Ok Ok, I wasn’t as bad as the picture but I FELT that bad. I do admit Mother’s Day Dessert got the best of me. But this didn’t GET me down. I’m back on the detox program full swing! I just hate the fact that I let the temptation get to me 😦 I had a few + a few bites of dessert at dinner, got a headache and fell into a sugar induced coma. I woke up feeling fine and that’s it. All done. I don’t feel the need to guzzle gallons of honey or eat a ton of fruit but we’ll see how my day ends up. With 7 days to go we’ll see if I can go past that 21 day finish line since I did screw it all up yesterday.

Other than that snafu, the weekend was great. I got to hit up the Community WOD with the BOOM BOX Saturday morning at the park. We got the lovely chance to totally kill our legs with partner squats. One person on each end of barbell. We both squat with the barbell then come up to overhead, 25 reps. That was followed by a farmer’s carry, half court and back, full court and back. Which was followed by more squats. Then we moved on to Med Ball Sit ups (25 each). My team had a team of 3 while the other teams were just teams of 2, so we had the joy of going 3 rounds instead of 2 rounds. Woohoo fun. But we weren’t finished we still had to do SUICIDES on the basketball court but with a barbell OVERHEAD. 2 rounds! Ya I was beat down, officially beat down! So for the rest of the weekend it was tough just to walk much less do anything else.

This morning I was still feeling the soreness. My legs are fried and what’s better on a Monday morning than Deadlifts and LOTS OF SPRINTING? Sleeping? Vacation? Hahaha, but I had neither of those choices so Deadlifts and Sprints was all that was left.

Skill/Strength: Deadlifts 5, 5, 5+ We took 90% of our 1 RM. Then took 75%, 80% and 85% for our sets. That’s 120lbs, 130lbs and 140lbs for me. I got to 12 reps on my last set which is good. If my fingers didn’t feel like they were going to POP off my hands I’m sure I had a few more in me. Is that just me with the finger pain? They are still achy!!

MetCon: 200m Sprint every 2 minutes for 24 minutes. Have I told you my legs are fried? Yup they are and sprinting was oh so hard! I managed to keep my time under 30 seconds for at least half of the sprints. The other half were just right over at 31 seconds or 35 seconds. WOW it sucked! But ah well, just gotta keep showing up and doing the work. And that’s what I do!

Have a great day folks. Enjoy the day!

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