moved on to HSPUs. I’ve progressed in this movement a little bit which is good! And I finally learned to KIP these bad boys. Although we are to only use kipping when we fail at strict HSPUs. That’s fine by me because at least now I’m confident in the kip. Before I wasn’t giving enough UMPH upwards. Today I figured it out! Woohooo!

DAY 10 Sugar Detox
And she’s still truckin boys and girls. Besides me rambling on randomly about treats and sweets I’m doing great. Everything seems to be clicking. Coach asked what changes/benefits I’ve noticed and I really didn’t have an answer. Is that bad? I mean I’m sure there are some changes but I haven’t really paid attention. I feel fine and I know I can live without sugar. Great right? I hope! I wasn’t having many problems besides my regular aches and pains. Those are still there. I’m just hoping that by the end of this thing I won’t be CRAVING the sugary goodness. Yesterday BROWNIES were waved in front of my face and although my brain lit up I know my tastebuds weren’t feeling it. That’s a good sign. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… hehehe. That’s all I can do! 11 Days to GO!

Enjoy your day today. Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Caution: Thrusters + Burpees May Cause Death

    • Hehe, it’s not too bad. The first couple of days weren’t fun but I managed through. I feel good again. I may need therapy though! I know my body is managing fine without the sugar. It’s my BRAIN that needs work!

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