Sleeping Stephanie ZZZzzzz!

Lazy bones checking in I got nothin for ya today really. I completely missed my alarm this morning. I have no idea how I slept through it. I suppose I just dismissed it and went back to sleep but I have ZERO recollection. I just know I woke up and the room was lit up due to the rising sun! It was 6:30 am. TWO FREAKING HOURS past the time I should have got up! NO BOOM BOX for me. 😦 I was so lost this morning. So out of it. I had no idea. So ya, Go ME! I guess my body needed sleep more than anything.

Day 18 Sugar Detox
Going STRONG! I feel great, I feel awesome. Life is good. I’d like to say I’d kick sugar forever but I do love me some fruit. Give the good ol’ Sugar Detox a try folks. It’s not going to kill you, I’m still kicking. YES it takes time, YES it takes planning, YES you have to go outside your COMFORT zone. But if you can make small changes towards a bigger goal, you’ll get there. And NO I’m not sitting in my ivory tower. I haven’t been fit my whole life, I haven’t been skinny my whole life. I HAVE BIRTHED 3 children, I have EATEN food by the truckloads, I work FULL TIME, I have made EXCUSES, I lived in disgust with my own body and did nothing but stuff my face more.

I’ve been there done that. I can promise you that eating clean, eliminating JUNK and living for your future and your kids (if you have them) is WORTH missing out on everyday indulgences. Am I saying don’t ever eat a piece of cake? NO, I’m saying TRY to do something good for you and get out of old habits. Don’t reward yourself with food. Make food your fuel source, not your happy place. Please know that doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat boring bland food, it just means you have to WORK at cooking a little more. Ya I know WORK. Grow up, do work, live healthy, feel good as a result and enjoy life.

So my nothing turned into a little rant. Either your still reading or your not. It doesn’t matter. I just hope you all live for good health so you can enjoy your lives instead of being in pain, whatever pain that may be.

Have a good weekend. Take a step towards clean eating, moving more and loving life! Become addicted to being AWESOME!

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Stephanie ZZZzzzz!

  1. It has to be hard going ‘no sugar’ with kids in the house. I just made pancakes with blueberries and syrup. I REALLY need a sugar detox! How did you get started? I think hat would go a long way in my running to lose those sugar, decadent desserts, Mountain Dew calories out of my life. OMG how would I start my day? Great job Stephanie!. I saw a Crossfit competition on TV yesterday. While I still don’t completely understand it it was inspiring. I ‘bought’ the packet of Kool Aid. And glad you got some rest….maybe the most undervalued / underutilized part of a great workout program!

    • We just don’t have the sugar in the house. But I started out that way with the kids. I mean we still ate junk but I didn’t keep it in the house so it wasn’t readily available. When I first started Paleo, I kept easy to cook items around for the kids and it was fine. Then as I read and researched I finally one day said OK kids, NO MORE BREAD, WAFFLES, CEREAL, ETC. Although they miss a bowl of cereal every now and then, they have coped quite well. They eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. Every now and then I’ll make Almond Flour Pancakes. I still buy them pizza for dinner or Chic Fil A. They still eat a lot of Standard American Diet foods, but not near as much crap as we all use to do.

      As far as starting, you just gotta do it. Read up on all the things you can before you start. Make a plan, stick to it. If you trip, stumble or completely fall down, just pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t use that as an excuse to just completely sabotage the work you’ve put in.

      The CrossFit Games are truly inspiring and probably intimidating to those who have never experienced CrossFit. I am nowhere NEAR that level of fitness. But it’s a good goal to look towards. I may never get there but I”m going to keep on plugging away 🙂

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