Thursday Fun!

First of all the Sweet Potato Brownies were a hit with Jonas’ friend! I was worried…with teens you never know! I’m now curious if her parents enjoyed them as well, that is if they made it to the parents 🙂

I almost didn’t make it to the BOOM BOX this morning. At some point I managed to turn off my alarm or something and I woke up at 4:49! I’m supposed to leave by then if not earlier. On top of my tardiness it was a stormin cats and dogs! So I was a few minutes late but nothing to severe.

Even better to being late my left IT band was giving me grief in the warm up. This is not good because lunges are part of the MetCon. And that’s not good why? WELL, that silly ol’ band hurts most doing lunges. I rolled it out quite a bit and it loosened up enough to get through the work.

5/31/12 WOD

Before we hit up the MetCon our Skill/Strength was Dead Lifts! Used to be a favorite and it’s slowly falling down the list of fave lifts. It was a 5 @ 140lbs, 3 @ 150lbs and 1+ @ 155lbs. I was having issues getting my knees to bend when coming back down to ground so Coach had me bring my feet in closer together. With just that little change there was much to be felt in my legs. Not bad just different. HOPEFULLY BETTER in the long run! I finished with 8 reps at 155lbs. Again feeling good but fingers may explode off my hand one day!

The MetCon was 2- 5 min AMRAPs with a 2 minute rest in between. The first part was 10 Diamond Sit Ups, 10 Lunges, rinse and repeat as much as you can. We got to rest for 2 minutes then moved on to 5 minutes of 10 Hand Release Push Ups and 10 Lunges. Rinse and Repeat. We kept track of total reps. It does get hard to keep up with the counting though. It sounds easy but when you’re tired and more tired your brain wants to stop working. My total reps ended up being 280. Not bad but one guy got 310. I felt like a slacker after that! We’ll see what the rest of the day brings. Hopefully I wasn’t too far behind the curve :/

Other news
I stumbled across a FB share of a blogger:

She explains PALEO very well in my opinion without being too science-y. I probably eat more meat than she does but overall I think she’s got it on the spot in regards to starting out and understanding the basics.

From there it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their own research, testing and learning on their own. We are all different. We have different food reactions, different tastes, etc. It’s a constant experiment. Don’t ever forget that. The idea is to get as close to the goal as possible every day. Some days will be on target, some days will be slightly off and you all know just by reading my stuff some days don’t even come close to any goal. It happens. We are HUMAN! Just know that you want to keep your OFF days to a minimum. Just because you screw up one meal doesn’t mean your day is done and what the hell eat like crap the rest of the day. OR WEEK! Or whatever you may be thinking. Don’t let mental justifications make you fail for the day or sabotage your day/week/month/year! Make a Change. It’s for the better.


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