Become ONE with the (pull up) BAR

Ya not so much today but getting there I guess… just really slowly. I’m such a wussbag. But in the long run, my tolerance to hanging on the bar has gotten better. It still starts to hurt before too long but not as quickly as it once did.

This morning at the BOOM Box we worked on ring rows and pull up skills. We first did MAX REP ring rows x 3. I dutifully started out RX with my legs straight and felt fine. Coach came over and corrected the width of my arms and well my RX straight legs went out the window. I had to bend my knees for the remainder of rows. I managed to get 13, 8 and then 6. Not bad but not good either.

6/4/12 WOD

We moved on to max pull ups. So far I’ve been a slacker on my pull up work and my max with the green band has been 5. I busted a whopping 6 today! It’s better than the 3 I started off with a couple of months ago I suppose. After our MAX we worked on kipping and all the work that goes into that. I’m much better at kipping but still lack the strict pull up strength to get my chin over that bar. By now my hands hurt. I’m done. I did not become ONE with the bar. Another day.

MetCon: 8 rounds of 20 sec run, 10 sec rest with 35lb bumper. So it’s a TABATA of running! Yay for running! 😦
We had 10 yards marked out with cones. We had 20 seconds to get as many lengths as we could, then rest for 10 seconds. At each cone we had to touch the ground with the weight. Keeping count wasn’t so bad today for some reason. Overall distance 32 full lengths. Although I was struggling at the end and at a loss for catching my breath my recovery time wasn’t so bad. Maybe I am getting better at this thing called running (sprinting, jogging, etc.). Maybe today was just a fluke!

Weekend Happenings, Eating, and Rambling
We are pretty much fuddy duddies as of late. Maybe because we had a break in baseball and we just needed to chill and maybe cause we are flat out lazy! Hehehe. I did make it out to Homestead Farms on Saturday and my slacker old self didn’t take one picture. It didn’t even cross my mind, new place, new people, FORGETFUL FRANK! If you live in the Keller area it’s not a bad place to check out. They have grassfed beef, pasture chicken and pork. They also have raw goat’s milk from their own goats there on the farm. There was a varied selection of seasonal vegetables, all pesticide free. They carry an assortment of beef jerky, almond butters and other items I can not clearly remember. Pictures would be helpful right now! I ended up walking out with a couple of yellow onions, a few peaches (yummo), raspberries, and beef jerky. The had some chickens outside the back of their store for people to go see. It was a cute place. reasonable priced and in the middle of suburbia. It was a little out of the way for us to make a regular trip but if you are in the area it’s a good place to visit!

My eating habits weren’t right on point but not too bad at all. We were pretty boring… nothing fancy. I did eat those peaches though. They were perfect! And I went ahead and ate a yogurt parfait and La Madeliene because an omelet just didn’t sound good at the time. I didn’t feel any ramifications from eating dairy and fruits so I felt ok with my decision.

I don’t have much to ramble about really, it just flowed well in my subtitle. Heheh. I did stumble across this blogger who shares her struggles about her kiddo and his health, behavioral issues and how removing gluten and dairy from his diet helped him tremendously. Check it out at:

Enjoy this MONDAY! Make it fantabulous and be awesome at it!

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