Seriously OHS and HSPUs… my wrists are crying!

So it’s later than normal for my WOD recap, part of it, I’m sorry, blah blah blah.

Got to the BOOM Box for a nice little combo of Dead Lifts, Overhead Squats (OHS) and Handstand Push Ups (HSPU). I’ve grown to love MetCons that include lifting but OHS is like kryptonite for me.

That along with Snatch! So although I do not despise OHS I definitely have not found my happy place. It’s awkward, it hurts my sad pathetic wrists and I wish I could do heavier weight comfortably but I can’t 😦

5/23/12 WOD

We had 4 rounds of a 3 minute AMRAP that included 3 OHS and 3 HSPU. I could have sworn it was originally 2 minutes but I’m also half asleep at 5am. As you can see on the white board image, I didn’t get very many rounds in. Going from OHS that kills my wrists, even with my handy dandy Strength Wraps, to HSPUs is killer. My shoulders are dead, my wrists are dead, I’m just dead. By the fourth round, it wasn’t the OHS that was killing me, it was the HSPUs! Holy Crapola it was hard to knock out 3 of those bad boys.

We also worked on Dead Lifts prior to the MetCon for Skill/Strength. Coach did the math for us today so I did 3 @ 130lbs, 3 @ 140lbs and 3+ @ 150lbs. I managed to bust out 12 on my last set. As I’ve mentioned before I feel I could keep going if I didn’t feel as if my hands might literally explode! With proper mobility work put in the Dead Lifts are getting better 🙂

Day 23 – Sugar Detox
Well I’ve made it to my “extended” last day with almost flying colors. One sugar coma on Mother’s Day and no other slip ups. I’m even trying to carry forward as much as I can. I was tempted at lunch for sure. We went to one of my fave places, Ali Baba. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant that has a wonderful lunch buffet. Lots of healthy stuff to choose from and a few not so Paleo foods that I happily steered clear from….this fried pita thing called thyme pie or something like that and rice pudding (which I LOVE). I could have cheated and taken a bite or two but I’m serious about this detox. I do feel much better than ever and I realize it’s silly how much sugar I was taking in without realizing it all because I thought I eat fairly clean. So I can only imaging how much sugar I was actually putting in my body prior to October of 2011!

Now for the exciting news…

6lbs down! Woohooo! It’s not huge because I don’t have huge amounts to lose anymore. But it’s great. And weight loss was not my ultimate goal so this is an added bonus!!!

And there ya have it peoples! Hope your Thursday has been great. If not your day isn’t over, do something super fun and crazy. Laugh a lot and smile big… It’s contagious!

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