What is it about Mondays?

Seriously I feel sorry for this day. It takes blame for everything! It can make or break your week sometimes. It can make your Sunday sad just knowing Monday is lurking right around the corner. I’m sure there’s some Betty Crocker mom or some overachiever suck up out there that thinks Monday’s are FABULOUS but I know it’s not…my weekend is over…my stupid commute is waiting for me and back to work I go. Today is no different. Another Monday and another case of the blahs!

But enough of my crybaby self. Lets get to the work I put in at the BOOM BOX. My IT band was already giving me grief! Skill/Strength was Back Squat at 65% of our max + 5lbs 3 x 5. I worked up to 100lbs and did 3 sets of 5 reps. I could have had better form on all 3 sets. I was giving in to the IT band and not getting full depth. Then when I got full depth I leaned too far forward. Not the greatest of moments but I knew what needed to be corrected. Definitely need icing and extra mobility work on my left leg.

6/18/12 WOD

MetCon – Curtis P’s 30 for time!
I had no clue what a Curtis P is but I soon found out. I still don’t know the story if any behind it but I know this series of movements is no JOKE.

So what you have here is a Power Clean, Lunge on each leg and the finish with a Push Press. That’s one rep! Now the goal is to do 30! I’ve never tried lunging with a bar racked across my shoulders so that movement alone was a new and stressful thought. With my IT Band already giving me grief I wasn’t making full depth in my lunge on that side and this was just with the bar, let alone weight added to it. But I still added weight. So I gave 65lbs a go and it’s not so bad to clean and I can get my right knee to the ground but I really can’t get my left knee down so MODIFICATION here we come. First Coach had me do a front squat after I cleaned the bar. This wasn’t so bad so that turned into Power Clean, Thruster for me. The weight wasn’t too heavy but I messed up too many times forgetting to clean the bar each time. I wanted to just bust out thrusters and this actually slowed me down and gave me extra work. That was with the first 10 that I was low functioning mentally. The second set of 10 went fairly quickly and I had a good rhythm. By the last 10 I was now feeling fatigued… I busted out 6, 2 and then 2. Time 6:33

I was drained but still wished I could have done the actual Curtis P’s. It’s fine I know. There will be a next time I’m sure. Never hurts to get Thruster work in.

Other Crap
Ok so it’s not crap. We had a busy busy weekend. Kid baseball = WIN. Movie: That’s My Boy = WIN (yes I thought it was hilarious and I don’t care what anyone else thinks). RANGERS GAME for Father’s Day = WIN.

After the AllStar game on Saturday, Jakob got to meet Jim Sundberg, one of the greatest Catchers ever and title name to the tournament they are playing in.

The MEN in my life enjoying the game.

Yup that’s the BOOMSTICK, huge ass HOT DOG. And Yes we all ate it, including me 😦

What no KNIFE… only a fork? We had troubles cutting into the ginormous hot dog and no one wanted to run down and get a knife!

I didn’t eat all that fantastic this weekend as you can see but it wasn’t all that BAD either. A little bit of everything. I most definitely went over my 20% in the 80/20 rule of Paleo lines of thinking. Maybe that’s why my knee was giving me so much grief. A little inflammation from poor eating? Probably so.

I’m good at cleaning things up in regards to food. Actually I’m super great at it. I know how to buckle down and take care of business. It helps that I follow Paleo more on the 90/10 scale if not even better than that. 100% is what I need to do because the beach awaits me in 3 1/2 weeks but 100% sometimes is little too much, even for me.

Ready for this Monday to be over! Hope you all are having a better go at it. Trying to feel awesome but all I fell is BLEH! Hehe. Until tomorrow!

Beat Down Friday!

First let me say, I love that you can google all sorts of random crap and in return you get some goodness to make you giggle. Hence the Ronald McDonald Beat Down pic.

This week has taken it’s toll on me. Post WOD today I was draggin butt all over the house. I had no more to give. I guess that can be a good thing. I know I did work! But it’s also a bad thing because I just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep FOREVER!

Today’s Whiteboard had Power Cleans, Running and Rowing. Well not even 5 minutes into mobilizing and warming up it started POURING! Yay for no running is all I could think of cause I’m a loser like that! But who knew what other punishment would be in store… so it’s a bittersweet happiness.

I feel pretty good doing Power Cleans in MetCons, typically because it’s a reasonable weight for me. This morning it would be a 2 RM. Yowsers. I don’t have any Power Clean Maxes recorded but I have Clean & Jerked 90lbs so at least I had some idea of weight. I worked my way up to 85 fairly easy so I thought 90 would be easy. Well it wasn’t HARD but it sure wasn’t easy. I then added the baby 2 1/2 lb’ers to make it 95. I can surely lift the weight but I have some sort of mental issue with dropping under the bar. After 3 attempts I finally got mad enough to get under the 95lbs. It wasn’t pretty but I did it. I gotta work on TECHNIQUE.

MetCon: Rowing and Running
The board said 4 rounds of 250m Row and 100 yd run, 2 minute Rest between rounds. Well the rain kept us from going outside, although coach was thinking we’d run it out in the rain but it was coming down pretty hard. So we modified the run to some windsprints in the box which is, according to modified whiteboard, 50 yds. We didn’t record times on our rows or sprints, we just raced each other. I did alright and had some close races and I was certainly winded and beat down. I also noted to myself that I need to work on ROWING. Sheeshh that shit is hard. More freaking technique I gotta learn!

We have a COMMUNITY WOD at the BOOM BOX. If you’re in town, near town or want to make a trip to see us, you can drop on in! Right after the group love I will partake in an Olympic lifting class that has started up there at CrossFit Boom. I hope to gain technique and confidence with this class. Last week we worked a lot with the PVC and I feel like I learned a lot. I just hope I keep feeling that way 🙂

One last thing….Happy Father’s Day to all you DADs, StepDADs, Future DADs and to any man who plays a Fatherly role to someone else’s kids. Also to those MOMs who have to play both roles all of the time, I pray you find good men to help mentor your children and if doesn’t happen I pray God gives you the strength to do both roles with ease.

A Dad is truly somebody everyone needs even if they aren’t your real DAD. I’m just sad that Father’s Day is so undervalued in general.

Alrighty then. For the rest of you… HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! MAKE IT AWESOME!!!


I knoowwww, when will she ever shut up about medicine balls… well probably NEVER! I learned today that it’s not just wall balls that suck big ol’ donkey balls, but doing PUSH UPs on these miserable balls of NOT MEDICINE suck as well. Or should I say I SUCK at them! You could seriously play a drinking game for every time you read the word suck on this post! I will complain more I’m sure but I need to get to the full agenda of this morning.


So here’s the dirty WHITEBOARD for the day. Gymnastics for the skill/strength. I chose to work on Handstand Pushups for a couple of reasons. 1. We’ve had too many pull up workouts in a week so if that’s not practice I don’t know what is. 2. My IT band was EXTRA painful so no PISTOL work for me. 3. Dare I say Muscle Ups without giggling…well I’m no where close to that. AND 4. I’m closest to actually getting a HSPU so that makes most sense.

6/14/12 WOD

Besides still having a plate under the mat, I am having a hard time tapping my head to the mat and busting right back up. I have to get the timing down. I can do 5 pretty ok but then I fatigue and I struggle waiting for contact with the mat and then rest instantly once my head touches. I know it takes work and that’s all I can do for the moment. I do feel stronger with this movement in general.

MetCon – Ah yes by big ol suckfest MedBallalooza. 10 minute AMRAP of 5 Wall Balls (14lbs), 8 Ball Push Ups. My thought process going into this is I HATE WALL BALLS, BUT 5 is doable. I can do 5 Wall Balls! What I underestimated was doing 8 Push Ups on the sucky gray and red med ball. You have no idea how bad I wanted to let my knees hit the ground to make it easier. But I didn’t I held tough though and stuck through it. This was not easy for me at all. Final: 7 rounds + 5 wall balls + 1 pushup

These Med Balls + Form in next image is what my Push Ups looked like.

Ok maybe I wasn’t a SOLID BOARD but I tried!

In other news:
I’m still doing good at limiting my sugar. I won’t lie I’ve had some dark chocolate and some extra fruit intake but I’ve kept it limited. It’s not daily and I still stick to the 21-Day Sugar Detox ideals. I feel pretty good and when I do eat a little fruit or the yummy chocolate I have no apparent issues mostly because I’m not inhaling it by the pound. No sugar comas, upset stomach or headaches. I did eat a burrito the other day which equaled INSTANT HEADACHE. I don’t know why I do dumb things like that STILL but I do and one day hopefully I won’t! Processed foods are no bueno for you.

Eating Clean is the best thing you can do for yourself. I know it’s hard to wrap your brain around it if you days are filled with kids, busy lives, fast food, boxed foods, or tons of grains. But when you do the research, make the time and test it out for 30 days AT LEAST, you will notice a difference.

I found this on Facebook yesterday. I don’t have research statistics to back it… it is Facebook people.  But at the end of the day a lot of these ailments that are treated with unnecessary medications are reduced with fat loss. True Story.

In one month I’ll be on a beach relaxing (and CrossFitting).


Also, I’ll have a certified TEENAGER. In two months I’ll be in my first ever TEAM WOD Competition at Europa in Dallas and I’ll be the big THREE FIVE. So much to look forward to this summer.

Start Moving if you haven’t, Keep Moving if you already started…. be AWESOME.

It’s a CHIPPER Tuesday!

NO REALLY… We had a funtastic chipper for our WOD today.

6/12/12 WOD

Yes you read that correctly: 200 Double Unders, 50 Dead Lifts and 30 Push Press. RX weight was 85lbs, but I’m thinking my max is 90lbs so 85 is pushing it. I loaded up 65lbs but Coach was like why don’t you make that 75lbs, so dragging my feet I loaded up 10 more pounds. I was ready to go I suppose.

Anytime there’s a CLOCK and DU’s involved I suddenly suck at DUs. I can string at least 30-40 on any given day, moment or whatever but put a clock on me and I’m toast! I was thinking I’d have 200 done in 3 minutes or so, I’m not really sure about the time that I did finish the DUs, I just know it was more than 3 minutes. Moving on to Dead Lifts was what I was looking forward to and you just don’t imagine DUs smokin your ass so quick. I was doing the DL’s so slow at first and caught myself wondering why I was moving so slow, this is relatively light weight. I did the first 25 pretty slow and then picked up the pace for the last 25. Push Press is what really got me. I would do 2, then 3, then rest, the 5, then 2 more. I was a mess. I didn’t want to drop it because I didn’t want to clean it every time but I just couldn’t hold on to it. I struggled a lot but I pushed past limits which is always the goal right? Time: 14:55

I felt much better after this workout than I did with CINDY from yesterday. Big ol REST day tomorrow which I am thankful. I need rest although tomorrow I will be ants in my pants wanting to workout. Yes I’m sick in the head like that. I love getting a good workout in! But I also know without proper recovery I’ll be screwed.

I know this is short post without much depth but I don’t have anything going on in my noggin right now. Eat clean, work hard, pick up heavy stuff and put it over your head, and do it all the time. It’s a good thing Charlie Brown. I promise. You’ll feel like a badass, you’ll look like a badass and best of all you’ll KNOW you’re a badass!



CrossFit for HOPE BOOM BOX Crew! Hot, sweaty and GOOFY!

Wowowow. This weekend went by way too quickly. Saturday at the BOOM Box was CrossFit for Hope. As I had mentioned on Friday this was a fundraiser workout to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And here is the workout:

3 Rounds – 1 minute at each station plus a 1 minute rest station.

75 pound Power snatch
Box jump, 24″ box
75 pound Thruster
Chest to bar Pull-ups

We had a good turnout and put in a lot of work. I had no idea how bad thrusters would be after doing the box jumps. I did everything at 45lbs and used bands for chest to bar. I had a final of 176 reps. It was super hot and I was super spent but I pushed through. So proud of my kiddo though, he managed to get 194 for his total! Also you can still donate if you wish and support the BOOM BOX’s efforts: http://hope.crossfit.com/widget/athlete?id=2312

If you only thought that was crazy we had an Oly class afterwards. Fortunately it was a lot of going over technique and not a lot of picking up weight but dang we were struggling even with PVC! It was a good class though and I look forward to learning more. It’s definitely worth doing. I will learn to be efficient in my lifts and I will be AWESOME!

WOD 6/11/12

Then comes Monday. The day we all despise and wish it didn’t exist and well it’s just Monday. Today’s whiteboard had Cindy on the agenda. I got my new kicks, Nano 2.0s, and I was actually looking forward to this. Sadly I was overestimating myself.

Skill/Strength – We worked back squat and press. We worked our way up to 3 sets of 5 at 65% of our 1RM and that wasn’t too shabby. After that we did 1 set of 5 on press at 75% of our 1RM.

20 min amrap

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air-squats

I used the green band and only the green band. My max on the green band is 6 reps (barely). I had enough in me to complete 3 rounds fairly quickly then I lost it all in the pull ups. I struggled, BAD! I only got 6 rounds and 4 pullups in and it took me a long time to get those 4 pullups completed. I had a shit ton of NO REPS because I’d be so close but no chin over the bar. I was pissed, hot, sweaty and more pissed. Ah well. I busted out the pushups and air squats the best I could. I definitely brought the WEAK SAUCE this morning. Hopefully tomorrow is a better showing 😦

Random things
So I mentioned I got a pair of Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0s. They are cute and comfortable and although they didn’t give me magical pull up powers they felt good. If you’re looking into buying a new shoe then I highly recommend them. Granted I’ve only worn them for 1 workout but they really felt good. I still love my inov-8s but I do love these shoes as well.

Also, we ordered some Cinnamon Paleo Krunch (http://stevesoriginal.com/store).

This was a perfect fix for any random cereal cravings. I did take in some milk (grassfed, non homogenized, low pasteurized) and it was good, no ill tummy effects. Very yummy! Go buy some now and send it my way… THANKS!

One more thing, Ernie ordered me some Rogue Gymnastics Grips and I got to test those out this morning. Hand savers and everyone should go get some if you are a wuss bag such as myself. Better than tape, and less painful on the hands when sucking at pull ups.

I hope everyone has a better Monday than me! Make it great. Talk at y’all tomorrow 🙂



Turkish TORTURE!

Happy Friday Everyone!

This morning at the BOOM BOX was a downright beating! We started off with Push Press 3 RM. What that means is that we find our MAX weight doing 3 reps. If you only get 2 reps at a certain weight then it’s a FAIL. I made it through 90lbs. Went to lift 95lbs and just lost confidence. I didn’t try again because time was out for making attempts. Last time I did this was back in February. I jumped from 85lbs to 95lbs and failed. I didn’t remember this at the time but I was much smarter and made the smaller step to 90lbs and finished there.

6/8/12 WOD

Metcon: TURKISH GET UPS (aka TURKISH TORTURE) – 40 reps for time. Below is a picture to demonstrate. Up and down is one rep. Goal was to do 20 reps on each arm. I practiced with a 10lb dumbbell and moved up to 12KG (approx 24lbs) Kettle Bell for the workout. I did 5 on each side up to 25, then went back and forth in 2’s. This didn’t end up evenly and I was smoked. This was a no joke kind of MetCon. Long and grueling. Time 20:21

I didn’t have much else to report on. Ernie saved a turtle on the road and we released him at a park pond last night. Kids named him Tubby the Turtle.

This morning I gave this banana pancake a go that I found on the 21-Day Sugar Detox Facebook page. I can’t recall if they posted it or just someone who was doing the detox and came up with it. It wasn’t bad in taste but the consistency was more of a mush if you will. All 3 of my kids liked it but maybe if I use almond flour instead of coconut flour, or less coconut milk or something! Hahah I will have to play around with it. No pics cause it was ugly. And no recipe cause it’s on a post it note at home. Once I perfect it I’ll share 🙂

Also had the good fortune for a photogenic dragonfly who wanted it’s picture taken. He/she was cute. I LOVE dragonflies.

I hope everyone has a GREAT WEEKEND! If you’re local it’s another Community WOD at the BOOM BOX. CrossFit for Hope will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is to raise 1.7MM – one day’s operating cost for St. Jude – to combat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Come on out if you can or find a local box near you, there’s a good chance they will be participating.

I hope your weekend is full of ROCK N ROLL and adventure. I leave you with random motivations I found on the interwebs!

Toes To Bar Thursday

And I actually didn’t suck as bad as I normally. This thing called PROGRESS is awesome! Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t in beast mode or anything, just better than my previous TTB attempts.

As always I never give you a constant flowing blog to read. I jump around. So let me start with the beginning of our 5am fun at the BOOM BOX.

For Skill/Strength we worked on Muscle Up technique. I’m nowhere near getting a MU but practice never hurts. We worked with the rings lower to the ground and used bands to support us. We sat on the band and stretched out horizontal like lying down but eleveated, letting the band hold us and then use our hips as our power to get to the rings and still stay horizontal. I searched the interwebs for a picture but I didn’t find one straight away so I gave up. I had this movement down pretty ok the first couple of tries but then something happened where my brain stopped working and my body went wonky and lacked coordination. We then moved on to sitting up and getting our feet under us. I had good technique for 2 attempts and then just lost it. It puts a lot of strain on my shoulders and I had more fails than I wanted. But it was definitely great to work on those small but super important movements.

Nowhere near this movement for me but this is for those of you not sure what I’m talking about when I say Muscle Up.

The MetCon was 10 min AMRAP of 5 TTB and 10 Double Unders. I dread the TTB but I managed to remember to borrow Ernie’s hand grips (which helped tremendously). I did much better than I ever have with TTB. My first couple of rounds they weren’t bad at all but I did lose that grip toward the end and I just can’t hang on and bust those out. Double Unders – I got those down now! Now 15 isn’t alot but I did 8 of my 10 rounds unbroken so it’s nice to feel “good” at something 🙂 Total Count: 10 Rounds + 4 TTB

Nothing else to report today. It’s rainy and blah outside but I still feel good! Eating clean does a body good folks! Try it out! There’s a couple of pics below to show you the sort of things I eat during the day while I’m at work. Have a glorious Thursday!

Typically a snack. Pasture Chicken Eggs and Pork Belly = YUMMO!

Tex-Mex Hash Breakfast Casserole, Salad and Buffalo that a coworker shared. It was cooked perfectly!

Top Sirloin Kabobs that I didn’t Kabob, just stir fried in a skillet, nice Steamed Broccoli and some Cherry Tomatoes = Happy Tummy!