Hang Cleans YOU DECEIVE me!

WOW Hang Cleans really suck! I haven’t ever had to do them and they got to me. They got in my head, they hurt my body and I let them take over and ruin me this morning! That paired with Toes To Bar (Knees to Elbow for me) and Hand Release Push Ups!.

After our regular warm up we did OLY lift warmups to get us all primed for these hang cleans. Now I’m a big fan of Power Cleans so I thought HEY I GOT THIS! We proceeded to work the pvc, work the bar, and work the cleans. I felt pretty good. A little awkward not coming from the ground but nothing to worry about or so I thought. Let me be clear, I now know I AM NOT A FAN of HANG CLEANS!

5/15/12 WOD

The MetCon was 3 rounds of 8 Hang Cleans (75lbs), 10 TTB, 12 HR Push Ups. Now I’ve been struggling more with the TTB for some reason, so instead of struggling all morning with those I did Knees To Elbows. Well I knocked out 3 maybe 4 Hang Cleans then I just lost confidence. I didn’t feel like my forearms were working for me, my grip went to out the door and I struggled. I knocked out my first 8 and I was WHOOPED! KTE were slow and wussy. Push Ups were fine but I was still beat from the measly 18 reps of cleans and KTE. Ugh I was pissed. Back to the BAR for Hang Cleans and I was getting 2 at a time sometimes 1 at a time. Mentally I struggled. Physically I would hold it on my knees because I just would think I couldn’t get the damn weight up. That was a lot of my problem. The weight wasn’t too much of an issue. It’s that short distance maybe that got to me. I don’t have the power there… well I do have it, I just don’t know how to harness it each rep! It will come with time, I know. I also have to not OVERTHINK everything (yes I still let that thinking get in the way). And maybe, just maybe the next time my grip and forearms won’t get wasted in the first minute of the workout! 😦 Time: 13:52

Day 15 Sugar Detox
Back on track like I said I would be. I didn’t have any issues yesterday so I’m glad to report that. I really thought the bites of yummy goodness I had would ruin me. Just been stick with the basics, lean proteins, veggies, water and herbal teas. They’re keeping me on the up and up. I do feel like my stomach feels less bloaty. Kind of like when you give up grains. All that “fullness” goes away. For me it’s not going to be bikini wearing results unless someone wants to donate to some plastic surgery. I was not blessed with good skin in regards to having babies. I do feel lighter in general so I’m hoping I lost a few pounds. I don’t have a number per say that I would like to hit but a few pounds down isn’t going to hurt me. I’m in a good range, I just feel like I’m on the high end of it. I made a deal with the kiddos to extend the detox a few days since I did indulge. So I hope to push through to the weekend. My journey will end May 25th, at least that’s the plan for now 🙂

Have a great day y’all! Can you believe May is halfway over?!? I really wish I got a summer break like the kids get!!! BE AWESOME!

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