Box Jumps and Burpees, YIPPEE!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This morning at the BOOM BOX it was like the title says, Box Jumps and Burpees!

Skill Strength involved MAX HEIGHT BOX JUMPS. If you’ve been following along you all know I FEAR the BOX JUMP and truly I have no idea why. But it’s a sad fact that my brain limits me in this part of the CrossFit World. I could only manage to over come 28 inches for my jump :/ I know I can clear higher than that because I can jump right next to the 30 inch box and my feet have the clearance. it’s just the actual JUMPING on to the box that scares the living crapola out of me. It’s sad.

5/24/12 WOD

For the MetCon it was BURPEES, BURPEES and more BURPEES. We had 10 minutes to complete 50 burpees and when the 10 minutes was up we had another 10 minutes to do another 50 burpees. (Are you sick of seeing the word burpees yet?) I really wasn’t sure what my pace would be because well I sucked at the Games Open WOD 12.1. Only managing 74 in 7 minutes. Wasn’t feeling awesome about that then so I was only hoping for better than 5 minutes to do 50. I manged to knock out 50 in 3:40. I did stop and pause and take some rest between. Coach wasn’t too happy about that so for the second round I didn’t stop and I finished 2 seconds faster for a time of 3:38. So Coach wins “barely”. I preferred my slacker route. But it wasn’t the best time so whatever!!! πŸ˜›

Sugar Detox – Still Kickin’
Well yesterday was my last official day but we’ll see how the weekend fares. I think I can steer clear of most bad but oh so yummy things. I’ve been disciplined now for 24 1/2 days. Might as well keep going. 6lbs gone is mighty fine as well, so I don’t mind forgoing the sugars especially when I know I’m a recovering sugar junkie.

It’s a LONG weekend for me finally! I don’t get very many of those. If you’re local and want to check out the BOOM BOX on Monday we are having a 9am WOD. All of y’all are welcome!

If you see a man or woman who serves our country then please make sure and THANK THEM! I mean you should thank them daily but especially since it’s Memorial Day Weekend! I know it’s to honor the fallen, but honor those who still stand and proudly serve our country!

Happy Weekend. Happy Memorial Day!


4 thoughts on “Box Jumps and Burpees, YIPPEE!

  1. I’m considering that 21-day sugar detox and though I honestly haven’t read EVERY post you wrote about it, can you provide a general summary of how you felt about it? I’m a bit hesitant in paying for the program, but have seen a ton of positive reviews, so somewhat considering.
    Do you think there is value in purchasing it? How did you physically feel after?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • I thought the program was great. I do believe there is some value in purchasing the program. No it’s not miraculous I DIDN’T KNOW THIS NEWS. It’s basics, things someone should know but probably disregard to suit whatever mental justifications they have in regards to the foods they prefer or can’t let go of. The pdfs you receive have sound advice, scientific knowledge and everything is explained clearly. They take all the stuff you’d find on your own eventually and put it together for you. There are recipes as well that are included. There are also food charts for the different levels of detox that help simplify the YES and NO foods.

      Physically I felt great. The first 5 days were harder than I had imagined they would be. I eat fairly clean but I still incorporated a lot of fruit, more honey than I should be taking in, AGAVE nectar (which I found out was not good), and had one vice SPARK from Advocare which has Sucralose as it’s sweetening ingredient. After day 5 I was feeling fine and just chugging through. It wasn’t as hard but still not easy. My brain and taste buds still wanted JUNK. By Day 14 I didn’t salivate at the thought or sight of fruit or sugary badness but still feeling normal. I did eat dessert on Mother’s Day and fell into a deep sugar induced sleep. I woke up fine but I felt like I’d been drugged. By Day 21 I felt GREAT. Like wow. I really felt like an efficient machine. I didn’t get an afternoon slump, I didn’t really want to eat sugary foods in regards to taste. All of my sugar wants were definitely MENTAL. My life has been filled with treats and to break that process is harder than the physical aspect. Now, 2 months later -I don’t eat near as much sugar as I had previously eaten. I cut out SPARK all together. I don’t chew gum (which you can’t do on the Detox) anymore and I thought I’d miss it more but I don’t. I don’t drink coffee with creamers (sugar laced) either. It’s been a transition but I’m a better place now. Could I be better? Sure but it’s still baby steps. OH ya I lost 7lbs too! I get longwinded I’m sorry.

      • Wow, I appreciate the thorough comment!!
        I don’t really have a sugar addiction (I drink my coffee black and can easily pass on the donuts), but fruit is definitely a staple in my diet. My BF tells me ‘sugar is sugar”, but it’s hard to think fruit can be a bad thing..
        Do you think anyone could benefit from the detox? Or just someone that really needs sugar in their diet?
        I currently do a semi-paleo diet, but I do allow my “cheat meals” from Friday night until Sunday.. but I very rarely go overboard (except this past week when I was on vacation.. hence the reason I’m feeling I need a detox!)

      • I was a fruit junkie and felt the same as you. Fruit is good for you it can’t be that bad. Your boyfriend is right though… Sugar is sugar. Although fruit has many great benefits making it an everyday thing might not be the best choice but of course its better than processed foods. I think the sugar detox is for everyone. It’s 21 days to clean your system. It can’t hurt.

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