Lunges, Pizza and It’s all DOWNHILL from here!

How about that for some good OL randomness!

The BOOM Box Workout write up is short and sweet today although the workout itself was grueling! The skill/strength was Strict Press 5, 5, 5+. After all the percentage math I ended up with 50lbs, 55lbs and 60lbs. I struggled a little bit on the 60lbs after my initial 5 reps but squeezed two more reps out for 7 on my last attempt!

5/11/12 WOD

The MetCon was WEIGHTED LUNGES. 8 rounds of max distance lunges holding extra weight in bumper plate form for 90 seconds and then a 30 second rest. Full rep is knees hitting ground. No cheating! I tried to keep a mental count of my splits but I just couldn’t keep track. Hugging on a 25lb plate gets to hurt really fast. I held it on my head. Held it over the top of my back. Back to hugging it. It becomes a big ol nuisance by the 8th round. I didn’t stop except for my 30 sec rests, so that was GOOD. We counted total yds and I got a dead even 250yds. I may not feel my legs or butt tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Gluten Free Pizza RANT
So by now a lot of you have probably seen or heard of Dominoe’s Pizza advertising their GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! And I know there’s pizza mixes and other restaurants offering the same craptastic idea. So now it’s all ok to chow down on pizza right? NO PEOPLE it’s not ok. It just means there is more processed crap and other not healthy things filling the place of the GLUTEN. It’s not a health advantage. You’re not CHEATING the system. The problem with most “GLUTEN FREE” labeled products is that if it’s simulating a wheat product it most likely has NOT GOOD STUFF IN IT. So OK you have CELIAC and want PIZZA this a good way to get it in but at what costs? Don’t get me wrong I love me some pizza, but don’t get all crazy with the gluten free tag. It’s not a free pass. You’re still being fed junk and I’m not just talking about calories, I’m talking about highly processed, chemicals, fake stuff and you are putting that in your body maybe once in a while, maybe regularly, I have no idea, only you do. At least try eating REAL food. Ya life is short, you’re busy, blah blah blah, to each his own. I’m just trying to be some beacon of light that if you wonder why your kid has stomach issues, or you have migraines, or regular ailments it MOST likely comes from the consistent flow of crap you put in. Our bodies aren’t meant to break down all the processed foods. Cut out the GLUTEN, don’t replace it with FAKE shit and eat real food! I’m done for now. You know I’ll be back in regards to this but CARRY ON! It’s Friday, I’m sure it’s PIZZA night anyways! HA!

Day 11 Sugar Detox
Is it true? I’ve made it halfway? I haven’t slipped up (well except for sweet potato indulgence that one day)? I haven’t had extra fruit besides a green tipped banana or green apple, which are allowed by the way, and note I didn’t eat one or the other EVERY DAY so YAY! NO added sugars PEOPLE and I’m still alive and I’m NOT miserable. You know I was but it was quick. I feel good, I feel like I’m more efficient. Maybe it’s mental but it at some point has to be physical because my body isn’t having to work any extra. I’m putting in good vegetables and grassfed meats and all is well. My urge to WANT treats is diminishing LIKE FOR REAL, my brain still thinks it but eh I don’t want it anymore like I did a few days ago. I’m diggin my DETOX. Who would have thunk it? 10 days to GO! All downhill from here!

Have a superlicious weekend folks! As always make it awesome. SMILE. Do something ridiculous and put a smile on someone else’s face 🙂 AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU MOMMA’S!!!!

3 thoughts on “Lunges, Pizza and It’s all DOWNHILL from here!

  1. Nick Momrik says:

    Great job without the sugar! I need to do that. I’m feeling walking lunges from Thursday as I wake up this morning. Hurt so good?!

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