Sleeping Stephanie ZZZzzzz!

Lazy bones checking in I got nothin for ya today really. I completely missed my alarm this morning. I have no idea how I slept through it. I suppose I just dismissed it and went back to sleep but I have ZERO recollection. I just know I woke up and the room was lit up due to the rising sun! It was 6:30 am. TWO FREAKING HOURS past the time I should have got up! NO BOOM BOX for me. 😦 I was so lost this morning. So out of it. I had no idea. So ya, Go ME! I guess my body needed sleep more than anything.

Day 18 Sugar Detox
Going STRONG! I feel great, I feel awesome. Life is good. I’d like to say I’d kick sugar forever but I do love me some fruit. Give the good ol’ Sugar Detox a try folks. It’s not going to kill you, I’m still kicking. YES it takes time, YES it takes planning, YES you have to go outside your COMFORT zone. But if you can make small changes towards a bigger goal, you’ll get there. And NO I’m not sitting in my ivory tower. I haven’t been fit my whole life, I haven’t been skinny my whole life. I HAVE BIRTHED 3 children, I have EATEN food by the truckloads, I work FULL TIME, I have made EXCUSES, I lived in disgust with my own body and did nothing but stuff my face more.

I’ve been there done that. I can promise you that eating clean, eliminating JUNK and living for your future and your kids (if you have them) is WORTH missing out on everyday indulgences. Am I saying don’t ever eat a piece of cake? NO, I’m saying TRY to do something good for you and get out of old habits. Don’t reward yourself with food. Make food your fuel source, not your happy place. Please know that doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat boring bland food, it just means you have to WORK at cooking a little more. Ya I know WORK. Grow up, do work, live healthy, feel good as a result and enjoy life.

So my nothing turned into a little rant. Either your still reading or your not. It doesn’t matter. I just hope you all live for good health so you can enjoy your lives instead of being in pain, whatever pain that may be.

Have a good weekend. Take a step towards clean eating, moving more and loving life! Become addicted to being AWESOME!


Cause I’m lame and at a loss for something cool or cute to say.

As most of you know Wednesdays are my rest days and that’s what I do. REST and after reading a post over at Whole9 on RECOVERY vs. REST, ( I made sure I recovered. I typically do put some recovery work in but sometimes I’m not so thorough or consistent. I think also having a half day from work and taking the boys to the dentist was good mental recovery. We had a fun afternoon and evening… it was much needed.

This morning at the boom box was all about working on KB Snatch and a TEAM WOD. For KB Snatch we were supposed to go as heavy as possible but on Tuesday I kind of tweaked my wrist/forearm/elbow with the hang cleans so for safety’s sake I stayed at a lower weight. Man o Man do I suck at the dang snatch in any form, whether it be with the bar or the kettlebell. I’m telling you, I don’t know why I don’t get it. I managed to get some ok reps in but most of them stunk. It’s technique and it’s work and I will get it. I need to really invest in some equipment for at home practice.

5/17/12 WOD

There was only one TEAM because the 5am class was slackin’ this morning. YES if y’all are reading this SLACKERS! LOL, jokes, y’all probably would have took us down anyways! Hehe, NO WAY! I’m awesome, REMEMBER? So anyways, my teammate and I had to tackle 200 situps and 100 burpees, woohooo… and the kicker is to run 200m every 2 minutes. So when you do a team WOD typically only one person is doing the work. Except for when it was run time. One person runs and the other is still doing the movements that need to be completed. The situps weren’t so bad. We did our best to split it evenly and it worked out pretty ok. The burpees are what sucked. Especially when you have to run every 2 minutes. I think I got away with less burpees, THANK GOODNESS and our end time was 12:51. First place! For like an hour! LOL, we’ll see how the day shapes up.

Day 17 Sugar Detox

Yup I’m still going strong. Mentally I think I will always want a treat. It’s engrained in my brain. I grew up on Little Debbie products, pie for dessert and the occasional banana split from Braums when my parents felt like getting some ice cream. It’s never been a daily habit to have dessert and it sure hasn’t been that way in my house when I started a family. But in my head there’s always room for a sweet treat. As far as cravings go, I don’t get the desire to eat something sweet which is WAY AWESOME because I truly would salivate at the thought of eating something yummy, like an ooey gooey cookie straight from the oven. But I know I’ll always dream of eating sugary goodness. And I also know I can deal with it.

I know I haven’t been on the up and up with trying new recipes. I will truly get back to that when life slows down a little bit. I do hope though that you all are out there trying new things. This morning in my mad dash to get ready in the morning I did through some cauliflower, broccoli and bacon in the oven. YUMMO! I made this the other day but wasn’t all that hungry so I never even tasted it, so I’m looking forward to my lunch 🙂

Ready to Go in the OVEN 🙂

It’s not hard to make. I had a head of cauliflower and a giant broccoli head as well. I cut both up into florets and chopped up some bacon. I threw it all in a gallon ziploc bag, tossed in some olive oil, garlic, pepper, himalayan salt and cayenne pepper. Shook it all up. Poured it onto a foil lined baking sheet and popped in the oven (400°) for 30 minutes! I now have a delicious lunch side to eat with some ground beef and veggies I made as well THIS MORNING!

Have a great Thursday. Be AWESOME!!


Hang Cleans YOU DECEIVE me!

WOW Hang Cleans really suck! I haven’t ever had to do them and they got to me. They got in my head, they hurt my body and I let them take over and ruin me this morning! That paired with Toes To Bar (Knees to Elbow for me) and Hand Release Push Ups!.

After our regular warm up we did OLY lift warmups to get us all primed for these hang cleans. Now I’m a big fan of Power Cleans so I thought HEY I GOT THIS! We proceeded to work the pvc, work the bar, and work the cleans. I felt pretty good. A little awkward not coming from the ground but nothing to worry about or so I thought. Let me be clear, I now know I AM NOT A FAN of HANG CLEANS!

5/15/12 WOD

The MetCon was 3 rounds of 8 Hang Cleans (75lbs), 10 TTB, 12 HR Push Ups. Now I’ve been struggling more with the TTB for some reason, so instead of struggling all morning with those I did Knees To Elbows. Well I knocked out 3 maybe 4 Hang Cleans then I just lost confidence. I didn’t feel like my forearms were working for me, my grip went to out the door and I struggled. I knocked out my first 8 and I was WHOOPED! KTE were slow and wussy. Push Ups were fine but I was still beat from the measly 18 reps of cleans and KTE. Ugh I was pissed. Back to the BAR for Hang Cleans and I was getting 2 at a time sometimes 1 at a time. Mentally I struggled. Physically I would hold it on my knees because I just would think I couldn’t get the damn weight up. That was a lot of my problem. The weight wasn’t too much of an issue. It’s that short distance maybe that got to me. I don’t have the power there… well I do have it, I just don’t know how to harness it each rep! It will come with time, I know. I also have to not OVERTHINK everything (yes I still let that thinking get in the way). And maybe, just maybe the next time my grip and forearms won’t get wasted in the first minute of the workout! 😦 Time: 13:52

Day 15 Sugar Detox
Back on track like I said I would be. I didn’t have any issues yesterday so I’m glad to report that. I really thought the bites of yummy goodness I had would ruin me. Just been stick with the basics, lean proteins, veggies, water and herbal teas. They’re keeping me on the up and up. I do feel like my stomach feels less bloaty. Kind of like when you give up grains. All that “fullness” goes away. For me it’s not going to be bikini wearing results unless someone wants to donate to some plastic surgery. I was not blessed with good skin in regards to having babies. I do feel lighter in general so I’m hoping I lost a few pounds. I don’t have a number per say that I would like to hit but a few pounds down isn’t going to hurt me. I’m in a good range, I just feel like I’m on the high end of it. I made a deal with the kiddos to extend the detox a few days since I did indulge. So I hope to push through to the weekend. My journey will end May 25th, at least that’s the plan for now 🙂

Have a great day y’all! Can you believe May is halfway over?!? I really wish I got a summer break like the kids get!!! BE AWESOME!


Ok Ok, I wasn’t as bad as the picture but I FELT that bad. I do admit Mother’s Day Dessert got the best of me. But this didn’t GET me down. I’m back on the detox program full swing! I just hate the fact that I let the temptation get to me 😦 I had a few + a few bites of dessert at dinner, got a headache and fell into a sugar induced coma. I woke up feeling fine and that’s it. All done. I don’t feel the need to guzzle gallons of honey or eat a ton of fruit but we’ll see how my day ends up. With 7 days to go we’ll see if I can go past that 21 day finish line since I did screw it all up yesterday.

Other than that snafu, the weekend was great. I got to hit up the Community WOD with the BOOM BOX Saturday morning at the park. We got the lovely chance to totally kill our legs with partner squats. One person on each end of barbell. We both squat with the barbell then come up to overhead, 25 reps. That was followed by a farmer’s carry, half court and back, full court and back. Which was followed by more squats. Then we moved on to Med Ball Sit ups (25 each). My team had a team of 3 while the other teams were just teams of 2, so we had the joy of going 3 rounds instead of 2 rounds. Woohoo fun. But we weren’t finished we still had to do SUICIDES on the basketball court but with a barbell OVERHEAD. 2 rounds! Ya I was beat down, officially beat down! So for the rest of the weekend it was tough just to walk much less do anything else.

This morning I was still feeling the soreness. My legs are fried and what’s better on a Monday morning than Deadlifts and LOTS OF SPRINTING? Sleeping? Vacation? Hahaha, but I had neither of those choices so Deadlifts and Sprints was all that was left.

Skill/Strength: Deadlifts 5, 5, 5+ We took 90% of our 1 RM. Then took 75%, 80% and 85% for our sets. That’s 120lbs, 130lbs and 140lbs for me. I got to 12 reps on my last set which is good. If my fingers didn’t feel like they were going to POP off my hands I’m sure I had a few more in me. Is that just me with the finger pain? They are still achy!!

MetCon: 200m Sprint every 2 minutes for 24 minutes. Have I told you my legs are fried? Yup they are and sprinting was oh so hard! I managed to keep my time under 30 seconds for at least half of the sprints. The other half were just right over at 31 seconds or 35 seconds. WOW it sucked! But ah well, just gotta keep showing up and doing the work. And that’s what I do!

Have a great day folks. Enjoy the day!

Lunges, Pizza and It’s all DOWNHILL from here!

How about that for some good OL randomness!

The BOOM Box Workout write up is short and sweet today although the workout itself was grueling! The skill/strength was Strict Press 5, 5, 5+. After all the percentage math I ended up with 50lbs, 55lbs and 60lbs. I struggled a little bit on the 60lbs after my initial 5 reps but squeezed two more reps out for 7 on my last attempt!

5/11/12 WOD

The MetCon was WEIGHTED LUNGES. 8 rounds of max distance lunges holding extra weight in bumper plate form for 90 seconds and then a 30 second rest. Full rep is knees hitting ground. No cheating! I tried to keep a mental count of my splits but I just couldn’t keep track. Hugging on a 25lb plate gets to hurt really fast. I held it on my head. Held it over the top of my back. Back to hugging it. It becomes a big ol nuisance by the 8th round. I didn’t stop except for my 30 sec rests, so that was GOOD. We counted total yds and I got a dead even 250yds. I may not feel my legs or butt tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Gluten Free Pizza RANT
So by now a lot of you have probably seen or heard of Dominoe’s Pizza advertising their GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! And I know there’s pizza mixes and other restaurants offering the same craptastic idea. So now it’s all ok to chow down on pizza right? NO PEOPLE it’s not ok. It just means there is more processed crap and other not healthy things filling the place of the GLUTEN. It’s not a health advantage. You’re not CHEATING the system. The problem with most “GLUTEN FREE” labeled products is that if it’s simulating a wheat product it most likely has NOT GOOD STUFF IN IT. So OK you have CELIAC and want PIZZA this a good way to get it in but at what costs? Don’t get me wrong I love me some pizza, but don’t get all crazy with the gluten free tag. It’s not a free pass. You’re still being fed junk and I’m not just talking about calories, I’m talking about highly processed, chemicals, fake stuff and you are putting that in your body maybe once in a while, maybe regularly, I have no idea, only you do. At least try eating REAL food. Ya life is short, you’re busy, blah blah blah, to each his own. I’m just trying to be some beacon of light that if you wonder why your kid has stomach issues, or you have migraines, or regular ailments it MOST likely comes from the consistent flow of crap you put in. Our bodies aren’t meant to break down all the processed foods. Cut out the GLUTEN, don’t replace it with FAKE shit and eat real food! I’m done for now. You know I’ll be back in regards to this but CARRY ON! It’s Friday, I’m sure it’s PIZZA night anyways! HA!

Day 11 Sugar Detox
Is it true? I’ve made it halfway? I haven’t slipped up (well except for sweet potato indulgence that one day)? I haven’t had extra fruit besides a green tipped banana or green apple, which are allowed by the way, and note I didn’t eat one or the other EVERY DAY so YAY! NO added sugars PEOPLE and I’m still alive and I’m NOT miserable. You know I was but it was quick. I feel good, I feel like I’m more efficient. Maybe it’s mental but it at some point has to be physical because my body isn’t having to work any extra. I’m putting in good vegetables and grassfed meats and all is well. My urge to WANT treats is diminishing LIKE FOR REAL, my brain still thinks it but eh I don’t want it anymore like I did a few days ago. I’m diggin my DETOX. Who would have thunk it? 10 days to GO! All downhill from here!

Have a superlicious weekend folks! As always make it awesome. SMILE. Do something ridiculous and put a smile on someone else’s face 🙂 AND HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL YOU MOMMA’S!!!!

Caution: Thrusters + Burpees May Cause Death

Holy Guacamole! (yummm guacamole!) Todays MetCon about killed me today. I think maybe on another day when I could BREATHE then possibly I could have done better?!? I seriously couldn’t catch my breath all morning long. It sucked and pissed me off and I was on the verge of needing the puke bucket. As always I pushed through but my PUSH wasn’t that great today. This was an AMRAP ladder for 7 minutes. 2 Thrusters (65lbs), 2 Bar Facing Burpees, 4 Thursters, 4 BFB, 6 Thrusters, 6 BFB, etc. I got through 8 of each and then 5 Thrusters. This was no bueno. I was hoping for more but it was NOT happening today!

5/10/12 WOD

On a more positive note. I think I ran my fastest 400m run today. That was part of our skill/strength this morning. The 400m run and working on Hand Stand Push Ups. I know this is NOT LIGHTNING FAST but my run was 1:53. I can’t find the FAST BUTTON on anything over 200m so I’m okay with this number for now. We had the option to run it again to best our time but I was the bad student who chose not to run again. HI I’m Stephanie, I hate running!

We moved on to HSPUs. I’ve progressed in this movement a little bit which is good! And I finally learned to KIP these bad boys. Although we are to only use kipping when we fail at strict HSPUs. That’s fine by me because at least now I’m confident in the kip. Before I wasn’t giving enough UMPH upwards. Today I figured it out! Woohooo!

DAY 10 Sugar Detox
And she’s still truckin boys and girls. Besides me rambling on randomly about treats and sweets I’m doing great. Everything seems to be clicking. Coach asked what changes/benefits I’ve noticed and I really didn’t have an answer. Is that bad? I mean I’m sure there are some changes but I haven’t really paid attention. I feel fine and I know I can live without sugar. Great right? I hope! I wasn’t having many problems besides my regular aches and pains. Those are still there. I’m just hoping that by the end of this thing I won’t be CRAVING the sugary goodness. Yesterday BROWNIES were waved in front of my face and although my brain lit up I know my tastebuds weren’t feeling it. That’s a good sign. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… hehehe. That’s all I can do! 11 Days to GO!

Enjoy your day today. Happy Thursday!


Not quite halfway there but getting close! And for the most part I’m doing great, feeling great, killing WODs still and overall just fine and dandy!

If you’ve been following along you know all this but if you’re new and may be interested in doing this 21-Day Sugar Detox then I’ll just recap a bit. The ladies over at Balanced Bites have this lovely sugar detox program suited for all levels of folks. There are 3 levels to accommodate your comfort level of letting things go. I chose level 3 because I already live a Paleo lifestyle. So I’ve given up a lot of things from the SAD (Standard American Diet).

Why would I want to do a Sugar Detox if I’ve already changed my lifestyle so drastically? Well I’ll tell you. I’m ADDICTED to SUGAR, even the kind that occurs in nature, i.e. fruit, honey. I CRAVE sweet things all the time and those cravings lead me to make YUMMY YUMMY Paleo-ish (sometimes not so paleo) treats but I tend to make too much and just want more. Every now and then I even go all crazy and eat cookies made out of all the badness of flour, sugars, artificial flavors, etc.

I also recently learned my “favorite” sweetener AGAVE NECTAR was dubbed LIQUID DEATH and that just made me realize I need to shake things up and not let myself stay in this idea that I’m doing alright. I mean in the grand scheme of life I’ve moved my eating habits to GREAT vs. POOR but I still feel like I’m missing something, not achieving all the things I need to in regards to my health. So why not give this sugar detox a go? It’s only 21 days.

I won’t lie the first few days I was shocked at how I felt. I really didn’t think I had that much sugar in me to make that big of a difference. Days 2-5 I had small annoying headaches, felt tired all day, and just was overall blah. After that everything seemed to fade away. I’m doing fine, great, just peachy 🙂 But again please note I have given up grains, refined foods, and a lot of dairy and already had those sorts of withdrawls. So if you do this coming straight from SAD know you’re body will react differently. I do hope to benefit from some weight loss as well but that’s not my primary goal. I did weigh in on Day 1 and won’t weigh till Day 21 just to see. I should be content with my weight/body etc… but as with most women I still have issues, lots of mental issues that come with years of wanting to look a certain way, wishing I could have my pre-baby body, and so forth. After starting CrossFit many of those issues have fallen to the wayside but in all honesty I still think about dumb stuff like that more often than I should. It’s part of it in my life and I deal the best I can.

As far as food goes, the 21-Day Sugar Detox provides you with recipes to help get you through the weeks. I however have not tried any of their recipes! We are so busy as of late that I’ve just been sticking to the basics. Meats, veggies, more meats, more veggies and EGGS 🙂 Those are my staples with or without the detox so I’m good there. I’ve had to up the intake of my veggeies because my biggest let go is FRUIT! I heart FRUIT! Berries, peaches, plums, etc. But I have done well in letting go of the fruits. I’ve even kept sweet potatoes to a minimum 🙂

Know that I’m just your average American. Busy mom of 3 busy boys. Works full time. Etc. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist. Just a person trying to do what’s right for me and my family. If you have questions I am more than happy to share my experiences and learned knowledge but I am not an expert by any means. Just wanted to make that clear 🙂

That’s it for today. I typically don’t blog on Wednesdays as this is my rest day and I have no workouts to report on but I figured I might as well while on this short journey. Have an AWESOME day. Become addicted to being AWESOME!