Ooo Weeee Sprinting

Sometimes I read before I go to bed to see what the workout is for the morning. Sometimes that is a mistake because it makes me dread going in and my will to sleep in gets stronger. Clearly I truly don’t let it bring me down because up and at ’em is what I’m all about. I show up day in and day out. But it drains me of energy knowing something I am not good at is coming SOON.

This morning was a double whammy of things I’m not good at: Chest to Bar Pull Ups and SPRINTING. We also had 100 butterfly sit ups in there but I got those. Sit ups are my friend. I just wish I had the stomach to show for it. 3 kids, non stretchy skin, years later unhealthy eating habits leaves this chica with not the ideal abs of awesomeness. Chest to Bar however was no fun. Since I use bands still my goal today was to get up on the bar and hold as long as I could. Also known as negative Pull Ups. I suck at those too. I could barely hold myself in the position for more than a few seconds. A little work is better than no work I suppose.

6/19/12 WOD

MetCon: 8 rounds of 100 yd sprints. 2 min rest in between.
100yd sprints. I’m better at sprinting than straight up running but I’m still not very good. We went out into the parking lot and Coach had 50 yds marked out, so our sprint was 50 yds to a cone then 50 yds back. I tend to slow down too much before I have to turn so I’m sure I wasted a valuable second or two. My first 2 or 3 sprints were 19 seconds, then I dropped to 20 seconds. Somewhere inside of me I found a little extra umph and dropped to an 18 second sprint. My last one was back at 20 seconds. Coach took our lowest and highest sprints for the whiteboard. I was the slowest in the group which is never fun. Some of these guys were getting 14 second times. Poor Poor Petri. Ah well.

In other news
Sadly baseball is over in my little world for a couple of months at least. It’s bittersweet because it kept us so busy the days flew by and now we resume to a slow pace which gets boring after a while. I don’t mind being on the GO but at least now I can hopefully get back to cooking better meals in the evenings. Eating Paleo is pretty simple, I can bust out a few quick dishes but it gets old, FAST! Now I won’t be rushing around trying to get to games or practices and I can get a little creative in the cooking dept. Of course I could get accustomed to being a lazy ass and just lounge on the couch every night but I doubt that will really happen.

Have a ROCKIN Tuesday. Don’t forget to be AWESOME. Get to moving today if you aren’t already. Do some sprints. It takes very little time and you get more work in than you could possibly imagine in that little amount of time. You engage every part of your body for short bursts. Nothing better than that! Yes I know you’re thinking there’s a lot of stuff better than sprinting but really, if you want good health and results, SPRINTING is an integral part. I promise you!

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6 thoughts on “Ooo Weeee Sprinting

  1. I finally was able to do a chin-up after using the bands for a short time, now working on my pull-ups. I struggle so much with them, but think how awesome we’ll be once we can do one! 🙂

      • Yes kipping is pretty intimidating but my WANNABE INNER GYMNAST comes out and I seem to kip just fine. I still don’t have the strength to get up and above the bar though. I’m sooooo close. My coach advised me to not practice kipping and to focus on getting my strict pull up mastered. I mean if it’s on the whiteboard to practice kipping then I’ll practice but some days I hang out and work on pull ups and that’s when I’m supposed to work on strict only.

        I think it will be wonderful to be able to put it all together, then I will definitely feel stronger 🙂

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