Sometimes Slow and Steady does WIN the race! Barely!

Today’s Boom Box Special was a chipperish Cindy-like WOD on ROIDS! This was Cindy’s EVIL Sister. Pull ups, Push ups and Air Squats – YAY fun! And to spice it up a bit it started with a 400m run and then had 400m run every 5 minutes!!! Come on now, RUNNING in the middle of already dying?!? Coach HATES us! I’m super convinced now 😀 He did give us a break by it only being this beast like chipper and we did get to work on mobility as well which was much needed because I’ve been slacking.

6/28/12 WOD

First off the 400m run just for oh you know the hell of it. Don’t worry at minute 5 there will be another fun run, and minute 10, minute 15, etc. We had a 30 minute cap, will I finish?!?

I knew 50 pullups were going to be a doozy so I went with the green and blue band because I knew trying to go with green only would keep me on that bar for the entire class. I could do a few more at a time with the double banding but they were still a beating. I did 3 runs just during Pull Ups and they were ugly runs.

Moving onto Push Ups was plain ol’ miserable and did not help in the shoulder dept, duh! My shoulders are dead. The next run was incredibly ridiculous. I tried my hardest to keep my arms to my side and run looking like a weirdo because my shoulders were burning.

I wanted to walk so bad on that run but I didn’t. Got back, finished push ups and got 17 air squats before my 5th run. Thank goodness shoulders are no longer needed. If it weren’t for coach pushing me on I don’t think I would have finished my Air Squats before the next 5 minute mark. I knew I couldn’t run now because my quads were on FIRE!!! But he really stood by me and helped me fight through and that is just what I did. FIGHT! Time: 24:45! BAM!

Stephanie doesn’t hate Push Ups but struggled!

I was the last one to finish pull ups and the last one on all the runs but I managed to kill push ups and air squats to beat the boys!!! HELL YA!!!! And just so you know… below is what I look like after 90% of all our WODs… Sometimes I manage to find a wall to hold me up!

Look familiar? Haha, This is my preferred I’m dying but I know I’ll live afterall position :/

Everybody is working for the weekend right?!? Almost there! You know the rest: BE AWESOME!!

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